Craig MacTavish, The Edmonton Oilers And Collecting Assets

It was a trade that anyone who follows the Edmonton Oilers knew was coming but by no means did it make it any easier for the vast majority of Oilers fans to stomach.

On the surface, moving David Perron to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a 2015 first round pick and Rob Klinkhammer may not qualify as the sort of move most were hoping for. However, in the grand scheme of things, it was a return that Craig MacTavish should not be overly disappointed with.

While the former first-round pick of the St. Louis Blues may turn out to be one helluva a pick up for Sidney Crosby and company, the Oilers are currently in “asset collecting” mode. From an organizational standpoint, grabbing another first round pick in what many consider to be a fairly deep draft class is a piece the Oilers current general manager could certainly use to his advantage during the coming off-season.

There Will Be No Rebuilding Of The Rebuild

There are certainly those out there who seem to believe Edmonton will be looking to rebuild on their “original” rebuild in the coming months but to be completely honest, the chances of that occurring are slim and none. While management would gladly welcome the opportunity to add the likes of a Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel, this organization won’t be “blowing” anything up.

Unless the Oilers can secure themselves one of the top two selections in this year’s Entry Draft, something which today’s deal with the Pens should help them accomplish, this will likely be the summer in which they will be open to moving any of their draft picks and some of their current crop of young talent, for legitimate National Hockey League players.

As good a player as Perron is, Edmonton were never going to secure a top two centre or top four defenceman in a trade for him, so the next best thing would be acquiring a first round pick. If nothing else, it is another bullet in the chamber for MacTavish to use and at this stage of the game, having that at his disposal may end up being far more valuable.

Is Jeff Petry on the block? (Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports)
Is Jeff Petry on the block? (Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports)

Could Jeff Petry Be Next?

 In all likelihood, the Oilers will be forced into making a similar decision when it comes to Jeff Petry over the coming months and if MacTavish were to play his cards right, he might just be able to get his hands on another first round selection. While expecting such a return for a pending unrestricted free agent blueliner who has little to no offensive upside would hardly be realistic, packaging him up with a second rounder may get it done and give Edmonton three selections inside the top thirty.

In order for this team to get the goaltender and top flight defenceman they so badly need, the Oilers are going to have to be willing to move some quality pieces and by the sounds of it, the other twenty-nine organizations in the league might be more interested in taking their chances at the draft table as opposed to some of Edmonton’s current batch of youngsters. At least when it comes to the ones this organization appears willing to part with.

18 thoughts on “Craig MacTavish, The Edmonton Oilers And Collecting Assets”

    • Petry on his own won’t get them a 1st. Was thinking more along the lines of Perry & the Oilers 2nd for that 1st. A marginal bump up the draft day ladder but the value of a late 1st to an early 2nd appears to be different in the minds of GM’s across the league.

  1. The process and methodology are the problem quality or championship teams have a system in place rookies and young players don’t make team until they earn it or they’re ready but oilers management and coaches system doesn’t prepare nor guide their young players in such a manner thats their failure

  2. Does anybody else see this as intentional destruction of a team to destroy the fan base and move the team to Seattle? Yes Edmonton is building a new arena. However Katz after promising to pay half pulled a weasel out act at the end. Could be a tax write off? Haven’t seen management this bad since a movie about a baseball team.

    • You could not destroy this fan base even if you tried. I’ve said it for ages, biggest mistake this organization made over the last few years was not allowing Renney & Krueger to finish what they were brought in to do. Set this whole thing back two to three years.

      • I agree with you. Renney had the “kids” rolling nicely on a garbage team. He protected them and made sure they were moved along with nice easy assignments. The hard work was what the veterans were for. Then Lowe got greedy and thought, hell, we can win now!

        Rob your right, this fan base are a bunch of bored rig pig mules who will goto the arena no matter what. We could lose for another 5 years (and unless MacT and Lowe are fired, this is exactly what will happen) and the arena will be close enough to full.

  3. The best thing this organization can do is secure the McEichel sweepstakes. I am shocked that the best offer they could get is what Pittsburgh offered though. I knew the top 6 center expectation was probably too much for Perron but a depth forward and late first round pick seems like too little in return.

    • Very good player but from a need stand point, they were never going to win a Perron trade. He simlyndoesn’t have the necessary value to get them the players they need via trade.

  4. The hockey gods need to step in here to prevent the Oilers from ruining either of the top two prospects in the upcoming draft. How much talent must be destroyed by this cruddy organization?

    • In all honesty, they haven’t destroyed any young talent. Yak & Schultz have yet to find their way but the rest are very good players. The mix is not good and b/c of it, they lose a lo of hockey games.It really is that simple.

      • “The mix is not good and b/c of it, they lose a lo of hockey games.”

        I would argue that is a form of destroying young hockey players confidence. And this year we are seeing it in the performance of all the young players.

  5. Really Edmonton is still collecting after all the low round picks they have had. This is an excuse for poor management very poor and someone who can’t lay down the law to the players. We Sabres are now in the rebuilding process, Edmonton you had your chance, go away.

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