Make Your Song Canada’s Next Great Hockey Song With CBC

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Submit your song to CBC Music and Hockey Night in Canada’s nation-wide contest Song Quest.

Imagine hearing your name and your song played on Canada’s most iconic hockey show. Your music starts and graphics fill the television screen for thousands of hockey fans across Canada. Welcome to CBC’s Hockey Night and Canada. The only difference from their regular broadcast is that your song is featured in a prime-time montage to open the show.

Suddenly, the montage featuring your song is plastered all over social media – accompanied by hashtags like “Song Quest” and “Great Hockey Song.” For one musician this isn’t just a dream. This can be a reality.

The CBC Hockey Song Contest

It’s a unique opportunity for music and hockey lovers – a contest set up by CBC Music and Hockey Night in Canada – to find hockey’s next great song. Not only will the winning entry have their song produced in studio by Joel Plaskett, but the winner will be flown out to perform live at Scotiabank’s Hockey Day in Canada in the city of Lloydminster, Alberta.

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Your song could be played on one of CBC’s prime-time montages. (Andrew Walker and Patrick McDermott / Getty Images)

The nation-wide competition, known as Song Quest, opens the door for musicians to be recognized by an entire community – or rather an entire country. The HNIC montages have received acclaim internationally from multiple other media outlets.

Song Quest will be judged by the East Coast rock musician Plaskett, along with Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara and Chantal Kreviazuk. Former NHLers Theo Fleury and P.J. Stock will also be a part of the team picking the winner and delivering the thrill to one of the hidden talents whose submissions could lead to the exciting news of being named Canada’s next great hockey song.


Goal: To find a pop or rock song that celebrates what hockey is about.
Website: or Rules and Regulations
Deadline to Enter: November 20, 2013
Voting Starts: November 23, 2013
Judges: Joel Plaskett, Sara Quin, Chantal Kreviazuk, Theo Fleury, P.J. Stock
Twitter: Mention these accounts: @cbcmusic @hockeynight along with the hashtag #SongQuest

5 thoughts on “Make Your Song Canada’s Next Great Hockey Song With CBC”

    • Darla,
      First off, thanks for the comment – and great question. Now, I’m not sure I’m the one to answer this question correctly for you and your friends. From what I gather, Stompin’ Tom’s “Hockey Song” is already considered one of Canada’s greatest hockey songs and always will have a spot in opening montages and intros for any sort of hockey show.
      I think what this competition was meant to do, was to get people out there with the talent involved and give them an opportunity to be heard. Also I’m thinking they were looking for something new – unheard before – that brings the game and the people that watch it together. In a way it’s a chance for someone like you or me to unify the fans with the game they love so much through a song.
      Again, Stompin’ Tom Connors will always have the title of one of Canada’s greatest hockey songs, but CBC Music and Hockey Night were just looking for – maybe – the next “Hockey Song.”
      I hope that helps. Again, thanks for your question and comment and I hope you continue to read a show an interest in The Hockey Writers.

      All the best,


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