Top 10 Nicest Current NHL Jerseys

In sports, uniforms are sometimes taken for granted. With enough time, even the nicest jersey or sweater can begin to feel boring and routine. But over time, great sweaters become iconic. A beautiful hockey sweater tied to a winning team goes down in history, while big mistakes on bad teams go down in infamy (looking at you, New York Islanders).

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In today’s NHL, there are more sweaters than ever, with most teams having a third option, many having a retro or throwback alternative, and some having stadium series or Winter Classic alternatives.

Patrice Bergeron
Patrice Bergeron #37 of the Boston Bruins waits to take a face-off in the second period against the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium on January 01, 2019 in South Bend, Indiana. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

For this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 nicest current sweaters, but we’ll focus on those uniforms that are worn more than a few times in a season. So let’s take a look at the list!

Honorable Mentions

Dallas Stars Home

The Dallas Stars home jersey doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but its “Victory Green” is probably the most unique (and maybe the brightest) color on any sweater in the league.

Max Domi Dallas Stars
Max Domi, Dallas Stars (Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Stars made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final in 2020, making their sweater even more well-known around the hockey world. But its legacy still needs to grow. It certainly stands out by color alone.

Seattle Kraken Away

They’re the newest sweater in the NHL, but they may be one of the nicest. With both the Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken, the NHL has hit home runs on building brands that are clean and distinct amongst NHL sweaters. Even among those sweaters, though, the brand new Seattle away sweaters are as clean as clean gets.

Jamie Oleksiak Seattle Kraken
Jamie Oleksiak, Seattle Kraken (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

From the two vibrant, unique shades of blue in the logo and on the sleeves, to the simple (if possibly oversized) main logo, to the perfect and simple alternate Space Needle anchor logo on the shoulder, these sweaters bring a certain amount of prestige to the Kraken right out of the gate. It was the sweater they wore while picking up their first franchise win against the Nashville Predators, and in a few seasons, when it’s been around longer, it might climb even higher on this list.

10) Buffalo Sabres Away Jersey

Let’s be brutally honest: the threads are about the only thing that looks good for the Buffalo Sabres right now. And unfortunately, no sweater, no matter how nice, was going to distract from the Jack Eichel debacle or the expected last-place result for the team. But even so, the recent decision to return to royal blue as a primary color remains one of the few good decisions the organization has made.

Dylan Cozens Buffalo Sabres
Dylan Cozens, Buffalo Sabres (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

The color palette is a throwback to a happier time for Buffalo fans, back when the French Connection of Richard Martin, Gilbert Perreault, and Rene Robert was tearing up the league. We think it pops slightly better on the away jerseys than the home all-blue look, but take your pick: they’re both nice. The hockey might not look pretty. But at least the jerseys will.

9) Winnipeg Jets Home

Since they took off from Atlanta, Georgia, and landed in Winnipeg in 2011, the Jets have had some of the sharpest home sweaters in the entire league. Though they aren’t exactly plucked out of Jets jersey history, they still have a very classic feel about them.

Winnipeg Jets' Mathieu Perreault
Winnipeg Jets’ Mathieu Perreault (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Trevor Hagan)

The revamped Jets jerseys use the same color pattern as the originals, but the logo has changed drastically. The logo pays tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force — but more particularly to the 17th Wing, which is the Canadian Air Force base in Winnipeg. The uniforms nicely represent the second coming of a very important Canadian organization.

8) Detroit Red Wings Away

The Detroit Red Wings organization has fallen on hard times, though the youth moment is now in full swing. But the sweater the players wear still harkens back to the history shared by the likes of Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman, Ted Lindsay and Nicklas Lidström.

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The Red Wings have won 11 Stanley Cups in their illustrious history, the most by far of any American franchise. And through it all, they have worn essentially the same sweater: red and white with the iconic winged wheel.

Andrew Copp Detroit Red Wings
Andrew Copp, Detroit Red Wings (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

The logo on its own is one of the best in the NHL, maybe in all sports. It both captures the team’s name and the city’s history, and it stands out perfectly on the white away sweater. As any hockey purist will tell you, white home sweaters used to be the norm, so for many Original Six teams, the away sweater feels more classic than the home, anyway.

7) Arizona Coyotes Kachina

There are few fashion items that can scream “the 1990s” and be absolutely gorgeous at the same time, but the Arizona Coyotes Kachina sweater does precisely that. This homage to a character from Pueblo Native American folklore debuted as the primary road sweater for the Coyotes’ first seven seasons, but even when they were away, they remained in the fans’ hearts.

Shayne Gostisbehere Arizona Coyotes
Shayne Gostisbehere, Arizona Coyotes (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Prior to the 2018-19 season, the Coyotes announced the long-awaited return of the Kachina sweaters. “We’re thrilled to make our black Kachina jersey the official third jersey of the Arizona Coyotes,” Coyotes’ Owner Andrew Barroway said at the time. “These are iconic jerseys that are beloved by our fans and players.” They’re beloved around the NHL as well, and hopefully this time, they’re here to stay. They may well be: the black jersey graduated to the team’s primary home jersey before the 2020-21 season, and prior to the present season, the team announced its intention to make the Kachina its main logo and debuted the white away jerseys pictured above.

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The Coyotes, moved to the Central to balance divisions with the arrival of the Kraken, join a host of sweaters from that division on this list. But only their sweet, sweet throwbacks look just as at home in a 2021-22 hockey game as they would in a 1990s Taco Bell lobby.

