Dear Mike Milbury…..

Dear Mike Milbury,

Do these names ring a bell? Zdeno Chara, Wade Redden, Bryan Berard, Roberto Luongo. These are all players who you are known for trading away and making the teams you managed worse. You drafted Rick DiPietro 1st overall instead of drafting Danny Heatley or Marian Gaborik. You traded 2nd overall pick Jason Spezza for Alexei Yashin. You are famous for these disastrous moves (for balance, here are the moderately successful ones).

You coached the Adams Division champion Boston Bruins in 1990-1991. Your hometown Bruins were up 2-0 after winning both games at the Boston Garden. Then there was the guarantee by Kevin Stevens, a Bostonian like yourself, who guaranteed a series victory for the Pens. You lost four straight games and went home. The Pittsburgh Penguins went onto win their 1st Stanley Cup.

We know that NBC tells you and Jeremy Roenick to create as much controversy as possible to attract viewers, but why don’t you do what other people in your position do and analyze? Instead of going on tirades, break the game down so fans can learn and become more educated about the game of hockey. People don’t tune into NBC to watch you in between periods. NHL fans want to watch hockey to see the superstars that the league has to offer. Keep that in the back of your mind before you bash Sidney Crosby.

People tune in from all over the world to watch Crosby. As a representative of the NHL, let’s take a look at how you promoted the NHL’s biggest star:

“Little goody two shoes [Crosby] goes into the corner and gives a shot to [Braden]Schenn. Schenn was late to the party, he should have turned around and drilled him right away, but I guess better late than never. So you know, Crosby gets cross-checked, big whoop. He said after he came back from his 35th concussion, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore, I’m not going to get into these scrums, I’m going to stay away from that stuff.’ He couldn’t help himself because there’s a little punk in Crosby. He’s not the perfect gentleman. He’s not the sweet kid you see in interviews with his hat pulled down over his eyes. I’d say screw him, hit him.”

The NHL has the ability and approves every analyst who is paid to be on NBC. Since the NHL has done nothing since you commented and said that you hope another player hurts Crosby, they look to be favoring your comments. In my opinion, until you are let go or punished by NBC, the NHL is backing your comments. You only said what you said to impress the Philadelphia Flyers and their fans since you were on one of their radio stations.

Sidney Crosby Press Conference
Sidney Crosby took plenty of undeserved criticism from Mike Milbury

The Pittsburgh Penguins should refuse to admit you into the Consol Energy Center. They should also refuse to answer questions from any hockey analyst affiliated with NBC until you are terminated from your position or apologize.

You had the audacity to make fun of Crosby’s concussion situation when no one makes fun of Marc Savard in Boston who still hasn’t returned from his concussion problems. You wouldn’t go on NESN (New England Sports Network) and call Patrice Bergeron or Savard a punk for their concussion issues.

Sidney Crosby actually makes you money. He writes your checks. If there was no Crosby, the NHL would not be what it is today. If Crosby’s career ends due to another concussion, the number of NHL viewers will drastically suffer.

The NHL needs to find analysts who respect and appreciate the game of hockey. I know hockey fights and bone crushing hits attract viewers, but the purest hockey fans tune into watch goals being scored by superstars like Crosby.

Superstars attract viewers in any sport, sitcom, movie or reality show. The stars are the ones who make the money for everyone else in the world.

If the NHL knew what was best for the league, they would relieve you from your analyzing duties on NBC, Hockey Night in Canada, and NESN. They better schedule you to cover another team besides the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Justin Glock

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  1. Why not get a real commentator (like JR) who actually played in THIS millennium or has a positive word to say worthy of airing. I totally agree, FIRE MIKE MILBURY!

  2. Mike Milbury is the worst NHL analyst I have every seen he is so biased to what ever team he loves!  If NBC doesn’t get rid of him then they will go down in history as the worst ever NHL analyst.  Can the guy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just checking your record not the best in the NHL. Every one didn’t give the Coyoties a chance. They are still playing hard. The officials might want to step back and take a look there are two teams playing. I will say that the Kings have played better. So Mike take a step back maybe look in the mirror. In my view you take one side. The boys have one more game to make them think. I am sure if they win you can make them look bad in your view.


