Anything But a Disappointment: The Story of the 2013 Boston Bruins

Life gets played out in moments. Snapshots of memories that stay with you all throughout your life. Still frames that shape the past with while still influencing one’s future. Life is a game of seconds, after all, and there are seconds that will stay with you forever.

At one point this year, the Boston Bruins became more than just a hockey team. The players became more than names and stats on a roster. Hockey became more than just a sport in Boston. It became an escape

The Beauty of the Stanley Cup Final

It’s no surprise that this Stanley Cup Final is playing out the exact stereotype of what hockey is all about. It’s a battle; a game of chances defined by who wants it more and who is willing to sacrifice the most for a win. The 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final has seen four games; three of which have gone to overtime, with the other game ending up a nail-biter. There have been battles resulting in wins, losses, and even some scars.

The ugliness is the sport at its finest, and after almost four months without a game of professional hockey, it’s a perfect ending to a truncated season.