NHL Rumors: Flames, Avalanche, Canadiens, Oilers

In today’s NHL rumors rundown, the Calgary Flames signed Nazem Kadri and traded Sean Monahan to the Montreal Canadiens. What facilitated each deal and what is the status of these players?

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In Montreal, does this mean that Carey Price is out long-term? Meanwhile, the Edmonton Oilers are said to have made Patrick Kane Plan A and sources close to the team think they aren’t done making moves.

Kadri Signed In Calgary After Colorado Out of the Running

Elliotte Friedman was asked for his reaction to the news that Nazem Kadri was signing with the Flames and said he thinks that deal came together when it was determined the Avalanche weren’t going to go seven years to bring him back. “I think, in the beginning, he was trying to work his way back to Colorado,” said Friedman.

Friedman also noted that rumors the Avs were willing to move Samuel Girard to keep Kadri were not true. He did say that Calgary was very aggressive in their pursuit to land Kadri and Friedman believes they knew they were going to acquire him for a couple of days but had to get the Monahan trade finalized. Part of the delay in that deal was potentially all the conditions that had to be worked out (there are a ton of them).

Kadri’s deal has a no-move clause for the first four years, with a 13-team no-trade list years in years five through seven.

Sean Monahan Is Healthy

Monahan was traded to the Canadiens as part of Calgary’s move to sign Nazem Kadri. There were questions right off the hop if Monahan was going to play this coming season because of salary cap issues for the Canadiens, but he told media on Thursday that he’s good to go.

Sean Monahan Calgary Flames
Sean Monahan, Calgary Flames (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Monahan said, “I’ve put in a lot of work this summer. Right now, I’m back on the ice four times a week. It’s been a long time coming for me to feel healthy. I’m excited to play hockey again on a high level and I’m excited to join the Canadiens.” He added, “”I’m looking for a fresh start. I’m healthy again. I feel great.”

Carey Price Will Likely Miss 2022-23 Season

Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes says he doesn’t see a path for goaltender Carey Price to return and play during the 2022-23 season. It’s this news that allowed the Canadiens to add Monahan’s salary to their books since the plan is now to put Price on LTIR and the Canadiens will have an additional $10.5 million worth of cap space with which to maneuver.

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Hughes added, “We had to let time take its course. At this point in time, the news in terms of Carey’s knee is pretty discouraging in the sense that there hasn’t been any improvement.”

Oilers Going After Patrick Kane?

While talking to Bob Stauffer — who repeatedly said he didn’t think the Oilers were done making moves — Sportsnet host Gene Principe said on Oilers Now, “I have no doubt, in my mind, unless there are some extenuating circumstances that we don’t know about, that Patrick Kane would come to Edmonton for sure and I would take Phil Kessel as Plan B.” Principe isn’t normally someone to break news or hockey rumors but he was the first to report that James Neal was being acquired for Milan Lucic when that trade went down and he’s clearly got an in with the organization. If he’s thinking the Oilers are trying to go after Kane, there might be something to it. Stauffer added, “Why wait until the trade deadline, do it now!”

Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Kane has been linked to the Oilers in the past and with talk that he could be traded at some point prior to the NHL Trade Deadline, it would make sense that the Oilers might go after him as a rental. Chicago wants draft picks and young prospects and while GM Ken Holland has held onto his first-round picks, this could be the season he finally moves one if the right piece (Kane) is available.

If the Oilers could get a third team involved and the Blackhawks and that team both retained 50% of Kane’s salary, Edmonton would have Kane on their cap with a $2.65 million cap hit and only owe him $725K in money.

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