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Analyzing the Russian Factor

Drafting Russian players is something considered risky nowadays, as since the creation of the KHL back in 2008, NHL draft professionals and enthusiasts started hearing and talking about a new term: the Russian Factor. The term Russian Factor has been defined with good efficacy by the SportingCharts website. A term […]

Revisiting NHL Realignment: Is Rivalry Alive?

Revisiting NHL Realignment: Is Rivalry Alive?

Early in the 2014-15 NHL playoffs, hockey fans are being treated to some good ‘old time’ hockey. The match-ups have been filled with bone-crushing hits, heated run-ins and close, down-to-the-wire games. So is this something that can be expected now each and every year? With true rivalries a dying breed […]

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Relegation: The NHL’s Problem Solver

With tanking among the top hockey stories right now, people have been discussing ways of breaking the trend. From making every team eligible in the lottery to getting rid of the lottery completely, it’s been a discussion that was heated up with the numerous late-season tilts between the bottom four […]

The Downfall of Madison Square Garden

The Downfall of Madison Square Garden

It was the middle of March, the heart of the NHL’s regular season. I was walking up towards Madison Square Garden, about to attend my first event there — let alone New York Rangers game — since late 2007. My excitement level was increasing exponentially in the minutes leading up to […]

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If NHL Players Were Game Of Thrones Characters

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs right around the corner, hockey fans are undoubtedly gearing up for some of the most exciting times that the NHL has to offer each season. Having sixteen teams battling for their playoff lives, there aren’t many events that stack up to the blood, sweat, and […]

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Non-Contact Hockey, A Dangerous Game?

It’s an argument that hockey purists will always be a part of – that body checking has a place in the game. But in recent years, that so-called necessity has been placed under the microscope by parents, players and those responsible for player safety within hockey. The fear associated with […]