P.K. Subban: Should the Habs Just Pay the Man?


Why the Canadiens chose to play hard ball with P.K. Subban is beyond me. For years the Canadiens have lacked a player with Subban’s pedigree. It’s been 2 decades since Chris Chelios was traded- and the team has been trying to replace him since.

P.K. Subban Canadiens
(Jeanine Leech/Icon SMI)

What surprises me is the backlash PK is getting from fans AND the media and some of the questions or comments people are making.

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Why doesn’t he accept a bridge contract (i.e. 2 years $6-$8 million)? The comparisons you often hear are of PK’s teammates Max Pacioretty and Carey Price, as well as Rangers defensemen Michael Del Zotto

  • Pacioretty’s entry level contract was essentially a waste. In 3 years he split time between the NHL and AHL.
  • He played less than 40 meaningful NHL games (before being decapitated by Zdeno Chara.)
  •  Carey Price signed his bridge contract the same year he lost his job as the team’s starting goalie.
  • Of his 3 entry level years, Price played less than 100 games in which he was “above average” and probably only a handful in which he was “excellent”
  • After a solid rookie campaign- Del Zotto was sent back to the AHL.

All this to say, if you want to compare PK to someone, then at least compare him to someone who has:

  •  Played his entry level contract in the NHL without any setbacks.
  • Led his team in defensive categories
  • Played against the other teams top line

A more accurate comparable would be Mike Greene and Dion Phaneuf- both players signed long term contracts during restricted free agency, at a time when the salary cap was below $50 Million and CBA loop-holes hadn’t been discovered yet. If you want a more recent example, try Brent Seabrook.

PK is being selfish– he should earn his long term contract like everyone else! Who is everyone else?

  • Was “Captain Canada”- Ryan Smyth selfish when he held out of Oilers camp years ago?
  • Was Stanley cup hero Drew Daughty, last year?
  • Or how about local fan favorite Shayne Corson – who once held out of training camp to re-negotiate his on-going contract.

I don’t remember people calling any of these players selfish.

PK means more the Canadiens then the Canadiens mean to him. PK sells tickets, t- shirts and puts smiles on kids faces. He’s every marketing agency’s dream….He’s also a pretty good hockey player.

The notion that people want PK “earn” a long term contract is ridiculous. What did Jamie Ben “earn” Or Mike Richards? Or Tyler Myers? Or Jeff Carter, or Claude Giroux?

If you’re good enough to play in the NHL, you’ve earned the right to negotiate any contract you think you deserve.

Look at his stats… PK isn’t as good as he thinks he is!

If you want an in depth statistical breakdown of PK Subban, please visit here In short- his stats prove that he’s an elite player.

Here are a list of defencemen who earn $4.5 million or less….UFA/RFA status aside, you decide where PK ranks:  Scott Hannan, Ron Hainsey, Mike Komisarek, Dan Hamhuis, Anton Volchenkov, Eric Brewer, Tomas Kaberle, John-Michael Liles.

If Subban is as good as he thinks he is, why not take a short term contract and cash in a couple of years?

What if he gets injured? Why take the risk?

He’s loud, arrogant, and players hate him…

Assuming that’s true… so what? What does that have to do with his salary? Steve Downie, and Corry Perry are probably the 2 most despised players in the NHL.. Don’t recall that being a factor during contract negotiations. It actually earned Sean Avery an extra million.

He’s not as good as Drew Doughty

When Drew Doughty negotiated his contract he wasn’t as good as Zdeno Chara.


Readers:  What do you think?  Are the Habs making a mistake by not giving him what he wants?