  4. Great article. Thanks for writing. I wish that the people who decided to respond to your article using the same immature language would apologize as well. The idea that NBC allowed an employee to not only get away with attacking a player’s personal character in the public forum, but to also get away with discriminatory language with no penalty other than a half-assert apology is, quite frankly, appalling.

  5. milbury is a complete and total doofus.  I am a BC resident and canucks fan, moreover a hockey fan.  I had the unpleasant experience of watching milbury on a US network during last years playoffs and he proved himself to be a complete asshole.  then the thing with the kid shaking, then the comments on Crosby,  what next .  get rid of this tit.

  6. That’s what NBC gets when they drag a $50 bill down the street of trailer park.  “Dingle”-berry
    abuses kids, encourages hurting other players, thinks he was a great players. Classless, gutless.   

  7. Unfortunately Islander fans will never forget mad mike,we are still trying to recover from his reign as gm. I can’t believe he got work during the last Olympics and still continues to work. Here on long island we may not even have a team in the next few years and that is the fallout from the mad mike era

  8. how mibury is still employed as a commentator is one of the great mysteries of televised sports.  dementia patients provide better analyses.

  9. Milbury was just telling it like it is. Gary Bettman probably made him apologize to the almighty poster boy. Crosby gave a cheap shot out to Schenn before he got one back, and that’s hockey. Crosby, however, dives and whines while his team and the NHL protects him.Videos don’t lie. Watch the second clip posted: best player in the NHL is Pavel Datsyuk. But Bettman will market the Pens cause he’s got a deal with Mario.

    • CJ, I don’t disagree with anything you say. The point is not that Milbury tells it like it is, it’s his no class way of doing it.   He ( Milbury)  has been such a failure for so long that he is bitter and angry at everyone around him.

      Don’t know if you are old enough to have watched Gretzky, being in LA I was able to see years of his magic.  But like Crosby, Wayne was also a big crybaby!  Although we didn’t mind it as much  when he got to LA!!  There are so many really good smart guys have on these broadcasts ( Roenick etc.) that there is not reason to subject us to Mr. Pissed.


  10. Well put by the writer.  I’ve have been around this game for decades and remember Milbury as a hack on the ice with Boston, then a flop as a coach and GM.  And now he continues to make an ass of himself every week.  His condesending manner on the air is so unbecoming, the guys working with him must be sick of it.  His attack of a 12 year old tells it all, don’t think that didn’t happen.  This is a sport with so many class people who do a great job in a smart and humble way. There is no room for this type of idiot in such a high profile position, NBC needs to terminate this ass, now, before the playoffs.   Maybe they should let some Ranger fan beat him with his shoe on his way out.  Bye Bye A hole!

    Randy E.  (LA Kings season seats for 39 years)

  11.  Schenn didnt like crosby’s hit so he did what 99 % of the players in the game have done, a cross check to the lower back.  I agree with mike, big whoop.  this happens dozens of times a game.

      Or are you saying that after being on the end of a hit that he did not like, Schenn should have just done nothing not because of the hit but because of who delivered it ?  That because Crosby signs everyone’s checks that he gets to do whatever he wants and never has to answer for it ?

     Crosby isnt Datsyuk or MSL, he wont ever  win the lady byng.  If he wants to play the way he does  he has to expect some pushback.  What about this is so outlandish that you advocate that he be fired from his job ?


  12. why are we talking about this guy milbury he is a clown  be a smart person mike think before u open that mouth of yours ,u are getting paid to give a honest opinion  not stupid ones .