6) Calgary Flames Home

Speaking of jerseys that began as an alternate, but were so popular they replaced the primary home jerseys, we have the Calgary Flames. When the Atlanta Flames moved to their new and permanent home in Alberta, the franchise did little to alter the look of the jerseys except turn the flaming “A” into a flaming “C.” That look became iconic, but through the years, the franchise decided to try some different things. But recently, they realized their mistake and brought back the classic look. Then last season, the Flames made it their primary home jersey.

MacKenzie Weegar Calgary Flames
MacKenzie Weegar, Calgary Flames (Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images)

If there is any complaint with this sweater, it’s a minor one. On the Flames’ primary jersey, the “A” that demarcates an alternate captain is also an homage to the Atlanta Flames’ “A” at the center of those jerseys. For whatever reason, in replicating these sweaters, Adidas chose not to put that touch on the third sweater. It’s a shame, as that’s one of the nicest little touches on any sweater in the NHL; however, the sweater as a whole is still one of the sharpest in the league.

5) Chicago Blackhawks Away

The Chicago Blackhawks jersey has undergone very few changes since the mid-1950’s. While the jersey is an NHL staple, the team logo has received some backlash over the years as it had been deemed culturally insensitive. The logo’s origins stem from team founder’s division of the U.S. Army. With this aside, the Hawks uniforms are extremely sharp and still merit a spot on the list. The ‘old school’ style makes the jersey one of the league’s nicest.

Lukas Reichel Chicago Blackhawks
Lukas Reichel, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

In today’s climate, there will always be discussions about whether changes should be made to the Blackhawks logo. But it remains iconic, not only for its ties to Blackhawks legends like Tony Esposito and Stan Mikita but also for its association with the modern-day Blackhawks dynasty that won three Stanley Cups in six seasons.

4) Boston Bruins Home

The Boston Bruins were named by their original owner, Charles Adams, who wanted the team to be powerful and feared. In Adams’ vision, the team would build a reputation to match its name. The ‘big bad Bruins’ have been one of the most physically dominant teams in NHL history, and their powerful uniform colors and team name match that perfectly.

Hampus Lindholm Boston Bruins
Hampus Lindholm, Boston Bruins (Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Like some of the other Original Six teams on this list, the Bruins’ logo hasn’t significantly changed over the years. Like its winged counterpart in Detroit, the spoked wheel is an iconic hockey logo. Yet another classic on the list, these uniforms are synonymous with the hard-hitting hockey that has made the team so successful since the start of the NHL. The logo alone carries a sense of foreboding for any opponent unfortunate enough to line up across from it. If you’re staring at the spoked wheel, you’re probably in for a long night.

3) St. Louis Blues Heritage

We mentioned that one-time-use jerseys would not be on the list. But fans loved the St. Louis Blues’ 2017 Winter Classic sweaters so much that when it came time to announce the third jersey for the 2018-19 season, there was no question the design would return.

The so-called “Heritage” sweater returns to the design of the Blues’ 1967-68 inaugural season, but with subtle added touches, including the flag of the city of St. Louis stitched inside the collar. Is it any surprise that in their first season wearing the sweater regularly, the team won its first Stanley Cup?

Ville Husso St. Louis Blues
Ville Husso, St. Louis Blues (Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images),

The baby-blue color of this uniform is as slick as any color in the league, and the Blue Note logo, while not as iconic as a few we’ve discussed, is still one of the most beloved in sports. It’s the favorite uniform of Blues fans, and one of the freshest in the entire league. This season, the team is competing once again in the Winter Classic, and their sweater for the game in Minnesota is essentially the same jersey, with cream white as the primary color. Some speculate that the similiarity suggests the Blues will move to these two sweaters as the primary home and away, indicating a significant palette shift for the team. Time will tell, but given the popularity of these jerseys, it’s not out of the question.

2) New York Rangers Home

The “Broadway Blue” New York Rangers jersey is one of a number of classics found on the list. A jersey donned by greats such as Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, and Brian Leetch, (among many others), the Rangers jersey represents New York very nicely. The glam of the city and its character are nicely conveyed on the Rangers’ uniform.

Patrick Kane New York Rangers
Patrick Kane, New York Rangers (Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images)

These uniforms are able to capture so many aspects of the city and country that they represent. The red, white, and blue color scheme nicely pays tribute to the United States, while a little bit of Broadway flashiness depicts New York nicely. The Rangers are looking at a bright future, but with these sweaters, they’re always rooted in their history.

1) Montreal Canadiens Home

The Montreal Canadiens jersey is the most historic in the league; the uniform has stayed pretty much the same since the early 1910’s. The jersey has been one of the few consistent things throughout the incredible team history. Like many others on this list, the Habs’ design and jersey have withstood the test of time.

Juraj Slafkovsky Montreal Canadiens
Juraj Slafkovsky, Montreal Canadiens (Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

History aside, the Habs’ jersey still merits the #1 spot on the list. The Habs paid testament to their past by adding the lace and white collar to their classic jersey to give it the ‘vintage’ feel, which many fans love. The jersey is also referred to as “La Sainte-Flanelle” which translates to “the holy flannel” or “the holy sweater.” The Montreal Canadiens’ jersey is the league’s nicest because of its history, its design and its meaning to Montreal.