Old Prof’s Maple Leafs Trivia: How Well Do You Know Team History?

I haven’t done a trivia quiz yet this month, so it seems about time. In this trivia quiz, I’ll focus on the Toronto Maple Leafs history in general. I think there are a few easy questions here, but also some tough ones.

However, if you’re a die-hard Maple Leafs’ fan, why not take a test to see how much you know about the team? This is the second time I’ve use multiple-choice questions. I encourage you to post your score just to have a little friendly contest among our regular readers.

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Multiple Choice Questions about the Maple Leafs’ History

Question One: Most Common Opponent

During the entire history of the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise, what team has the Maple Leafs played most often?

  1. The Montreal Canadiens
  2. The Boston Bruins
  3. The Buffalo Sabres
  4. The New York Rangers

Question Two: Most Games Played in Maple Leafs’ Franchise History

Which Maple Leafs’ great holds the franchise record for the most games played?

  1. Mats Sundin
  2. Rick Vaive
  3. George Armstrong
  4. Tim Horton
Mats Sundin, Toronto Maple Leafs
Mats Sundin (Mike Lynaugh Photography)

Question Three: Maple Leafs’ Franchise Power-Play Goals

Who holds the Maple Leafs’ franchise record for power-play goals during his career?

  1. Dave Keon
  2. Mats Sundin
  3. Turk Broda
  4. Doug Gilmour

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Question Four: Maple Leafs’ Goalie Leading in Save Percentage

Speaking of goalies, which Maple Leafs goalie (who has faced over 500 shots) leads the team in save percentage?

  1. Jack Campbell
  2. Curtis McElhinney
  3. Mike Palmateer
  4. Jacques Plante
Jack Campbell Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Campbell, Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

Question Five: Maple Leafs’ Winningest Coach

Which Maple Leafs’ coach has recorded the most wins during his career with the team?

  1. Punch Imlach
  2. Randy Carlyle
  3. Mike Babcock
  4. Pat Quinn

Maple Leafs’ History Trivia Question Answers

Question One Answer: The Montreal Canadiens

Over the course of the franchise’s history, the Maple leaves have played 757 games against the Canadiens. Their record is 307-344-88-18. Either the Boston Bruins or the New York Rangers would have been other good guesses. The Bruins played 677 games against the Maple Leafs. The New York Rangers played 617 games against the Maple Leafs. However, the Buffalo Sabres have only played 218 games against the Maple Leafs. That’s because they were not an original six team. The Maple Leafs and the Canadiens have been one of the great rivalries throughout the history of the NHL.

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Question Two Answer: George Armstrong

Armstrong holds the record with 1188 games played for the franchise. If you guessed Tim Horton, buy yourself a donut. Horton played 1184 games with the team, so only four behind. Mats Sundin is in sixth place with 981 games played. Rick Vaive isn’t in the top 10. He had a nice Maple Leafs’ career, but he also played almost half his NHL career with other teams.

Question Three Answer: Mats Sundin

Sundin scored 124 power-play goals during his career with the Maple Leafs. But that’s no surprise because he also leads the Maple Leafs in game-winning goals with 79 and in overtime goals with 14. That he leads the franchise in all these goal-scoring categories is no surprise, either, because he also leads the franchise in goals with 420. If you chose Turk Broda, oh oh. He’s a goalie, and he never scored for the Maple Leafs.

Question Four Answer: Curtis McElhinney

Although McElhinney only played two seasons with the Maple Leafs (2016-17 and 2017-18), he holds the franchise highest save percentage at 0.925 – just a fraction of a percent higher than Jacques Plante. Over his career, McElhinney has been one of the best career best back-up goalies and is a multiple Stanley Cup winner. He’s only played more than 30 games a season two times and has played for eight NHL teams since his first season in 2007-08. In his 16 NHL seasons, he hasn’t yet won 100 NHL games.

Curtis McElhinney Leafs
Curtis McElhinney, when he was with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jan. 18, 2018 (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Question Five Answer: Punch Imlach

Imlach coached 770 games and won 370 of them. Coming in second place is Pat Quinn who coached 574 games and one 300 of them. Of the two coaches, Quinn by far had the better won-loss percentage at .513. Imlach won-loss percentage was only .478. In total, Imlach coached twelve seasons with the Maple Leafs and Quinn coached seven seasons.

Checking Your Scores

Congratulations if you got them all right. Remember this is called trivia; so, if you got three out of five right you did amazingly well. Remember, I’m always looking for trivia suggestions. If you wish, add them to the conversation section below. And, so share your score if you want with your comments.

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Thanks for taking this edition of the Old Prof’s Maple Leafs’ Trivia Quiz.