Montreal Canadiens Schedule – 2023-24

10/11/20237:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
10/14/20237:00Chicago Blackhawks
10/17/20237:00Minnesota Wild
10/21/20237:00Washington Capitals
10/23/20237:00@Buffalo Sabres
10/24/20237:15New Jersey Devils
10/26/20237:00Columbus Blue Jackets
10/28/20237:00Winnipeg Jets
10/30/202310:00@Vegas Golden Knights
11/2/202310:00@Arizona Coyotes
11/4/20237:00@St. Louis Blues
11/7/20237:00Tampa Bay Lightning
11/9/20237:00@Detroit Red Wings
11/11/20237:00Boston Bruins
11/12/20237:00Vancouver Canucks
11/14/20237:00Calgary Flames
11/16/20237:00Vegas Golden Knights
11/18/20237:00@Boston Bruins
11/22/202310:00@Anaheim Ducks
11/24/20233:30@San Jose Sharks
11/25/20234:00@Los Angeles Kings
11/29/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
11/30/20237:00Florida Panthers
12/2/20237:00Detroit Red Wings
12/4/20237:30Seattle Kraken
12/7/20237:00Los Angeles Kings
12/9/20237:00@Buffalo Sabres
12/10/20237:00Nashville Predators
12/13/20237:00Pittsburgh Penguins
12/16/20237:00New York Islanders
12/18/20237:30@Winnipeg Jets
12/21/20238:00@Minnesota Wild
12/22/20238:30@Chicago Blackhawks
12/28/20237:00@Carolina Hurricanes
12/30/20237:00@Florida Panthers
12/31/20237:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
1/2/20248:00@Dallas Stars
1/4/20247:00Buffalo Sabres
1/6/20247:00New York Rangers
1/10/20247:00@Philadelphia Flyers
1/11/20247:00San Jose Sharks
1/13/20247:00Edmonton Oilers
1/15/20247:00Colorado Avalanche
1/17/20247:00@New Jersey Devils
1/18/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
1/20/20247:00@Boston Bruins
1/23/20247:00Ottawa Senators
1/25/20247:00New York Islanders
1/27/20247:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
2/6/20247:00@Washington Capitals
2/10/20241:00Dallas Stars
2/11/20241:00St. Louis Blues
2/13/20247:00Anaheim Ducks
2/15/20247:00@New York Rangers
2/17/20247:00Washington Capitals
2/21/20247:00Buffalo Sabres
2/22/20247:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
2/24/202412:30@New Jersey Devils
2/27/20247:00Arizona Coyotes
2/29/20247:00@Florida Panthers
3/2/20247:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
3/5/20248:00@Nashville Predators
3/7/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
3/9/20247:00Toronto Maple Leafs
3/12/20247:00Columbus Blue Jackets
3/14/20247:00Boston Bruins
3/16/20247:00@Calgary Flames
3/19/20249:00@Edmonton Oilers
3/21/202410:00@Vancouver Canucks
3/24/20249:00@Seattle Kraken
3/26/20249:00@Colorado Avalanche
3/28/20247:00Philadelphia Flyers
3/30/20247:00Carolina Hurricanes
4/2/20247:00Florida Panthers
4/4/20247:00Tampa Bay Lightning
4/6/20247:00Toronto Maple Leafs
4/7/20247:00@New York Rangers
4/9/20247:00Philadelphia Flyers
4/11/20247:30@New York Islanders
4/13/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
4/15/20247:00@Detroit Red Wings
4/16/20247:00Detroit Red Wings

The Montreal Canadiens, often simply referred to as the “Habs,” hold an iconic and storied legacy in the world of professional ice hockey. Established in 1909, the Canadiens are one of the oldest and most successful franchises in the National Hockey League (NHL). Their history is rich with triumphs and records, including 24 Stanley Cup championships – the most in league history. The team’s emblematic red, white, and blue jersey and their unforgettable arena, the Bell Centre, have become synonymous with the city of Montreal and the sport of hockey itself.

The Canadiens have been home to numerous legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the game. Names like Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur, and Patrick Roy are etched in hockey lore, embodying skill, determination, and a deep connection to their fans. The “Rocket” Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games during the 1944-45 season and the team’s five consecutive Stanley Cup wins from 1956 to 1960 are among the countless achievements that have solidified the Canadiens’ place in hockey history.

Beyond their on-ice accomplishments, the Canadiens’ fan base is renowned for its passion and loyalty. The team’s games are a focal point of Montreal’s cultural fabric, and the atmosphere at the Bell Centre during a game is electrifying. The annual clashes between the Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs remains one of the most anticipated matchups in the NHL, highlighting the intense rivalry between these two storied franchises. Overall, the Montreal Canadiens continue to stand as a symbol of excellence and pride in the world of sports, captivating fans across generations with their remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to the game.