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Minnesota North Stars (1967-1993)

Founded:February 9, 1966Final Game:April 15, 1993
Home Rink:Met CenterBecame:Dallas Stars

The Minnesota North Stars were a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL) for 26 seasons, from 1967 to 1993. The North Stars played their home games at the Met Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, and the team’s colors for most of its history were green, yellow, gold and white. The North Stars played 2,062 regular season games and made the NHL playoffs 17 times, including two Stanley Cup Finals appearances, but were ultimately unable to win the Stanley Cup. After the 1992–93 season, the franchise moved to Dallas, and is now known as the Dallas Stars.

Deeper Dive

Green To Black: North Stars Graphic History 1967-1993

Hockey fans know that North Stars owner Norm Green earned his infamy by moving the franchise from puck-loving Minnesota to Texas, where high school football draws more interest than the NHL. Fewer know that Green had already flipped the team’s cherished “N” logo over the glass and out of play even before the club swapped hot dish for enchiladas. Read more…

Dino Ciccarelli Minnesota North Stars
Dino Ciccarelli of the Minnesota North Stars (Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Players

More North Stars History

Mike Modano: Superman On Ice

When you think of American hockey, the name Mike Modano is practically a synonym. The Michigan native went on to collect records and accolades throughout his career that have yet to be matched by an American player. For nearly two decades in the NHL, he was a star – in more ways than one. Read more…

Dallas Stars Mike Modano North Stars
Dallas Stars center Mike Modano (AP Photo/Andy King, File)


  • Bob Woytowich, 1967-68
  • Elmer Vasko, 1968-69
  • Claude Larose, 1969-70
  • Ted Harris, 1970-74
  • Bill Goldsworthy, 1974-76
  • Bill Hogaboam, 1976-77
  • Nick Beverly, 1977-78
  • J.P. Parise, 1978-79
  • Paul Shmyr, 1979-81
  • Tim Young, 1981-82
  • Craig Hartsburg, 1982-89
  • Brian Bellows, 1984
  • Curt Giles, 1989-91
  • Mark Tinordi, 1991-93

Retired Numbers

  • 8 – Bill Goldsworthy (February 15, 1992)
  • 19 – Bill Masterson (January 17, 1987)