When the NHL Comes Back, So Will You

I err on the side of caution with almost everything so bear with me when I say this.

When the NHL comes back, whenever that might be, you will too. And so will you. And you. And you in the back there…you, too.

It’s been a long 104 days without the NHL in our lives. We’ve missed Opening Night, one of the greatest days of the year for hockey fans. We missed a 2011-12 Stanley Cup Championship banner raising in Los Angeles and the subsequent talks of a championship hangover when the Kings fail to go undefeated in the first month of the season. We missed what could have been the most bizarre 24/7 yet between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, filled with awkward Phil Kessel moments and more insight on why Pavel Datsyuk is utterly peculiar off the ice but a pure magician on the ice.

Most importantly, we missed a lot of hockey at the professional level in North America