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2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

ChampionsPittsburgh PenguinsDefending ChampionsPittsburgh Penguins
Runner-upNashville PredatorsConn Smythe TrophySidney Crosby (Penguins)

The 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 12, 2017, after the 2016–17 regular season and concluded on June 11, 2017, with the Pittsburgh Penguins defeating the Nashville Predators four games to two in the Finals to win the Stanley Cup for the second consecutive year.

The first round saw eighteen overtime games, eclipsing the previous record of seventeen overtime games in the first round set in 2013. There were 27 total overtime games in these playoffs, one short of the record set in 1993. It was also the first time since 2001 that no first round series went the full seven games.

For the eighth season in a row (and the twelfth time in the last fourteen seasons), a California-based team was in the Western Conference Final.

Eastern Conference First Round

(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (WC1) New York Rangers

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 12New York RangersMontreal Canadiens2-0
Apr. 14New York RangersMontreal Canadiens3-4
Apr. 16Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers3-1
Apr. 18Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers1-2
Apr. 20New York RangersMontreal Canadiens3-2
Apr. 22Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers1-3

Rangers won series 4-2

(A2) Ottawa Senators vs. (A3) Boston Bruins

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 12Boston BruinsOttawa Senators2-1
Apr. 15Boston BruinsOttawa Senators3-4 OT
Apr. 17Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins4-3 OT
Apr. 19Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins1-0
Apr. 21Boston BruinsOttawa Senators3-2 2OT
Apr. 23Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins3-2 OT

Senators won series 4-2

(M1) Washington Capitals vs. (WC2) Toronto Maple Leafs

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 13Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals2-3 OT
Apr. 15Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals4-3 2OT
Apr. 17Washington CapitalsToronto Maple Leafs3-4 OT
Apr. 19Washington CapitalsToronto Maple Leafs5-4
Apr. 21Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals1-2 OT
Apr. 23Washington CapitalsToronto Maple Leafs2-1 OT

Capitals won series 4-2

(M2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (M3) Columbus Blue Jackets

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 12Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins1-3
Apr. 14Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins1-4
Apr. 16Pittsburgh PenguinsColumbus Blue Jackets5-4
Apr. 18Pittsburgh PenguinsColumbus Blue Jackets4-5
Apr. 20Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins2-5

Penguins won series 4-1

Western Conference First Round

(C1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (WC2) Nashville Predators

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
April 12Nashville PredatorsChicago Blackhawks1-0
April 14Nashville PredatorsChicago Blackhawks5-0
April 16Chicago BlackhawksNashville Predators2-3
April 18Chicago BlackhawksNashville Predators1-4

Predators won series 4-0

(C2) Minnesota Wild vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 11St. Louis BluesMinnesota Wild2-1 OT
Apr. 13St. Louis BluesMinnesota Wild2-1
Apr. 15Minnesota WildSt. Louis Blues1-3
Apr. 17Minnesota WildSt. Louis Blues2-0
Apr. 20St. Louis BluesMinnesota Wild4-3 OT

Blues won series 4-1

(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (WC1) Calgary Flames

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 13Calgary FlamesAnaheim Ducks2-3
Apr. 15Calgary FlamesAnaheim Ducks2-3
Apr. 17Anaheim DucksCalgary Flames5-4 OT
Apr. 19Anaheim DucksCalgary Flames3-1

Ducks won series 4-0

(P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (P3) San Jose Sharks

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 12San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers3-2 OT
Apr. 14San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers0-2
Apr. 16Edmonton OilersSan Jose Sharks1-0
Apr. 18Edmonton OilersSan Jose Sharks0-7
Apr. 20San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers3-4 OT
Apr. 22Edmonton OilersSan Jose Sharks3-1

Oilers won series 4-2

Eastern Conference Second Round

(A2) Ottawa Senators vs. (WC1) New York Rangers

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 27New York RangersOttawa Senators1-2
Apr. 29New York RangersOttawa Senators5-6 2OT
May 2Ottawa SenatorsNew York Rangers1-4
May 4Ottawa SenatorsNew York Rangers1-4
May 6New York RangersOttawa Senators4-5 OT
May 9Ottawa SenatorsNew York Rangers4-2

Senators won series 4-2

(M1) Washington Capitals vs. (M2) Pittsburgh Penguins

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 27Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals3-2
Apr. 29Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals6-2
May 1Washington CapitalsPittsburgh Penguins3-2 OT
May 3Washington CapitalsPittsburgh Penguins2-3
May 6Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals2-4
May 8Washington CapitalsPittsburgh Penguins5-2
May 10Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals2-0

Penguins won series 4-3

Western Conference Second Round

(C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC2) Nashville Predators

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 26Nashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues4-3
Apr. 28Nashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues2-3
Apr. 30St. Louis BluesNashville Predators1-3
May 2St. Louis BluesNashville Predators1-2
May 5Nashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues1-2
May 7St. Louis BluesNashville Predators1-3

Predators won series 4-2

(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
Apr. 26Edmonton OilersAnaheim Ducks5-3
Apr. 28Edmonton OilersAnaheim Ducks2-1
Apr. 30Anaheim DucksEdmonton Oilers6-3
May 3Anaheim DucksEdmonton Oilers4-3
May 5Edmonton OilersAnaheim Ducks3-4
May 7Anaheim DucksEdmonton Oilers1-7
May 10Edmonton OilersAnaheim Ducks1-2

Ducks won series 4-3

Eastern Conference Final

(M2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (A2) Ottawa Senators

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
May 13Ottawa SenatorsPittsburgh Penguins2-1 OT
May 15Ottawa SenatorsPittsburgh Penguins0-1
May 17Pittsburgh PenguinsOttawa Senators1-5
May 19Pittsburgh PenguinsOttawa Senators3-2
May 21Ottawa SenatorsPittsburgh Penguins0-7
May 23Pittsburgh PenguinsOttawa Senators1-2
May 25Ottawa SenatorsPittsburgh Penguins2-3 2OT

Penguins won series 4-3

Western Conference Final

(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (WC2) Nashville Predators

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
May 12Nashville PredatorsAnaheim Ducks3-2 OT
May 14Nashville PredatorsAnaheim Ducks3-5
May 16Anaheim DucksNashville Predators1-2
May 18Anaheim DucksNashville Predators3-2 OT
May 20Nashville PredatorsAnaheim Ducks3-1
May 22Anaheim DucksNashville Predators3-6

Predators won series 4-2

Stanley Cup Final

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Nashville Predators

DateRoad TeamHome TeamScore/Recap
May 29Nashville PredatorsPittsburgh Penguins3-5
May 31Nashville PredatorsPittsburgh Penguins1-4
June 3Pittsburgh PenguinsNashville Predators1-5
June 5Pittsburgh PenguinsNashville Predators1-4
June 8Nashville PredatorsPittsburgh Penguins0-6
June 11Pittsburgh PenguinsNashville Predators2-0

Penguins won the series 4-2 and the Stanley Cup

Conn Smythe Trophy: Sidney Crosby