The Longest Week in Boston

I can’t help but focus on what a terrible week this has been for everyone. Hockey (really, all sports) has clearly taken a back seat since Monday’s horrible bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, leading up to the shooting and apprehension of the two suspects wanted in connection with the bombings on Friday. The lives that have been lost and changed will resonate in the city of Boston for a very long time.

 Boston Will Endure (Henry Han/Wikipedia)
Boston Will Endure (Henry Han/Wikipedia)

Unfortunately for the Boston Bruins, this week’s tragedy forced the postponement of two games. They however were able to slip in one game against the Buffalo Sabres at the TD Bank Garden. It was a somber moment at the pregame. I watched the pregame and found it surreal after so much that has happened. For that one gloomy night, hockey in a way had brought a ruined city together against all things terror. The patriotism demonstrated during the stirring national anthem was unyielding. The city was clearly Boston Strong.

At the end of the game in which Buffalo won 3-2 in a shootout, both teams exemplified true class & sportsmanship by skating towards centre ice, saluting & honouring the local fans. For me, this was very moving. A city hurt by tragedy needed a league to comfort and support.

Today’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins will be another stirring moment, when the city will be thanking the law enforcement officials for arresting the second bombing suspect at the suburb of Watertown, MA. The last 24 hours have been riveting.

Breaking news on Friday, April 19:

Canucks Connection to Boston

Cory Schneider
Cory Schneider of Marblehead, MA (Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE)

Vancouver Canucks goatender Cory Schneider hails from Marblehead, MA. His heart must have been heavy all week, and it didn’t help that he played through a tough 5-1 loss to the Dallas Stars on April 18. Despite the tragedy, Schneider kept his composure when he first found out and expressed his concern prior to the Dallas matchup.

It great to see his tandem partner Roberto Luongo express himself in regards to the tragic events. He quoted:

Hockey has clearly taken a backseat to this week. But the only way for society to move forward is to stay the course and bring the fans back to some sense of normalcy. Give kudos to the Boston Bruins and the entire NHL community for going through this difficult period. Give great thanks to the men and women that went into harm’s way to restore some sense of order and bring those to justice.

We are Boston Strong.