Oilers Will Benefit From McDavid’s Big-Game Performances In Playoffs

The Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid scored one of the most skillful goals any of us have probably ever seen against the New York Rangers. It is not the first time he’s put on a display of skill of that level, and it won’t be the last.

With the Oilers falling short in the playoffs that last few seasons and only winning one playoff series while McDavid has been a part of the team, there’s a new feeling about the Oilers’ superstar and the team around him this season. Will the performances that he puts on every night during the regular season carry over to the postseason and help push the Oilers to a new level and compete for a Stanley Cup?

Atmosphere in Edmonton & Timing of McDavid’s Highlight Reel Goal

It was a different feeling with the Oilers’ greats in the arena to watch the game after the ceremony of raising Kevin Lowe‘s No. 4 to the rafters, a long-awaited moment. For just another game in November, very early in the season, usually the intensity isn’t even close to where it was during this game. McDavid talks about what the experience was like in the building and the buzz around the team.

“I thought just the timing of it, with the crowd and the night and all that, it definitely felt like a little bigger than just a game in November.”

– Connor McDavid

The Oilers are playing like every game is a big game, so we can only wait and imagine what the next level come playoff time will look like for McDavid and the rest of the team. Darnell Nurse, Zach Hyman, and Jesse Puljujarvi all add their input on what the game felt like to play in front of a very loud arena full of fans.

Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid
Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson)

The third period, more than anything, when the Oilers started to build momentum and climb back from a 4-1 deficit, was when the noise intensified and brought foresight to what it will be like in the postseason. The Oilers haven’t had much trouble qualifying for the playoffs over the past couple of years. It’s what comes next where McDavid will lead the team further than they have gone since 2005-06.

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Impact of McDavid Every Night

Given the gravity and the timing of the situation, the goal by McDavid was scored at a very important time in a game, not the first period or with a big lead. It tied the game up and forced the teams into overtime, where the Oilers eventually won off a McDavid battle in the corner that led to a Leon Draisaitl goal.

“Time after time this guy steps up in situations like that and makes a huge play. Going one on four, I’ve never seen it before. It was a huge goal. He’ll downplay it, but that was one of the nicest goals I’ve ever seen.”

– Darnell Nurse

This goal heard and seen around the hockey world just amplifies the dominance and the ability of McDavid to take over games and deliver at the perfect times. When asked about taking on four opposing players on his own, he told it like it is, and I don’t think he is paid enough for what he does every night.

“I’m paid to score big goals and I’m paid to do that kind of stuff, and I’m just doing my job.”

– Connor McDavid

What you may look past is what his work and drive for success show his teammates on a daily basis. His strive for greatness is rubbing off on his teammates, and we will continue to see nothing less from the Oilers’ captain. I think Hyman speaks for his whole team and everyone who watches McDavid. His ability is something only he possesses, and it’s grown to be a normal occurrence at this point in his career.

“The bench went crazy. The time in the game to score a goal like that, pretty special, and only he can make a play like that. It’s just Connor being Connor.”

– Zach Hyman

Hyman continues to say, “I think it’s the best goal I’ve ever seen.” How many times can we say that during his career? Hopefully many more and that we get to see more of his ability on full display when games matter the most.

Goals like the one McDavid scored last night don’t come very often. But they happen more than you would think and from McDavid more than anyone else in the league. This skill and talent he possesses give him the opportunity to make a play like that on any given night and at any point in the game and completely change the outcome. The time is now with the roster the Oilers have assembled, and big moments and plays will come at key times on the road to success.

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