Blue Jackets Fans Always Kept Finding Reason For Hope


No matter how bad things got for the Columbus Blue Jackets, passion always stood at the center of fans who have endured the worst of times. Unfortunately, the last 15 years have brought many worst-of-times moments for the Blue Jackets. This is what makes the passion for hockey in Columbus even that much more astounding.

Through it all, the fans have supported this team with an undying passion. For a variety of reasons, they kept coming out in support of the Blue Jackets, hoping one day, the team would reward their diligence. That commitment is about to pay off.

The team has undergone a facelift. In are the likes of Brandon Saad and Gregory Campbell. With them come championship experience. Columbus has never been this good on paper going into a season. Many outlets, including Sportsnet, have the Blue Jackets going to the playoffs.

It’s no wonder fans are very optimistic about the upcoming season.

But what kept fans coming back during the dark days? Many fans started to not show up to games because they thought the team had no hope. The average attendance dropped by about 4,000 fans in 10 years from 2000-2010. In spite of the drop, passion never faded.

The Blue Jackets, no matter the record, helped Nathan get into hockey both as a fan and a player.

Again, the Blue Jackets helped someone play hockey. They also held out hope for better days. The team is going to reward Isaac’s commitment.

Oh, what a day in June that was. It was the day the league formally announced the birth of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Many hockey fans that day became Blue Jackets fans. It didn’t matter what team they cheered on before; it was the dawning of a new era.

Here is a good perspective. If you are a fan of a winning team, then you know what it takes to win. It takes time. With that understanding, Clint knew eventually, the team would turn the corner. The time has likely arrived.

We all have our beginnings. Perhaps one of the biggest parts of a new hockey team is giving new fans the opportunity to learn the game from others that have experienced it. It is these experiences that help give birth to the passion that is here now. Aaron’s Canadian friend introduced the game to him, and now he too is a passionate fan.

Here is passion personified. The Blue Jackets are his team. Columbus is his city. Jordan has embraced everything that is part of being a fan. This has nothing to do with the final score, or the team’s final record. It has everything to do with unconditional support of his team. This is the passion that has always been with Columbus since the beginning.

The All-Star Game gave everyone a small taste of Columbus’ passion. This season and beyond will show the league what it is truly like to cheer on the Blue Jackets. Although last season was disappointing due to the injuries, the passion never died. In fact, it got stronger. Attendance was up again. The passion will only continue to grow stronger as the years go on.

Passion. It’s the very thing that sits at the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Always has, always will.

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