2015 NHL Draft Rankings War Room: First Look

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

The 2015 NHL Draft Rankings War Room: First Look brings you the Top 60 ranked prospects as compiled by THW’s Eastern Canada based hockey bird dog, Eldon MacDonald. The Next Ones Early (a.k.a. Chris’s List will follow shortly). 

Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid: Exceptionally talented prospect eligible for the 2015 NHL Draft (Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

To reflect back on the 2014 NHL Draft results click here for our in depth downloadable spreadsheet with profiles, interviews, stats and more.

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  • The table display approximately 40-50 of the prospects at a time; simply scroll down to view the other prospects.
  • Only a portion of the table displays by default; you can scroll over to see the rest of the player demographics and statistics or select “View full-size workbook” option, which is the icon in the bottom right hand corner, to view the full table.  The beauty of this option is that you can then download the file to your computer and play with it or adjust it anyway you like.
    • Be sure to scroll over to see E-Mac’s commentary on the Top 30 prospects.
  • The 1st column (E-Mac) is Eldon MacDonald’s first rankings. (Not to be confused with THW’s official The Next Ones rankings {Chris’s List} which will be released at a later date).
  • The 2nd column features Future Considerations preliminary 2015 Top 30 Rankings.
  • A link to Elite Prospects statistics for most of the players is also included (click on individual player name).


2015 NHL Draft Rankings War Room: First Look