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It’s April, Time for the Coach to Pack His Bags

Barry Trotz showed equal measures of emotion and grace during his final press conference as a part of the Predators organization, but it was most likely Poile who had the hardest time with the news.

The end of one of the longest coaching tenures in league history was bound to be news. For followers of the Predators, it was more than just an interesting factoid, it meant the end of an historic era for a team that continues to defy cultural and statistic wisdom.

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When Jamie Benn Came to Town

Despondent Chicago Wolves play-by-play announcer Jason Shaver summed up the attitude of much of the American Hockey League in 2010 in his call of Jamie Benn’s game 7 overtime winner for the Texas Stars against Chicago: “He shoots, he scores. The Stars will advance. Jamie Benn, who spent the entire […]

Vestibular therapist Anne Mucha with a student athlete (Credit: UPMC)

Concussions: This is Your Brain on Hockey

Neurologists describe a concussion as a neurometabolic cascade. I hear that term and I fall into a dream of psychedelic waterfalls, of fireflies twinkling at twilight, of a seascape speckled by the starry-eyed blinking of the moonlight. All that could not be further from reality. Sure, sometimes people ‘see stars’ when concussed. […]

Hockey On The Fringe, Where it Belongs

Hockey On The Fringe, Where it Belongs

This is a guest post by Brian Lutz   You have been told that hockey doesn’t matter in today’s sporting landscape. You’ve heard about the shrinking TV audiences and the half-empty arenas; you’ve seen hockey slowly phased out of the highlight shows and the sports pages. In the National Sports […]

Rule Your Fantasy Hockey Pool in 2013

Rule Your Fantasy Hockey Pool in 2013

The 2013 season is going to be a lot of fun to follow. With a shortened 48 game schedule, luck and randomness will play a larger role compared with a typical 82 game season. And from a fantasy hockey perspective, making predictions and projections is even more difficult, because players across the league spent the lockout doing such a wide variety of things.