Video: Torres Hit on Hossa

torres hit on hossa
(Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE)

Brendon Shanahan – you and the NHL are under the microscope. It is time to step up to the plate and make a Statement. It is a time for leadership. The Raffi Torres brutal assault on Marion Hossa, who was not in possession of the puck, is the new poster boy for the utter lack of respect amongst players. Time for a game changer. Do it!

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  1. Because of the equipment, armour like shoulder and chest protection in particular, the hitter suffers no pain from giving a hit like this; if they were not protected so well from the impact they would be far less likely to turn themselves into missiles–they would be risking there own injury.  As it is the risk to themselves is zero.

    • Great point – imagine the elbow to Sedin done with an old school padded elbow pad instead of the steel plated like gear they wear today. I’m surprised it isn’t discussed more. I remember Don Cherry smashing the elbow pad on his desk many years ago.

  2. Americanizing the game of hockey has ruined the NHL . Americans not understanding the game and needing to see more goals in a hockey game resulted in a change of the rules…no more hooking increased the speed of the game and with no hooking the stupid little penalties making more power plays resulting in more goals and ultimately more concussions. I don’t like people to get hurt but the hit that Raffi’s did on Hossa is late and deserves 2 or 5 mins.
    Whatever the league does next with regards to changes, they better not take fighting out or it will soon be like field hockey or cricket….Brutal!

  3. great hit.   the reason the officials didn’t call it is because it is difficult to find anything wrong with it.   in my opinion, the hue and cry is indicative of the further wussification of hockey.

  4. For all of you saying it was legal because it was a shoulder …. Your wrong. Completely . The issue here is the direct blow to head. Do you watch NHL network ? Ever watch brendan hand out suspensions ?? Apparently not. This hit is illegal due to the head contact. Hossa never changed direction speed or anything. In that situation it is on Torres to make sure he doesn’t hit hossa in the head… Shoulder..elbow…stick. Doesn’t freaking matter. I am biased towards my fav. Team the hawks yes. But I’m telling you honestly the hit is illegal.

  5. Whats wrong with u ppl.CLEAN HIT,as for Moore,his cheap shot on naslund,then he fought the smallest guy on the team matt cooke,then bert chased him around the ice pulling his jersey to fight.Moore i hate to say it but derseved it,hes 6’3″ cooke is 5’9″ and 80 pds less.Just like the hacker Crosby,called it a long time ago.I dont like seein  players get hurt,but keep ur head up ask Lindros.Best first round in years

  6. Was this supposed to be revenge on Mike Smith’s hit from Andrew Shaw? If it was, it wasn’t necessary since Shaw was suspended three games and Smith played the rest of that game and this game as well. Not a good idea, Coyotes…

  7. Sorry peeps that is a HOCKEY play, not to be mistaken for Weber (no face putting into glass and stantions), Hagelin (elbow in the ear of Alfredsson), or Neil’s (elbow/leaving his feet) hits.
    I hope Hossa is ok he is a very talented guy.  Watching the hit, it is clear he was hit by Torres’s SHOULDER not elbow.  I’m not a fan of either team (routed for the Hawks a few years ago) but that was a legal hit.


  8. Jew Bettman has so critically hurt the game, but then as shill, this comes as no surprise. As of a good fifteen years ago the shill chose to over-expand and allow for the ramping up of violence, a la the gladiator/Coliseum affect, drawing in new and wholly ignorant fans who came to see the bloodshed. And it’s worked to the tune of raising revenue by over 1,200%.
     Over the past decade while not always the case, many times the most violent, thug-ridden and gutter dwelling players and teams have gone all the way. Basically it’s come down to this.    
    What’s equally bad is the precipitating effect at the collegiate and high school levels who have picked up on this aforementioned gladiator/Coliseum “theater” as it were. 

    Thanx Jewboy.

