Not Your Typical HHOF Inductee

Monday night we celebrated the brilliant careers of Bure, Oates, Sakic and Sundin, all contributing skills, leadership, and excitement to the game over their legendary careers. Five stars, for the four stars of the night—but for Sabres fans, there was a fifth star of the night that deserved the limelight as well.

Remember, “MAY-DAY! MAY-DAY! MAY-DAY!”?

Rick Jeanneret
(Shell Belle/Flickr)

Rick Jeanneret was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as an Honoured Member, as this year’s recipient of the Foster Hewitt Award for excellence in broadcasting. Originally from Terrace Bay, Ontario, Jeanneret wished to be a disc jockey; after 41 years (and counting) of bringing Sabres hockey magic into the homes and ears of Buffalo fans, we’re glad he stuck with sports.

A high school-dropout, Jeanneret first started in broadcasting with the Junior A Niagara Falls Flyers in 1963. Over 40 years later, not only has he been recognized this past year by the Hall, but also by the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame.



RJ had previously said that he didn’t want any awards or recognition as the enthusiastic, passionate voice of the Sabres until he retired—but having his 92-year-old mother there for his induction was important. She proudly celebrated with him this week.

Rick Jeanneret’s Most Memorable Calls