  13. Justin Glock,

    In your article you stated, “As a representative of the NHL let’s take a look at how you promoted the NHL’s biggest star…” 

    Stating that it is the analyst’s job promote specific players is canard.  Networks do enough “promoting” by dedicating airtime for biographic segments and interviews.  What draws ratings is having analysts give strong opinions on “hot-button” topics 

    Do you ever listen to sports talk radio, or watch any panel-based show on ESPN?  Same thing happens daily issues surrounding Tebow, Tiger, and Crosby:  one analyst takes angle A, another takes angle B, then they debate about it — often using phony outrage (i.e. Around the Horn, PTI, Steven A. Smith, etc…).

    The NHL on NBC analysts operate no differently than any other panel in televised sports, with each analyst appeasing to a different fan base.  NHL on NBC has McGuirre (the pacifist who constantly complains about the game being too physical), Jones (middle-of-the-road opinions, and kind of a dud), and Milbury (the brute who longs for a league based on frontier justice). 

    That being said, why all the hate toward Milbury for staying true to his assigned role at NBC?  

    Bottom line:  don’t hate the player, hate the game.


    • Kevin I appreciate you reading my article, truthfully. However, the statement that you quoted above was written sarcastically. Second of all, I said no such thing that Milbury “should promote specific players,” so I’m not sure where you get that. Third of all, have you ever heard sportscenter call any of the people you named above a punk, or make fun of them for an injury? They don’t call those players punks. The hot-button topic should’ve been Lav’s breaking a stick over the glass. Milbury made himself the center of attention and put himself before the game of hockey and said those things only b/c he was on Philly radio.

  14. Justin, you are absolutely right. For Mike Milbury,”analyst”, to have an individual opinion about one player during one game, is beyond your scope of responsibilities. For you to single out any one player during their play in any one game does not fall within your job description. You are on the air merely to comment on the hockey game we are watching, the play of both teams. Taking personal shots and insults at any one player is not what fans care to hear, nor is it part of your job.In fact, it’s just plain unprofessional, pathetic and embarrassing, as a former player, one would expect a little class.

  15. This has to be the worst and most slanted article I’ve ever read. If you’re going to ever try to write something for more than a Pittsburgh audience, or anything of substance in general, at least attempt to objectively analyze comments and relate it to something that is actually pertinent. Arguing that what Milbury said is outrageous because Crosby is a draw for viewers is pathetic. It is completely missing what Milbury is saying with his comment. You are twisting his words and completely misunderstanding it. Milbury was distasteful in how he spoke, but the meaning of his words is absolutely true. To be honest, what you’ve written is laughable. Hockey is a sport of self-policing. If someone gives you a shot, you give one back. It does not matter who it is. Even if it is your precious Crosby. It does not matter if he is the most marketed player in the NHL, what matters is that he is a hockey player and if he is an opponent you treat him as such. That is what Milbury is saying. He is late to say that Crosby is not immune from giving a cheap shot or doing something unsportsmanlike. That has been talked about ever since Forsberg accused Crosby of diving. It was driven home when Crosby was the third guy in to punch Valabik in the back of the head while Boris was already on the ground being held there by Kennedy. The 35 concussions part was wrong. Insinuating that Milbury is calling Crosby a punk because he has concussion problems (by asserting that no one is calling Bergeron or Savard a punk even though they concussion issues) is the most convoluted interpretation I have ever read. He is saying Crosby has a little punk in him because he plays with an edge and will give a player a jab or a slash, not that he is a punk because he gets concussions. Your thought that Milbury is saying he supports a player injuring Crosby is pitiful. He is saying, like I stated earlier, that if Crosby gives a player a cheap shot, that player has every right to give one back. If The Great One or Super Mario or Mr. Hockey gave someone a cheap shot, they should expect to get one back. Every player is held accountable for their actions in hockey, either by the ref or by the opponent. That includes Crosby. So stand up, pull up your pants, get a doughnut so you can sit, and take another stab at this. At least try to write something respectable.