    Torres and other thugs are emblematic of what Bettman wants even though he will deny same. Classic Jew. True, the League has cleaned up a lot of the excrement. But not remotely enough. Not by a country mile. And what will happen to (a) Torres? Effectively nothing if at all. After al, he didn’t even garner a penalty and Tippet, who is about as big of a prick as you’ll ever find had no problem leaving Torres in. That said everything for both Torres. And Tippett. Further, it’s not just Torres’ hit, it is all the more his pathology and that pathology is one of a most ruthless and vicious nature. Tragically, the “announcers” for Phoenix saw nothing the least bit wrong.

    Welcome to Jew Bettman’s world.

    I’m waiting for some ignorant horse’s petunia to now retort with the beyond tired and wholly daft response, “Should have kept his head up……………”

  9. Why didn’t Torres at LEAST get a penalty??? This is crazy! Hossa was carried off the ice on a STRETCHER!!! Are the officials out of their minds? A hit like this may not have looked hard, but the result was awful.

    • Because a SHOULDER check is a legal hit.  An elbow (see Hagelin vs Alfredsson) is not.  Officials cannot assess a penalty when there isn’t one. 

      Make em pay in the next game.

    • Do you even watch hockey,LINDROS,no penalty on the hit and his career was over,keep ur head up and quit reaching for the puck

  10. From what I seen in the video, the hit was in motion while Hossa was in posession of the puck, the puck left his stick a fraction of a second before the hit, at the speed of the game you cant pull back a hit in 1/4 of a second. Meanwhile Hossa was not even playing with his head up. Sure he got hurt but we cant cry every time a perfect super clean hard hit is delivered. Hossa was in possesion of the puck, in the playoffs, he is attempting to make a pass on the offensive with his head down. He gets checked and dont come up. Now all the complainers are out in full force, but BUT if he had gotten up and continued and got a goal, EVERYBODY would want to say it proves how good he is, and how to take a hit. So he got flattened. WE cannot take checking out of the game and you cannot expect diciplin each time a perfect hit is thrown.

    • Yo moron if the thug Torres gets suspended (which he will ) you would still say it was a clean hit. Grow up

    • 100 bucks says its not a suspension,Chicago fans can make any excuse they want,did he leave his feet YES,after contact which makes it LEGAL.Has anyone who comments ever even played the game?come to CANADA,thats how we play not like the EUROPIANS dancing around the ice.Pitt,Philly and Chicago are known as the dirtest teams in the league,paybacks a bitch,ask Crosby the best slasher in the league

    • agree totally. the only thing wrong with this hit is it was delivered on hossa and not bolland or carcillo. how quickly hawks fans forget what they employ. anyone recall the fore arm shiver was taught to pronger by quennville. aside from toews the hawks are a mirror image of the canucks. perhaps we could call them sisters. hey seabrook, don’t break a nail.

      • This was not a clean hit.  Chicago is not like Vancouver, give me a break.  I’m a Canadian and have been watching hockey for 48 years running.  This was down right a dirty, dirty hit and Hossa now has whiplash.  Torres is a dirty player who is habitual in injuring other players and needs to be taught a lesson big time, in terms of game suspensions and costly fines.  I personally would like to see him out the league period.  

  11. Late hit. Shoulda been a 2 min-interference max. Unfortunate for Hossa, but too bad it wasn’t Duncan Keith instead.  The hockey gods have spoken, the cheap shot dirty Blackhawks got what they deserved.  

    • look at that stupid ref in the video – he’s watching the puck, not the play, he was too shocked to make the call asswipe

      •  The video is a little hard to see but it looks like 1) Torres jumped into Hossa (left his feet) 2) Torres his was with shoulder, but he hit Hossa’s head.  Both items are illegal.

        • again the on only head he hit was the one on the front of his jersey. has it been foggy in hawksland the last few days. modern physics and doctors alike will confirm it is possible to get knocked out without taking a blow to the head.

      • If you look closely, it was the linesman.  His job is to WATCH THE PUCK. Referees are to watch the play. Hockey play went bad. And yes, illegal. Duncan Keith, head hunting douche who couldn’t stand the fact that he got checked by Sedin. 

