NHL 2010 1st Round Mock Draft – Playoffs Edition

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While the entry draft is still a couple of months away, you can be assured NHL scouting teams across North America and the world are soaking up as many games as possible, assessing talent.

The Hockey Spy here at THW is also busy scouting the prospect world and will continue to bring detailed prospect profiles leading up to the draft.

Tyler Seguin {Photo: Robin Kasem – Flickr}

Today’s article embarks on my second mock draft of the season – Playoffs Edition.

The major addition in this updated mock draft compared to my Olympic Edition mock draft is that I’ve added a brief rationale section for each pick. Take a look back at my previous mock and see if you can discover any trends over the past couple of months!


*At this point in the season, the mock is, for the most part, based upon teams taking best player available (BPA), and the draft positions are simply based on recent standings.

*The draft order is based upon overall standings as of April 13th.

*The table is “sortable” – that is, if you click on any of the headings it will sort them. For instance, if you want to search by youngest/oldest of the potential 1st rounders, simply click on “DOB” column.

*For detailed prospect profiles completed thus far, click on the link for my archives. (Thus far, Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Cam Fowler, Nino Niederreiter & Brandon Gormley have profiles with many more to follow.)

*Just under the title, you can click “Show” and change the quantity you show on one page or you can simply click on bottom right hand corner of table to scroll through the rankings/mock draft.

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1st Round Trade Notes: (as per MyNHL Draft)

# 2 – Boston receives Toronto’s 2010 1st and 2nd Round Picks, and a 2011 1st Round Pick for Phil Kessel
# 13 – Anaheim receives Philadelphia’s 2010 1st Round Pick, 2009 1st Round Pick, Luca Sbisa, Joffrey Lupul and a conditional 2010 or 2012 3rd Round Pick for Chris Pronger and Ryan Dingle.
# 18 – Phoenix Coyotes receive Calgary’s 2010 1st Round Pick, C Matthew Lombardi, and Brandon Prust from the Calgary Flames for Olli Jokinen and 2009 3rd Round Pick
# 25 – Atlanta Thrashers receive New Jersey 2010 1st round pick, Johnny Oduya, Nicklas Bergfors, Patrice Cormier for Ilya Kovalchuk and Anssi Samela. Teams are also swapping 2010 2nd round picks.

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12 thoughts on “NHL 2010 1st Round Mock Draft – Playoffs Edition”

  1. Interesting predictions Thomas. While Seguin definitely makes sense for the Oil given their other prospects and subsequent depth on the wings. I still think you take the best player available Vs franchise need unless there is little separating the players in question.

    I think it’s like Tavares last year though. You might feel that Duchene might be the better 2-way player and may even turn out better that JT. In the end though, if you go against drafting the phenom and it backfires, as a GM you’re going to look pretty bad.

  2. The Oilers prefer Seguin. I don’t see why they would mess around and trade down. Boston could be throwing up a smokescreen, and then the Oilers would miss out on Seguin. They’ll stay put and they’ll take Seguin.

    Gormley is going to go #3, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlanta took Campbell at #8.

  3. I hear you Karl.

    I don’t see the Oilers trading down past the #2 slot, but ya never no.

    I cold see the Bruins either trading up to #1 to get Hall or if Oilers go with Seguin, they keep the #2 & nab Hall. Otherwise, if Oil keep & go with Hall, I could see Bruins trading down. The Panthers might come into play then. Thoughts?

  4. The Panthers have so many options at #3… Fowler will probably be the best pure talent left after Seguin\Hall, but they need scoring sooooo badly. Any possibility of a trade up? Or trade down if they can get a bona fide scorer in return? It’s hard to argue the pick of Fowler because of the near-can’t-miss talent he has, but it’s not a priority need.

  5. I am waiting for the 1st reply – Blackhawks should be taking Calvin Pikard in the 1st round! It’s the logical selection to say the least. Those that know me well, know that I am not a fan of taking a goalie in the 1st round. Simply too many turn out to be busts.

    Jack Campbell is the exception to the rule & I have no qualms about taking the phenom American ‘tender in the 1st.

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