    • Are you from Philly? You contradicted yourself 3 times in your 1st 3 sentences. If someone gives you a cheap shot you show discipline, get a power play and score. I said nothing about how opponents treat Crosby. If hockey is self-policing why do they have referees. Hockey was self-policing back in the Gretzky era. And if Gretzky gave someone a cheap shot that person didn’t touch him. You say I’m twisting Milbury’s words when you are doing the exact same thing after you call what he said distasteful. I talk nothing about the actions of Crosby. This is about Milbury. I don’t say anything about anyone giving Crosby a cheap shot either. All you do is contradict what you are criticizing me for when you try to tell me what Milbury really meant by what he said. Thanks for reading my article though. I appreciate it. 

    • I do agree if Crosby cheap shots someone that he should expect something back, but that wasn’t the point of my article. It’s just the fact that Milbury used the word punk and made fun of Crosby for a serious injury just to impress the fans of Philly when Milbury has plenty of issues himself. 

  16. Milbury, you were a middling player at best. I have never before or since your tenure heard anything like the derision directed to you and your decisions as a GM. Justin wants you to help viewers understand the game better. That’s not possible in view of the fact that you don’t really understand the game yourself. 

  17. Who’s the real punk here. Milbury had to run and hide in Philadelphia. Wny not tell Syd to his face you gutless coward. If NBC does not suspend him for his coments they are run by a similar bunch of cowards.

  18. I’ve been Bruins fan the Orr days, and I’ve never liked Milbury.  He’s a blowhard and an embarrassment to the spoked B.  

    That said, while no one thinks Milbury was a great coach, Ulf Samuelsson’s dirty hit on Cam Neely (which ultimately ended his career) came in Game 3 of that 91-92 series.  That had far more to do with the Penguins’ win than any mismanagement by Milbury.

    Also, he didn’t actually call Crosby a punk for his “concussion issues.”  His point was that Crosby should not cross-check and get into “scrums” without expecting retaliation.  Bergeron is one of the cleanest players in the league.  Savard was too.  Crosby can’t act like Claude Lemieux or Brad Marchand if he expects to be protected like Gretzky.   Still, the way Milbury made that point was incendiary, derisive, and obnoxious.  He’s a buffoon.

  19. Does Bettman think more people will watch NHL tv games because of Mike Milbury’s stupid remarks or Crosby’s on ice performance?  Why does the NHL tolerate such idiots as Milbury and Roenick?  Wonder what would have happened to a second rate NBA player (the equivalent of Braden Schenn) if he shoved Magic, Larry or Michael from behind while the clock was stopped?  And Bettman continues to scratch his head and wonder why they can’t attract a TV audience.

    •  I think Mike was wearing a skirt when when he roughed up that 12 year old.  NBC get rid of him.  Obermann was booted, he should go too. No wonder i don’t watch the
      NBC affiliates.

  20. OK, Crosby has been a talent.  But have anyone out there actually watched him play live?  Did you ever notice that away from any play, he is bitching and crying to the refs NON STOP?  Don’t just focus on him when he has the puck.  Watch him during a game away from the puck.  He has earned his nickname Goody Two Shoes for a reason.  Now we get to blast Milbury for actually saying what a majority of true hockey fans say in front of their tv’s or at the water cooler.  Is he good?  Hell ya.  Would anyone build a team around him now?  Hell no!  Pens have shown they do not need him to win.  Malkin is a better all around player, Malone is a stud.  Crosby is a distraction.  Ovechkin has shown he can play a more physical game and still produce.  Crosby is not durable.  Do you really want to continue to pay that salary to get “I hope no one hits him…”?  Hockey is not football, baseball or basketball.  It is a different culture altogether.  As soon as you “B Movie” people figure that out and leave hockey the way it is, the better off true hockey fans can sit back and enjoy they game they love.  I am not sure that any of you that bashed Milbury ever sat in a locker room at any level above Pee Wee hockey. 

