5 Fun and Interesting L.A. Kings Tweets, Part 2

Twitter! It’s like being stalked by committee — David Tennant

Most of us appreciate — at least to some extent — the freedom that Twitter affords us. We can follow virtually anyone we want, and even communicate with people we’d never have a shot at talking to in real life. Maybe you’ll never do it, but you know that you can, and that’s pretty awesome. Less than ‘awesome’ is why Elizabeth Hurley hasn’t yet returned one of my 1,000 private messages.

Toffoli Kings
Tyler Toffoli may be a rising star, but tweeting about eating out of the Cup might be going a tad too far. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Seriously, although I don’t spend much time on it, I’ve actually done it myself. When I wrote this Jim Fox profile almost two years ago, I messaged Jim with the link. Guess what? He messaged me back, thanking me for writing the piece. That made penning it all the more worthwhile.

Fun and interesting tweets

Summer may be waning, but the Twittersphere continues to grow.

About six weeks ago, I wrote a piece featuring five fun and/or interesting Kings-related tweets. With the mere passage of time, the bevy of tweets from which to draw from for this continuing series of fun and interesting Kings’ tweets continues to expand. Enough so, it would seem, to fuel another article on the subject.

Thus, without further ado, the following are Kings-related tweets worth taking a peek at.

Darryl Sutter and the Ice Bucket Challenge Tweets

Among the major hockey figures out there, pretty much only Darryl Sutter would perform the Ice Bucket Challenge on a farm. In front of a red barn. Standing in the weeds. With ice poured by minimum-wage farm hands from a hayloft.

Sutter is a character, all right, and not a single person out there would debate that. Way to go, coach, way to go.

Marian Gaborik and the Ice Bucket Challenge Tweets

Speaking of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Marian Gaborik came up with a unique spin on the subject. You might say he was buried in his work:

Tyler Toffoli eats out of the Cup

In its 121-year history, the Stanley Cup (initially referred to as ‘the Challenge Cup’) has been a thousand places, and seen (and held) a thousand things. In a way, it’s a bit scary to think what might have once been in it, so let’s not dwell on it. Clearly, neither did Kings’ right winger Tyler Toffoli, who demonstrated in this tweet that he was more than willing to eat out of it.

Oooookay …

Alec Martinez tweets about his birthday suit

And you thought I was being figurative. Shame on you.

Trevor Lewis tweets out something disturbing

Writers are paid to put words together in a way that either informs or entertains. Hopefully both. This is one time where I can honestly say that words fail me.

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  1. Good job, Walter…Go Totums!!! ’70’s, eh? Then you know the same pains the rest of us Kings fans will take to our graves. Almost…just about…not quite…ooooof! There went another fan favorite…

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