Oshie’s Best Caps’ Shootout Goals

Everyone remembers T.J. Oshie’s heroics as a member of Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympics when he practically single-handedly beat the Russians by scoring four goals in six shootout attempts. Behind his heroics, the Americans knocked off their rivalry in the preliminary round.

The wing, who turns 30 on Friday, scored a career-high 26 goals and recorded 51 points in 80 games during his first season with the Capitals last season. He has 10 scores and 15 points through 24 contests in 2016-17, but without a doubt, his best attribute remains helping Washington capture the extra point in the shootout.

NHL rules do not allow players to go a second time in the shootout until everyone has had a turn, so his four out of six attempts is very unlikely to be seen during an NHL game. However, Oshie has had some very special shootout moments in under a season and a half as a member of the Washington Capitals. Oshie is 7-for-9 on shootout attempts over the last two seasons — only Bobby Ryan has more shootout goals, but Oshie’s percentage is highest among anyone with at least nine attempts.

The Capitals wing converted his third shootout goal of 2016-17 (he’s now three-for-three) Wednesday against Philadelphia. The Flyers came back to win the shootout to capture the critical second point, but everyone once again marveled at Oshie’s skill, as he beat Steve Mason stick side.

As impressive as that was, is that even one of Oshie’s three best shootout goals in Washington? Here’s video for his six other shootout goals since joining the Capitals and highlighting his top three.

3. Five-hole vs. Pittsburgh, Oct. 13, 2016

Oshie has actually done a variation of the move he did at Philadelphia on Wednesday several times over the last year and a half. He simply skates slowly towards the goaltender and when the netminder doesn’t commit, Oshie snaps the puck between his legs.

It’s like the wing is hypnotizing the goalie to sleep.

The goaltenders should know that this move is the one most likely coming, but because of all the other moves Oshie has in his arsenal, the netminder can’t stop it.

He makes it look so easy.

2. Backhand vs. Anaheim, Mar. 7, 2016

Well, now fans can see why goaltenders don’t know what to do when Oshie comes strolling towards them in a shootout. Moves like this one will freeze any netminder.

One little nasty head fake, and it’s pretty much over. He pulled off a very similar move last Saturday against Carolina except this one ended with a forehand shot.

1. Unreal Deke vs. Columbus, Jan. 3, 2016

There’s nothing all too fancy about any of those six previous goals. Oshie is so good at executing his moves and reading the goalie that he doesn’t need to wow fans with multiple dekes.

But once last January, he performed a move that had every fan picking up their jaws off the floor.


There you have it — all seven of his shootout goals since joining the Capitals, including the best three. Oshie is now 38-for-68 (55.8 percent) in his NHL career in shootout attempts.