Paul Byron, Flames Avoid Arbitration

Just six arbitration cases remain in the NHL.

That’s down from seven on Sunday morning because the Calgary Flames and forward Paul Byron have come to terms on a one-year contract, the team announced on Sunday. Since the team decided not to disclose the terms of the contract — an increasingly silly practice, since it’s leaked seconds later in most cases — Elliotte Friedman confirmed that the deal carries a $900,000 value.

The 26-year-old forward played a career-high 57 games last season, bringing in six goals and 13 assists. While those raw totals aren’t career-highs, his 1.3 P/60 is, accomplished while getting the toughest zone starts of his career at -5.3% ZSO%Rel. That’s a 5.7% shift from the season before.

He even managed to put up positive relative possession, with a 2.6 score-adjusted CF%Rel. That’s only a CF% of 46%, but on the possession starved Flames it ranked well.

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Advanced stats via War on Ice.