Video: Strange Goal Gives Admirals the Lead

One of the strangest goals you’ll ever see, but was it legal? According to the letter of the law it is. Rule 83.4 says that if a puck is ‘shot on goal’ during a delayed offside then the goal doesn’t count (see image below). Of course all laws/rules are open for interpretation and one could make a case for saying the spirit of the rule is to not allow a goal on a delayed offside. Semantics shouldn’t get in the way of the intent of the rule.

Let me know what you think.

admirals strange goal rule

thanks to Puck Daddy for the rules image.


3 thoughts on “Video: Strange Goal Gives Admirals the Lead”

  1. Any puck that is goal bound, needs stopping by the goaltender, is classified as a “shot on goal”.

    Also, ” The only way an attacking team can score a goal on a delayed offside situation is if the defending team shoots or puts the puck.”  That didn’t happen. It wasn’t a legal goal. Officials got it wrong.

    •  The officials didn’t call it an off-sides play, that’s where they got it wrong.  Had an arm been up, had the officials been paying attention, sure you can quote the rule.  But that didn’t happen, so goal was legal.

  2. The only other problem with this play was that the linesmen didn’t signal off-sides (due to ignorance) so, with the play not being offsides, the rule doesn’t even apply.  The “blown call” was the missed off-sides, not the goal.  Plus, it’s not the first goal to be scored off-sides either…

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