    •  Never higher than Pee Wee ? That’s funny you should say that, I was thinking the same of you as I read through your bulls**t. In the survey of players most recently taken, Crosby was voted the number one player to build a team around, Ovechkin wasn’t even in the top 5. I’m pretty sure all those players would resent being called “B movie” people. As Glen Sather once said of Gretzky, ” I don’t pay him to backcheck”, same with Crosby, no one cares what he does without the puck, if he want to yak at the refs, have at er.

    • I guarantee any hockey team in the league would take Crosby right now. And a concussion is different than any other injury. And Ovechkin’s goal scoring has been cut in half in the last two years. He used to score 60 goals a year and the Caps get further from making the playoffs every season. Thanks for reading my article though. I really appreciate it. Sorry if you did not agree or like it.

      • Justin I respect You and Your writing but the fact remains that Crosby is a severe cry baby and contrary to  what You and obviously a few others believe He is not the best in the NHL!!He’s not even the best on His own team!! If You can’t see that just watch the 2008 finals!!Of coarse any team would take Him,scorers are hard to come by and the fact that the powers that be wanna push this lil chica down the throat of every fan will get Ya some favoritism.Also the fact that The Pens have showed they can win without Him seems to be lost on a lot of  people!!?!?How can You talk on Ovie??Sure his goals are down but He’s playing some D!!Was Yzerman less of a player because He cut down on goals and bought into the D first system?!I’d be the first to say if He was surrounded by nonstop first rounders like Crysby is The Caps would have won it all a couple times!The sooner People that are on this cats jock and The League realize He’s not all They want or think He is the sooner We as fans can have a real all around player as the face of our sport!!I would personally pay to see Stamkos or Zetterberg before I’d watch Crysby for free!!

        • Are you an idiot? Yzerman had a solid team around him for most of his career. Chris Chelios, Nicklas Lidstrom? Names ring any bells.Hasek? All great players. Your also the guy who probably thinks Mario Lemieux was not one of the greatest hockey players ever? Don’t pretend to be unbiased when your not. 

        • I think Malkin is better than Crosby too as of right now. And Malkinn is the best player in the league and much more fun to watch right now than Sid

        •  HAHAH ! RYAN SEPPALA – Shame on you – i’d like to see “YOUR” wallet ` you really think Crosby cares what you people think ???

    •  Hockeyrules77 … go back to school – you have terrible grammar : ) and yes they do need him to win :) who was it that lead Canada to win the Olympics ??? Right SIDNEY CROSBY!!! what about last night’s game ???  CROSBY again … I’d like to see your fat a** on a pair of skates :) bet your pocket book wouldn’t compare to Crosbys Bhaaa ha haaa :) have a fab week :0)

  21. Milbury was a goon as a player; made better use of a shoe than his stick; was a horrible coach (who is still pissed that he lost in the playoffs to the Pens…if you have a problem with Ulf Samuelson, go find him and hit him with his own shoe) and a terrible color analyst. He should be fired, apology or not…you’re on Philly radio making light of a guy whose had a concussion, in a city who has lost their top defenceman for the year and maybe his career. What a classless idiot…

  22. An undercurrent to what the writer is saying seems to be there are two sets of rules, one for Crosby, the top star of the league, (whose slashing was exceeded only by his whining through the Flyers-Pens game on Sunday) and one for everyone else.  I would welcome an end to being force fed Crosby and Ovechkin by the NHL and instead see newer players and those currently playing at the top of their game.

  23. This is why hockey will always be a B movie compared to the other major sports.   Another cement head advocating thuggery, “goonism” (in his own words) and attempting to injure star players.  People do not want to spend their money watching a bunch of cavemen.  The sooner the NHL gets this, the better.

  24. While Milbury is far from elequent in his approach, what he said is true.  Crosby is not the gentleman the League would like everyone to view him to be.  There were at least three slashes dished out by Crosby during that game that went uncalled simply because he is Sidney Crosby.  He also gave Schenn a cheap shot prior to the “sneak attack” cross-check that Crosby over-reacted to.  (And don’t even get me started on all the infractions Malkin gets away with due to his superstar status.)

