Your Team’s Real Theme Song: Northeast Division

Sometimes you hear the Ole chants a little early in games and that can be the taunting of Canadiens fans, or the Canadiens fans being a little hasty in their judgement of a games’ completion. These are the identifiers that you think of when you hear your favourite team’s name. Although you may hear chants or certain songs, what you don’t hear is the song that best describes your franchise, and fret not, I have thought of it for you.

The Boston Bruins – Workin’ For A Livin’, Huey Lewis and The News 

It doesn’t matter what series it is, who they are playing, or what time of year it is. The Boston Bruins are always ready to play, and even when they drop a game here and there, they beat you up with their size so it’s never an easy two points. The Bruins are a big, tough squad that don’t give you anything for free. They also have a stingy guy in net by the name of Tuukka Rask,

The Buffalo Sabres – Help!, The Beatles

The Sabres are that friend that you see with a ton of potential, but somehow they’ve managed to void themselves of any further success because they’re missing something they refuse to work on. They have some of the right tools, and haven’t spent the right time developing their weaker spots. What I’m saying is, they had Ryan Miller torching the league in the net, and a few offensive threats but never came together to make a real run. Now they’ve switched GM’s, coaches, and players, and still haven’t been able to fill any voids. Money spent here, there, and everywhere, and the organization can’t get on its feet.

The Montreal Canadiens – Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show

The Canadiens have some problems. Sometimes they blow everyone away and are world beaters, and other times they shrug off the losses like Carey Price does on every shot he’s ever faced. They’re quite literally there for a ride. From season to season there’s no telling what the Canadiens will do with the roster they’ve assembled, so heyyyy NHL rock me.

The Ottawa Senators – Canadian Tire Song, Chris Hadfield

Does this really need any sort of explanation? Scotiabank Place was the former name of the Senators home arena which just sold the naming rights to Canadian Tire. The home of the Senators is now Canadian Tire Centre. If there’s ever a blizzard during the game, there should be no shortage of snow scrapers with Sens logos on them for you to clean your vehicle off with.

The Toronto Maple Leafs – As Long As You Love Me, The Backstreet Boys

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you buy tickets for exorbitant amounts of money. You don’t have to show up, cheer, or be in any way enthralled with the happenings on the ice, as long as you pay the money. As long as there’s a demand for the Leafs and those tickets, management will raise the price because who can put a price on love?

Check back this afternoon for the last part of the theme song series, the Southeast Division.

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