Top 10 Boston Bruins Twitter Accounts

Twitter-LogoIn this day and age, social media is necessary to pass along news and information. Twitter is a great example of this new age in reporting, but sometimes the noise can get too loud. Sports media on Twitter can get overcrowded and sometimes just downright overwhelming.

So, when you want to know more about the Boston Bruins, who do you turn to? Well, here is my list of ten Boston Bruins Twitter accounts to follow.

Official Boston Bruins


Starting with the obvious, the Boston Bruins official Twitter account. When other people report on Bruins news, nothing is more official than coming straight from the team. Full of quotes from players about the game and live Tweets during the game. The Twitter account is usually the first to break Bruins news.

Patrick Power, Jr.


Diehard Boston Bruins fan Patrick Power, Jr. is known among Bruins fans on Twitter as the creator of the “#BruinsFam”. His Tweets could get a little NSFW at times due to his passionate nature. Power, Jr. is very interactive with his fans and will pretty much follow you back. He also adds a little levity with his humor.

Joe Haggerty


Joe Haggerty of is one of the best Bruins reporters of them all. He has great insight into the game and seems to break a lot of Bruins news, something that Bruins fans might want to know.

Jack Edwards


Very popular Bruins play-by-play guy Jack Edwards is very passionate about his Boston Bruins and you can tell that in his Tweets. Despite his blatant homerism, Edwards is a guy who really knows his hockey

Marc Savard


Despite not playing on the Bruins anymore due to concussion problems, Marc Savard is still a much beloved figure in Boston. He genuinely misses the game of hockey and would love to step out on the ice once more. Savard is a guy who will have a bright future in hockey after his playing days as either a coach, scout, or an analyst. He is also appreciative of all of his fans and followers.

  • Ryan

    Patrick Power offers zero insight/analysis. He just yells and swears at things and people.

  • Bs4LIFE

    The fact that @MassholeSports isnt on this list makes it totally irrelevant. Everyone one of the people you listed is mainstream and boring.

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  • Mark

    Don’t forget @RearAdBsBlog, writes Bruins blogs for and a great hockey mind.

  • Higgins

    Come on!!! No one from Days of Y’Orr

    • Bruce Hollingdrake

      Feel free to add a couple here – we’re big fans of that site.

      • s_coutu

        @PezDOY @JustinDOY

        • Bruce Hollingdrake

          Thanks for adding those, as I mentioned – big fan of DOY.