Fantasy Hockey Chateau Bow Wow (Tax Day)

pekka rinne playoffs 2012
You are not helping my fantasy hockey team, Mr. Rinne! (Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE)

Hopefully your taxes are done already. This was meant to be a very quick look at the action from Sunday as there were only three games. Then the original copy got sacked like some fantasy hockey teams did this weekend. The “Chateau” is always accepting applications for new entrants into its house of shame. Being that this is an “elimination Monday”, I am very sure there are some fantasy owners who are cursing out some of their players or their opponents.

Fantasy Hockey Blues?

There are only twelve days left in the season for about 95-98% of the fantasy hockey world. A very small percentage will feel the euphoria that goes with winning a title while most everyone else will wonder what could have been. Yes it is a sinking feeling but imagine how much worse it could be. That being said, certain players have caused owners to become so sick to their stomachs that they feel like throwing up. The sad reality of fantasy sports and even daily fantasy sports is for every winner, there are about 5-10 players that lament at what slipped right through their fingers. Then they sing the blues!

There is then this guy, who has seen so little scoring support that literally his fantasy value has dropped. Say hello to Pekka Rinne.

Ouch! Then there is being faked out by a rookie. Maybe this is a sign (and not the fact that Nashville is functionally eliminated playoff wise) that Rinne needs some rest this week and next. Speaking of the team that makes you file zero for all your dependents and deductions….

Fantasy F-U Team Honors:

The Nashville Predators

What is offense? (Icon SMI)
What is offense? (Icon SMI)

Yes they win it again! It must be getting old by now for those who have stuck by players of this team but they put more zeros on your bottom line than an IRS agent. The offense put yet another goose egg on the board and although Pekka Rinne stopped 29 of 31 shots, the Predators still lost 3-0 which killed so many fantasy hockey hopes. If I could just get a point from Shea Weber or a few more shots from my Nashville players was a refrain I heard too many times. If you put Nashville and New Jersey together, you could probably just put no goaltender out there and the nets would pitch a shutout. It has become that comical for both teams but Nashville bears the brunt here. While Ryan Suter moved on to a team that scores a tiny bit more (at least they have a playoff shot), Shea Weber and Pekka Rinne must feel like the fantasy orphans waiting for some team to adopt them. The reality is that is not going to happen anytime soon. You sold your soul and fantasy soul at that. Nashvlle has tallied 98 goals in 43 games and has averaged a little less than 2.3 goals per game (30th). Their penalty kill is also 27th which is a byproduct at times of Rinne being overworked. Even accountants do not work that much overtime. Honestly, it is a fantasy hockey hot mess down there and the tax man has declared heavy penalties along with a trip to the golf course for Nashville.

You can always follow me @ChrisWasselTHW for the latest fantasy hockey advice whether it is a big or small question. There are just a few days left so the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Good luck!