Top 10 Coolest Old School NHL Goalie Masks

Whenever we attempt to come up with a coolest, best or top ten of anything we always find readers hurling insults and questioning our sanity for including so and so in the list. Who cares, it’s still fun.  Let us know who your vote is for number 1. For argument’s sake we’ll use 1981 as a cutoff point for old school.

#10  Ed Giacomin – cyborg

#9  Bernie Parent

#8  Gary Bromely (1981 – Vancouver)

#7  Jaques Plante

In the beginning…

#6  Glenn Hall

#5  Rogie Vachon and his  ‘smiley’ mask that he wore in LA and later with the Wings.

#4  Tony Esposito who later added a mini cage (I think it was the first hybrid mask)

#3  John Davidson had a couple well known masks – with the coolest being a mask wearing a mask (1981).

#2  Ken Dryden – with the distinction of having 2 very cool, memorable and intimidating masks. For this list I’ll go with really old school.

# 1  Gerry Cheevers – was there ever a doubt!

  • Joe Pack

    Great photos chosen here. Gotta say Bernie Parent’s has a slight edge over Gerry Cheevers. Cheevers is more memorable but Parent’s the more invulnerable and mysterious.

  • Jason Kurylo

    Bruce, you’re my hero. I absolutely love these old fibreglass masks. I’d never seen this particular John Davidson mask before!

  • Billy Moore

    What about Chico Resch…Billy Smith.( fiberglass)…Gilles Graton

    • Bruce Hollingdrake

      Definitely considered all of those. Chico had the first full paint job and Gilles was the first to make a splash with a ‘good’ paint job. Thanks for the additions. I’ll try and get a couple pics of those added in.