Brian Lawton: Draft Rookie

“With every door that closes, another is opened up” – This motto can be applied to so many different situations in life, but the yearly NHL Entry Draft is not one of them. Each team has one chance to pick the stars of the future from this years crop of budding athletes, giving each team the opportunity to significantly fail if they cannot identify their current needs, their upcoming needs, the skills which the prospect best displays presently and those he will grow in to.

Introductions, Please…. THW’s Hockey History Section

“Hello, Canada, and hockey fans in the United States, and Newfoundland….” The voice of a legend reaching out from the past, Foster Hewitt’s emblematic sign-on bubbles up sentiment even in those who never heard him call a game. Hockey’s history remains evocative to young and old alike: Bobby Orr’s mid-air celebration, the Rocket’s burning eyes, Dryden’s cucumber-cool pose, Gretzky’s sweater-tuck, these are just a few iconic images which have shaped the game we know today.