Philadelphia Flyers Social Media Guide

Flyers fans are a passionate, rowdy, diehard bunch. They live and die with their team game in and game out. Social media has given a medium through which fans can interact with writers, bloggers, players, and other fans. Recently, Twitter has become the soup du-jour place to connect with likeminded individuals, find out up-to-the-minute information on the team, and share opinions regarding trades, signings, etc. If you bleed orange and black, here are some accounts you might want to follow.

Philadelphia Flyers:

If you’re looking for breaking news regarding the team, the Flyers have employed some of the best in keeping you in the loop. There’s never a dull day on any Flyers social media page. They report everything and did a fantastic job when the draft was in town this past June. What’s even better is that they’re interactive with fans.

The Beat Writers:

Being a beat writer is such a thankless job, but these writers go into work every day and work tirelessly to report on the goings on within the team. They put in long hours to provide the best coverage they can and there are a good amount you should consider following.

The Blogs:

Bloggers don’t get enough credit, but the ones who cover the Flyers have done a fantastic job at being up front with fans and laying out great arguments in their writing. They don’t necessarily get the recognition that beat writers receive, but they certainly deserve it. Here are some of the best Flyers blogging sites and personal accounts.

Flyers Players:

Let’s face it. The players are the guys who make you want to watch hockey in the first place. What they do looks so effortless, yet they pay a physical price every single game. The Flyers do have some great players who are close to their communities and are willing to help the NHL’s most devoted fans.

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms

It’s an advantage that the Flyers’ farm team is relocating close to home. It will make it much easier for fans to see some of the up-and-coming faces and watch how they develop in the AHL.

With the Flyers being one of the biggest market teams there is never a shortage of coverage. That being said, I’m certain I failed to include a few worthy Twitter accounts that you should follow, but it ultimately rests in your hands as to the amount of information you want to receive on any given day.