Welcome From Winnipeg!


Welcome hockey fans!

That’s right, a blog dedicated to team that doesn’t currently exist but will one day soon.  A blog for a team that has never left the hearts of Winnipeggers in the 13 long years since their insane departure for the desert.  But that’s a whole other topic.   A topic, among many, that will be discussed frequently in this blog.

My name is Darren Ford and I launched the Return of the Jets Campaign back in June of 2003.  I was considered quite the nut-job back then, but with thick skin and lots of persistance I gained the credibility that was needed to run such a campaign.  www.Jetsowner.com was launched to keep the headlines reading “Winnipeg” whenever the topic of relocation came up.  This was still before the lockout, still before MTS Centre was completed and still before the dismal attendances that the NHL sees in so many of its markets.  Yet JetsOwner.com set out to lay down the keys to what needed to happen for a Winnipeg Jets re-birth.  It predicted so many of the issues the league sees today.  Everything has fallen into place nicely for us up here in North America’s hottest (I use that term tongue and cheek, it’s minus 49 degrees as I type this) hockey market.  It is only a matter time now.

This blog will exploit weak markets in the NHL.  I hate to pounce on the suffering of others, but hey, you should have seen the suffering in Winnipeg in 1995.  It’s now become an “I told ya so” situation for us.  Did Gary Bettman really think his footprint across the sun belt would succeed.  “A” for effort, “F” for results.  Time to get back to reality.  The NHL is a gate-driven league.  It will never be a super-star TV revenue sport.  It cannot touch the NFL, NBA, MLB or NASCAR.  Heck, in the US it can hardly touch lawn bowling right now.

Without blabbering on endlessly about all of the campaign’s accomplishments over the past 6 years, I’ll let you take a peak yourself, if you already haven’t done so at some point.  From a feature on Hockey Night In Canada to countless campaign PR stunts, the website has loads of infomation from everyting and anything to do with the return of Winnipeg to the NHL, where we belong.  The current website is in it’s 2nd design state and is due for a 3rd concept and overhaul sometime in 2009.  Enjoy!

As for this blog, it will aim to keep you informed of any related information pertaining to our goal.  Failing NHL markets, local politics, stats and figures, in-depth observations.  Anything that can shed some light on a topic that is so dear to not only us here in WinterPeg, but to hockey fans around the world.  From the nearly 2 million hits JetsOwner.com has received since its inception, I’d say that message is loud and clear.

I look forward to being part of this growing network of hockey writers….The Hockey Writers.