What Does The Shea Weber Deal Mean For Nashville?

In the Coen Brothers’ 1987 film, “Raising Arizona”, an ex-convict named Hy is given marching orders by his wife to get some diapers for their newly stolen (by them) baby. While he is in the store, Hy has a lapse and goes from being a doting adoptive dad to his former identity as a petty thief. Pulling a pair of pantyhose over his head, he hitches up his trousers, musters up every last reserve of inner badass energy and walks up to the clerk where he demands all of the cash and a package of Huggies. There is a pause as the clerk eyes him coolly and then drawls, “Son, you got a panty on your head.”

This scene stands as an apt metaphor for Predators GM David Poile’s summer.