Updated Standings With 3-Point Regulation Wins

Games updated as of February 29.

Each day from now until the end of the regular season, we are going to keep a tally of the NHL standings as if regulation wins counted as three points. Under this format, regulation wins count as three, overtime/shootout wins count as two, overtime/shootout losses count as one, and regulation losses count as zero points.

We outlined the other day why this format is a better format than the current one. There’s more drama. Teams won’t sell as quickly because they can make up more ground in the standings by winning in regulation. And, if you get rewarded for losing in style, you deserve a reward for winning in style too. Winning 5-1 in regulation should count for more than winning 3-2 in a shootout.

To recap how we are showing a team’s record, the Washington Capitals have a record of 45-12-4 under the current format. They have a league leading 38 regulation wins. We will display their record now as 38(7)-12-4. The 38 is regulation wins, earning them three points for each. The seven represents the number of overtime/shootout wins, earning them two points each. The last two numbers remain the same, with 11 representing their number of regulation losses. The four represents the number of overtime/shootout losses.

The Washington Capitals have 114 points in regulation wins, 14 points in overtime/shootout wins, and four points in overtime/shootout losses. That gives them a league leading 132 points on the season in the new format.

In terms of tie breaking rules, the first tiebreaker is the number of regulation wins. If those are the same, then current tie breaking rules are used for seeding purposes.

Here are the current NHL standings using the three-point format. Click here to check the current NHL standings.

Braden Holtby Capitals
Braden Holtby helping the Washington Capitals to the top of the standings. (Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports)

Eastern Conference

Metropolitan Division

Washington Capitals: 38(7)-12-4 (132 points)

New York Rangers: 30(7)-20-6 (110 points)

New York Islanders: 26(7)-20-7 (99 points)

Atlantic Division

Florida Panthers: 28(7)-19-8 (106 points)

Tampa Bay Lightning: 28(9)-22-4 (106 points)

Boston Bruins: 27(7)-23-6 (101 points)


Pittsburgh Penguins: 26(6)-21-8 (98 points)

Detroit Red Wings: 22(10)-20-11 (97 points)

The Rest Of The Pack

Montreal Canadiens: 24(6)-28-5 (89 points)

New Jersey Devils: 21(9)-26-7 (88 points)

Carolina Hurricanes: 21(7)-26-10 (87 points)

Philadelphia Flyers: 18(11)-22-11 (87 points)

Ottawa Senators: 19(11)-27-6 (85 points)

Columbus Blue Jackets: 20(6)-30-8 (80 points)

Buffalo Sabres: 22(3)-31-7 (79 points)

Toronto Maple Leafs: 15(6)-30-10 (67 points)

Playoff Changes From Current Format

Detroit is 3rd in the Atlantic in the current format. They’re a wildcard team here.

Tyler Seguin has the Stars on top in the Western Conference. Photo By: Andy Martin Jr
Tyler Seguin has the Stars on top in the Western Conference. Photo By: Andy Martin Jr

Western Conference

Central Division

Dallas Stars: 30(8)-19-7 (113 points)

Chicago Blackhawks: 29(10)-20-5 (112 points)

St. Louis Blues: 27(9)-20-9 (108 points)

Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks: 30(4)-19-8 (106 points)

Los Angeles Kings: 26(11)-21-4 (104 points)

San Jose Sharks: 27(7)-22-6 (101 points)


Nashville Predators: 27(4)-21-11 (100 points)

Colorado Avalanche: 27(5)-28-4 (95 points)

The Rest Of The Pack

Minnesota Wild: 27(1)-25-10 (93 points)

Arizona Coyotes: 21(6)-20-6 (81 points)

Winnipeg Jets: 22(4)-31-4 (78 points)

Vancouver Canucks: 17(7)-25-12 (77 points)

Calgary Flames: 16(10)-32-4 (72 points)

Edmonton Oilers: 13(10)-34-7 (66 points)

Playoff Changes From Current Format

Ducks take the division lead under the three point format. Kings lead under the current format.