    Look, I’m a Flyers fan and Bobby Clarke was the dirtiest player EVER.  He’s also in the Hall of Fame.  I don’t have a problem with Crosby being a bit of a punk.  I just get annoyed when he’s painted as something other than what he is just because of his extrodinary gifts as a player.

    • I’m a huge Pens fan. And thanks for being a rational, honest Flyers fan. :). I think the world of Sid, but I totally understand that he’s not the perfect gentleman on the ice. However, I do think many people are ignoring the fact that he’s never claimed to be one either. Quite the contrary, actually.

  25. Loved the point. Milbury’s an idiot. He makes everyone dumber when we have to listen to him. Him and all the Bruin’s news-casting crew. 

    However, going to be the dick here and make a mention that it’s ‘tirades’ or ‘rants’, not ‘tyrants’ (paragraph 3, line 3). Nice combination though.

  26. Reason number 1000 that the NHL will never be a mainstream sport.  The Count, I mean Commissioner, is no better by allowing Milbury to represent the NHL.  Starts with a D ends with a bag!

  27. Milbury is a twat end of story always has been always will be. Jealous announcers who rag on star players like this just makes them sound pathetic. I would love to give him a concussion and call him a pussy for it. In conclusion frig off milbury, and watch Mr. Crosby and company tear apart the playoffs… PS, fuck philly

  28. I agree wholeheartedly, the league would be nowhere without its stars—crosby and malkin are the best players and for him to come out and say take them out (crosby) is just nonsense… I guess that little 12-year old peewee he choked was a punk too and he took him out…. what a man!  He is an immature wanna be commentator and his ilk need to go…  get rid of Roenick too.  We need more like Mike Emrick who is a consummate pro.

    • What do you mean “finally calls out Crosby”?  People have been saying this crap since Crosby was a rookie.  Crosby gives as good as he gets.  He doesn’t back down from physical play.  He didn’t say he was going to stay away from scrums.  He said he is not going out to initiate scrums for the sole purpose of proving to himself that he is 100% healthy.  Crosby is one of the best to ever play the game.  People used to say the same type of stuff about Mario Lemiux.  Food for thought.

    • Wow you are one serious moron. Crosby is only the best hockey player on planet today but you have the gall to sit there in your living room like a couch potato and criticize just because you don’t like him? Crosby has achieved more and proven himself more in the few short years he has been playing hockey than you ever could in several lifetimes. He has had serious concussion issues  recently and the NHL desperately needs him to stay healthy for the good of the sport but nutbars like you enjoy seeing  brainless buffoons like Mike Milbury call him out? I would tell you to get a life but unfortunately I’m sure its too late for that – you’re a hopeless case and a douchebag!

          • I agree with you. Mike Milbury sucked as a hockey player, sucked as a coach, sucked as a general manager, sucks as an hockey analyst, but most of all sucks as a human being. What a complete waste of space. Next time he goes to the toilet he should just keep on flushing.

    •  Maybe if it was somebody with any credibility whatsoever. Shame that it’s not. Milbury is a joke.

    • Mike Dingleberry will be remembered for two things.  Beating a guy laying on his back with a shoe and bitch slapping a 12 year old boy.  Run of the mill hockey player, run of the mill announcer and a run of the mill man.  No one will remember Mike D’Bag Millhole.  Typical Ameriwhat?

      • You forgot to add that he’s also a huge misogynist. There are campaigns to end homophobic and racial slurs, but a prime time analyst gets away with tons of sexist insults directed at players (eg. “Sisters”)

      • Who cares ? The funny thing is that people hate grammar cops Brookie, well that and you missed your period. 

  29. I do agree that he is bashing the man who writes his paycheck…however just because crosby is this superstar player, does not mean he should be treatrd like a diva and he shouldnt be immune to getting hit. that would make him no better than tom brady.

  30.  I agree with everything written.  I wonder if he was even in a right state of mind saying this. The guy has completely lost it. Best for NBC to get rid of him.

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