2022 World Juniors Roster Breakdown by NHL Team

It’s been a while, but the World Junior Championship is about to kick off once again after it was cancelled back in December due to the Omicron wave of the pandemic. As we continue with our coverage, we’re one step closer to the start of the tournament as most of the teams have submitted their final rosters.

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As a result, teams were able to restructure their roster for the tournament. Players who once initially were selected back in December 2021, may not be on the roster this time around. For instance, Owen Power, Matty Beniers and William Eklund were on their respective team’s roster, but will not be this time for August. Jack Thompson and Aatu Räty weren’t able to participate last time due to testing positive for the virus, but now have the opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of drafted talent to still take the tournament by storm. 

31 NHL teams will be represented with their prospects taking part in the biggest junior hockey showcase this time around. For this tournament, there will be 107 prospects taking part in the tournament. 23 of which are first-round selections, including eight form the 2022 NHL Draft.

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If you’re wondering which prospect made it from your NHL team, don’t worry. We have you covered with our annual roster breakdown of which prospects will represent their NHL team at the biggest junior hockey tournament.

Anaheim Ducks (5) 

  • D Ian Moore- United States- 2020 third-round pick (67th)
  • D Olen Zellweger- Canada- 2021 second-round pick (34th)
  • C Nathan Gaucher- Canada- 2022 first-round pick (22nd
  • C Mason McTavish- Canada- 2021 first-round pick (3rd)
  • RW/LW Sasha Pastujov- United States- 2021 third-round pick (66th

Arizona Coyotes (2)

  • D Maksymilian Szuber- Germany- 2022 sixth-round pick (163rd)
  • C Logan Cooley- United States- 2022 first-round pick (3rd)

Boston Bruins (3) 

  • C Riley Duran- United States- 2020 sixth-round pick (182nd)
  • C Dans Locmelis- Latvia- 2022 fourth-round pick (119th)
  • RW Fabian Lysell- Sweden- 2021 first-round pick (21st)

Buffalo Sabres (3) 

  • C/RW Linus Sjödin- Sweden- 2022 seventh-round pick (211th)
  • C/W Isak Rosén- Sweden- 2021 first-round pick (14th)
  • C Jiri Kulich- Czechia- 2022 first-round pick (28th)
Jiri Kulich Buffalo Sabres
Jiri Kulich, Buffalo Sabres (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Calgary Flames (1) 

  • RW/LW Matthew Coronato- United States- 2021 first-round pick (13th)

Carolina Hurricanes (4)

  • G Nikita Quapp- Germany- 2021 sixth-round pick (187th)
  • D Aleksi Heimosalmi- Finland- 2021 second-round pick (44th)
  • D Ronan Seeley- Canada- 2020 seventh-round pick (208th)
  • C/W Ville Koivunen- Finland- 2021 second-round pick (51st)

Chicago Blackhawks (5)

  • D Wyatt Kaiser- United States- 2020 third-round pick (81st)
  • D Ethan Del Mastro- Canada- 2021 fourth-round pick (105th)
  • C/LW Victor Stjernborg- Sweden- 2021 fourth-round pick (108th)
  • LW/C Landon Slaggert- United States- 2020 third-round pick (79th)
  • LW/C Dominic James- United States- 2022 sixth-round pick (173rd)

Colorado Avalanche (2)

  • D Sean Behrens- United States- 2021 second-round pick (61st)
  • W/C Oskar Olausson- Sweden- 2021 first-round pick (28th)

Columbus Blue Jackets (4) 

  • D David Jiricek- Czechia- 2022 first-round pick (6th)
  • D Stanislav Svozil- Czechia- 2021 third-round pick (69th)
  • LW/RW Martin Rysavy- Czechia- 2021 seventh-round pick (197th)
  • C Kent Johnson- Canada- 2021 first-round pick (5th)
Kent Johnson Columbus Blue Jackets
Kent Johnson, Columbus Blue Jackets (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Dallas Stars (3) 

  • C/RW Daniel Ljungman- Sweden- 2020 fifth-round pick (154th)
  • C/W Albert Sjöberg- Sweden- 2021 seventh-round pick (207th)
  • C Logan Stankoven- Canada- 2021 second-round pick (47th)

Detroit Red Wings (9)

  • G Jan Bednar- Czechia- 2020 fourth-round pick (107th)
  • G Sebastian Cossa- Canada- 2021 first-round pick (15th)
  • D Simon Edvinsson- Sweden- 2021 first-round pick (6th)
  • D William Wallinder- Sweden- 2020 second-round pick (32nd)
  • D Eemil Viro- Finland- 2020 third-round pick (70th)
  • D Donovan Sebrango- Canada- 2020 third-round pick (63rd)
  • C/ RW Theodor Niederbach- Sweden- 2020 second-round pick (51st)
  • LW Carter Mazur- United States- 2021 third-round pick (70th)
  • C Red Savage- United States- 2021 fourth-round pick (114th)

Edmonton Oilers (1) 

  • D Luca Münzenberger- Germany- 2021 third-round pick (90th)

Florida Panthers (5) 

  • D Kasper Puutio- Finland- 2020 fifth-round pick (153rd)
  • D Ludvig Jansson- Sweden- 2022 fourth-round pick (125th)
  • RW/C Mackie Samoskevich- United States- 2021 first-round pick (24th)
  • LW/ C Jakub Kos- Czech Republic- 2021 sixth-round pick (184th)
  • LW Sandis Vilmanis- Latvia- 2022 fifth-round pick (157th)

Los Angeles Kings (3)

  • D Helge Grans- Sweden- 2020 second-round pick (35th)
  • RW Kasper Simontaival- 2020 third-round pick (66th)
  • C Samuel Helenius- Finland- 2021 second-round pick (59th)

