The Crosby Ovechkin file: facts and a little fiction

Crosby Ovechkin battle
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Crosby Ovechkin – a match made in the media labs

Here is video diary of the Crosby Ovechkin story. Hope you enjoy.

Like CNN going on for hours on end about a seemingly non-news event just because they are short on material, the NHL media seem to look for conflict where non exists; at least not much more than any other 2 determined captains. They are needy of some drama. There haven’t been any ‘sloppy seconds’ remarks, no Cormier type assassination attempts, no new clubs joining the fray, even the Phoenix situation has petered into a  non-event. There’s been a lot of great hockey mind you, like the Junior Tourney and now the Olympics but not a heck of a lot of conflict. There can be no drama without conflict.

The Sidney Crosby – Alex Ovechkin conflict reminds me more of Rick Rude vs. The Ultimate Warrior than it does Gordie Howe vs. Rockey Richard.

Of course these guys battle very hard while playing against each other, they are both hyper competitive, elite athletes. Neither of them would be where they are if they weren’t absolutely determined to be the best and in hockey these days that means being aggressive and tough to play against. Feel free to read our Sidney Crosby biography and our Alexander Ovechkin biography.

Subtleties: Was Alex Ovechkin mocking Crosby during the 2009 NHL All-Star shootout contest? At the time not much was said about Ovechkin’s attire, it was just a bit of showmanship but as Michael Farber points out, Ovechkin was wearing a Tilley hat (Canadian made), the CDN flag, Gatorade (a Crosby sponsored pruduct) – probably a deep over-analysis but still fun..

Crosby Ovechkin – I think they enjoy this pseudo-conflict as much as the media. Any great story has to have a hero and a villain. It doesn’t matter that it’s not clear cut which is which, Canadian fans will say that Ovechkin is a dirty cheap shot artist that gets away with anything because of his star status..

While Ovechkin’s supporters will go on about how Crosby is the biggest baby in the league.

Right now these comments by two of the game’s most highly regarded intellects ( ah…hemm) battle wits in naming the game’s best player actually get it right.

On the ice these two guys are simply the best in the game. They both want to lead their team to the cup finals and get a chance to hoist the hallowed trophy.

To wrap things up, here’s how your mortal enemies actually battle when off the ice…careful – this may be hard to watch.

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  1. Are people commenting on this page watching the same hockey games as I am? Don’t they notice the dirty ways by which Ovechkin wins his battles? There is something seriously wrong about hovering over a goalie for more that 2 minutes, sticking your ass in front of his face to block his view, and shoving your stick between the goalie’s leg when it is clear that the puck has been saved! Any player can do that and score all the time! Also, when he scores in Washington, don’t you notice he bows and gestures a thank you to the crowd, like “Roll out the red carpet, I am your saviour!” It is cheesy! Best part is that American hockey fans think Ovechkin is a prick. This kid, raised in the Russian gutter, has no idea how to act accordingly. Also, he is often caught on camera checkin out female hockey fans in the crowd! A PURE CLASSLESS SAVAGE.

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