  12. Not to mention the later comment “i have no problem with this” by the announcer- what is it going to take – that guy actually killing someone before you have a problem. This guy has a history of doing this – has been SEVERELY underpenalized by the NHL. He left his feet in a premeditated attach on Hossa. And just for the record – the official closest to it – after watching several replays in slo-mo with him in the picture – I can see where he did not catch the hit – but the linesman on the other side as well as the other 2 who I have no clue what they were looking at – NO EXCUSE for missing this.

  13. Ridiculous listening to the Coyote announcers – with all do respect “cleanest hit you’ll ever see???” – give me a break – if you can’t call it what it is – STOP ANNOUNCING GAMES – you guys are a joke!

  14. Just so unscrupulous…leaving that Beast Torres in the game was an insult to all of the Blackhawk team and to the fans. Shaw gets thrown out for the drama queen Smith falling, Coyotes get a 5 minute power play and then Shaw gets suspended for games. Here we are with Marian Hossa hit so viciously (Torres should be arrested for aggravated battery) and they get a power play. no penalties, and he remains in the game. All four refs didn’t see anything….bull crap! They are blinded by the NHL telling them to ignore any disciplinary action on the Coyotes…because the NHL OWN THAT TEAM! Torres stays in the game, we get denied a power play, no penalties and Marian Hossa is taken off on a stretcher. What is going on with Hockey? Who wants to even watch any of this anymore.

    And then the cheaters win…..what an injustice to our injured player.

    Every game they had a manipulative maneuver. Shame on Phoenix!

    • I will agree that Shaw shouldnt be suspended,n Smith looked like he was shot.Didnt kno goalies could do cartwheels Smith should be suspended for insulting the game of hockey

      • I agree, it did look like Smith was exaggerating because he was rolling on the ice for so long

    • sad comment. do not remember end of last season when bettman had the refs impose will on no less than four games just to get the hawks in the playoffs. three of these games the hawks were not even playing in and the players spoke up about it. yes very unfortunate hossa was hurt but this was not a dirty hit. hossa made a rare mistake by dipsy doodling the puck with his head down in the neutral zone. do you get this offended when bolland and carcillo deliver elbows and sticks to other players heads ? trust me when i inform you nine out of ten people complaining about this hit are hawks fans.

  15. This is sick.  Hockey is rough, but this year’s playoffs are becoming asinine.  The amount of cheap shots being handed out this year is despicable.  Action by the league is imperative to preserve some of the joy of seeing skilled athletes compete rather than chumps act like this is UFC.  The referees have shown very little in the way of authority to control the insanity, as they’ve decided to enforce trivial penalties like hooking and to many men on the ice rather than get strict with the actions that can end players’ careers.  Give me a break!  The Bertuzzi-esque actions need to stop.  By the way, it baffles me that Bertuzzi is still allowed to play in the league.  Clean it up!

    • Both of your responses are ridiculous!!!!  Regarding Bertuzzi, he has paid his penalty to the league and that was over 5 years ago.  Get over it.  
      Cathy, you clearly have no concept of the game of hockey.  You really believe the NHL would actually put their finger in cheating????????  Give a little credit to where it is do, to the players for making an excellent come back.  Coyotes are not my team, I love the game and what I saw was a hard fought game.  Coyotes, never quit and out hustled the Blackhawks when it mattered.  Take the loss and move on to the next game, remember it is a 7 game series.  
      I suspect that Torres will be out 2-3 games with a suspension, as he should.  Cheap shots need to be handled by the league and by the refs better then they have so far.


      • couldnt agree more,but Torres shouldnt get suspended,did Stevens get suspended for Lindros NO,why,CLEAN HIT.Shea Weber got a 2500$ fine for smashing Zetterbergs head into the glass.If u people want to see dirty hockey,WATCH BOBBY CLARKE play,he broke a guys leg on purpose cause the coach told him to,he was the best player for RUSSIA in the olympics

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