Video: Peter Forsberg Pranks Swedish Men’s League

2014 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Peter Forsberg recently got back out on the ice.

It wasn’t as a part of Pavel Bure’s World Legends Hockey League (though please, please play there too), but as a Swedish men’s league player named Kent.

Forsberg donned a disguise to try and pull a fast one on some men’s league players. He starts the game skating like a first-timer, unable to handle passes, and shying away from going into the corners. Eventually his teammates stop passing him the puck and start to complain about his play.

That’s when he turns it on a bit and starts skating circles around them. As he starts to show off his skills, a few players catch on and realize they’re skating with one of the best Swedes to ever lace ’em up.

Watch the video below.

Tara Watchorn of the CWHL’s Boston Blades did something similar recently, acting as a ringer in a men’s league. Though she pushed the prank a little harder, asking teammates, “What’s offsides?”

h/t BarDown

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