NHL 17 Franchise Mode Trailer & Details

The release of NHL 17 is a month away on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

To continue with build up to the release, EA Sports has released the game’s latest trailer and developer blog, taking a look at the game’s revamped Franchise Mode.

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Each player that acts as a General Manager now has an owner to make happy or risk losing their job. From profit line to on-ice success, every owner has a unique personality that you will have to work with. Succeed at your goals, and you will earn praise. Fail? Well, a pink slip is likely heading your way.

Players can manage everything from ticket prices to arena upgrades to fan promotions in NHL 17, adding more function to a mode that became increasingly stale over the last few years. These changes, along with the product you put on the ice, will determine if fans even show up to your games.

There could be nights where you are playing in front of a packed house thanks to a bobble head promotion while other nights could see the arena at barely half full because of the team’s shortcomings. It’s all about how you manage your organization in terms of budget and personnel. But should you find that you just can’t make it work in your current city, relocation is now an option for you in Franchise Mode.  You have to get ownership approval, but, if you do, there are 19 cities to negotiate with for a move.

For more on team relocation, you can find out full details from our interview with the developers of NHL 17 from earlier this summer. A full list of cities that you can relocate to in the game can be found right here.

NHL 17 launches on September 13. The Hockey Writers will have a full review of the game around its launch.