Minnesota Wild (8) 

  • G Jesper Wallstedt- Sweden- 2021 first-round pick (20th)
  • D Carson Lambos- Canada- 2021 first-round pick (26th)
  • D Ryan O’Rourke- Canada- 2020 second-round pick (39th)
  • D David Spacek- Czechia- 2022 fifth-round pick (153rd)
  • D Jack Peart- United states- 2021 second-round pick (54th)
  • D Brock Faber- United States- 2020 second-round pick (45th)
  • C Liam Öhgren- Sweden- 2022 first-round pick (19th)
  • C Servác Petrovský- Slovakia- 2022 sixth-round pick (185th)
Jesper Wallstedt Sweden
Jesper Wallstedt, Sweden, 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)

Montreal Canadiens (5)

  • D Petteri Nurmi- Finland- 2022 seventh-round pick (194th)
  • C Riley Kidney- Canada- 2021 second-round pick (63rd)
  • C/W Joshua Roy- Canada- 2021 fifth-round pick (150th)
  • C/LW Jan Mysak- Czechia- 2020 second-round pick (48th)
  • C Oliver Kapanen- Finland- 2021 second-round pick (64th)

Nashville Predators (3)

  • D Anton Olsson- Sweden- 2021 third-round pick (72nd)
  • RW Joakim Kemell- Finland- 2022 first-round pick (17th)
  • RW Simon Knak- Switzerland- 2021 sixth-round pick (179th)

New Jersey Devils (2)

  • D Luke Hughes- United States- 2021 first-round pick (4th)
  • RW Petr Hauser- Czechia- 2022 fifth-round pick (141st)

New York Islanders (4)

  • D Matias Rajaniemi- Finland- 2020 sixth-round pick (183rd)
  • LW Eetu Liukas- Finland- 2021 fifth-round pick (157th)
  • RW William Dufour- Canada- 2020 fifth-round pick (152nd)
  • C Aatu Räty- Finland- 2021 second-round pick (52nd)

New York Rangers (7)

  • G Dylan Garand- Canada- 2020 fourth-round pick (103rd)
  • LW Brett Berard- United States- 2020 fifth-round pick (134th)
  • LW Will Cuylle- Canada- 2020 second-round pick (60th)
  • LW Brennan Othmann- Canada- 2021 first-round pick (16th)
  • RW Jaroslav Chmelar- Czechia- 2021 fifth-round pick (144th)
  • RW Kalle Väisänen- Finland- 2021 fourth-round pick (106th)
  • C/LW Adam Sýkora- Slovakia- 2022 second-round pick (63rd)
Brennan Othmann Flint Firebirds
Brennan Othmann of the Flint Firebirds (Terry Wilson / OHL Images)

Ottawa Senators (6) 

  • G Leevi Meriläinen- Finland- 2020 third-round pick (71st)
  • D Tomas Hamara- Czechia- 2022 third-round pick (87th)
  • D Tyler Kleven- United States- 2020 second-round pick (44th)
  • LW Roby Järventie- Finalnd- 2020 second-round pick (33rd)
  • LW Ridly Greig- Canada- 2020 first-round pick (28th)
  • LW Zach Ostapchuk- Canada- 2021 second-round pick (39th)

Philadelphia Flyers (4)

  • D Emil Andrae- Sweden- 2020 second-round pick (54th)
  • D Brian Zanetti- Switzerland- 2021 fourth-round pick (110th)
  • LW Elliot Desnoyers- Canada- 2020 fifth-round pick (135th)
  • C Tyson Foerster- Canada- 2020 first-round pick (23rd)

Pittsburgh Penguins (1)

  • G Calle Clang- Sweden- 2020 third-round pick (77th)

San Jose Sharks (1) 

  • C Thomas Bordeleau- United States- 2020 second-round pick (38th)

St. Louis Blues (1) 

  • D Leo Lööf- Sweden- 2020 third-round pick (88th)

Tampa Bay Lightning (2)

  • D Jack Thompson- Canada- 2020 third-round pick (93rd)
  • LW Klavs Veinbergs- Latvia- 2022 seventh-round pick (224th)

Toronto Maple Leafs (3)

  • D Topi Niemelä- Finland- 2020 third-round pick (64th)
  • C/LW Matthew Knies- United States- 2021 second-round pick (57th)
  • C Roni Hirvonen- Finland- 2020 second-round pick (59th)
Matthew Knies University of Minnesota
Matthew Knies, University of Minnesota (Image courtesy of University of Minnesota Athletics)

Vancouver Canucks (3)

  • D Joni Jurmo- Finland- 2020 third-round pick (82nd)
  • D Jacob Truscott- United States- 2020 fifth-round pick (144th)
  • RW Jonathan Lekkerimäki- Sweden- 2022 first-round pick (15th)

Vegas Golden Knights (4) 

  • G Carl Lindbom- Sweden- 2021 seventh-round pick (222nd)
  • D Lukas Cormier- Canada- 2020 third-round pick (68th)
  • C/W Jakub Demek- Slovakia- 2021 fourth-round pick (128th)
  • C Matyas Sapovaliv- Czechia- 2022 second-round pick (48th)

Washington Capitals (2)

  • LW Håkon Hänelt- Germany- 2021 fifth-round pick (151st)
  • C/RW Oskar Magnusson- Sweden- 2020 seventh-round pick (211th)

Winnipeg Jets (2)

  • C/RW C Brad Lambert- Finland- 2022 first-round pick (30th)
  • LW/RW Daniel Torgersson- Sweden- 2020 second-round pick (40th)
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