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Presidents’ Trophy

The Presidents’ Trophy (French: Trophée des présidents) is an award presented by the National Hockey League (NHL) to the team that finishes with the most points (i.e. best record) during the NHL regular season. If two teams are tied for the most points, then the Trophy goes to the team with the most regulation wins (RW). The Presidents’ Trophy has been awarded 35 times to 18 different teams since its inception during the 1985–86 NHL season.

As the team with the best regular-season record, the Presidents’ Trophy winner is normally guaranteed home-ice advantage throughout the entire Stanley Cup playoffs. However, it does not guarantee playoff success, as the winner of the Presidents’ Trophy has won the Stanley Cup only eight times. Three other teams reached the Stanley Cup Finals but failed to win. The most recent team to win both the Presidents’ Trophy and the Stanley Cup in the same season were the 2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks. The only team to accomplish this more than once is the Detroit Red Wings.

Bill Daly, Steven Stamkos
NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly shakes hands with Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos after presenting the team with the President’s Trophy. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Which Team Has Won the Most Presidents’ Trophies?

Since the trophy was first awarded in 1986 to the Edmonton Oilers, the Detroit Red Wings have accumulated the most wins with six.

Does Winning the Presidents’ Trophy Guarantee a Stanley Cup?

In short, no. There have been only eight teams in 35 seasons to win both the Presidents’ Trophy and Stanley Cup. The most recent was the Blackhawks in 2013.

Presidents’ Trophy Winners

YearWinnerPointsWin #Playoff Result
1985–86Edmonton Oilers1191Lost Division Finals (CGY)
1986–87Edmonton Oilers1062Won Stanley Cup
1987–88Calgary Flames1051Lost Division Finals (EDM)
1988–89Calgary Flames1172Won Stanley Cup
1989–90Boston Bruins1011Lost Stanley Cup Finals (EDM)
1990–91Chicago Blackhawks1061Lost Division Semifinals (MNS)
1991–92New York Rangers1051Lost Division Finals (PIT)
1992–93Pittsburgh Penguins1191Lost Division Finals (NYI)
1993–94New York Rangers1122Won Stanley Cup
1994–95Detroit Red Wings701Lost Stanley Cup Finals (NJD)
1995–96Detroit Red Wings1312Lost Conference Finals (COL)
1996–97Colorado Avalanche1071Lost Conference Finals (DET)
1997–98Dallas Stars1091Lost Conference Finals (DET)
1998–99Dallas Stars1142Won Stanley Cup
1999–2000St. Louis Blues1141Lost Conference Quarterfinals (SJS)
2000–01Colorado Avalanche1182Won Stanley Cup
2001–02Detroit Red Wings1163Won Stanley Cup
2002–03Ottawa Senators1131Lost Conference Finals (NJD)
2003–04Detroit Red Wings1094Lost Conference Semifinals (CGY)
2004–05Lockout – Not Awarded
2005–06Detroit Red Wings1245Lost Conference Quarterfinals (EDM)
2006–07Buffalo Sabres1131Lost Conference Finals (OTT)
2007–08Detroit Red Wings1156Won Stanley Cup
2008–09San Jose Sharks1171Lost Conference Quarterfinals (ANA)
2009–10Washington Capitals1211Lost Conference Quarterfinals (MTL)
2010–11Vancouver Canucks1171Lost Stanley Cup Finals (BOS)
2011–12Vancouver Canucks1112Lost Conference Quarterfinals (LAK)
2012–13Chicago Blackhawks772Won Stanley Cup
2013–14Boston Bruins1172Lost Second Round (MTL)
2014–15New York Rangers1133Lost Conference Finals (TBL)
2015–16Washington Capitals1202Lost Second Round (PIT)
2016–17Washington Capitals1183Lost Second Round (PIT)
2017–18Nashville Predators1171Lost Second Round (WPG)
2018–19Tampa Bay Lightning1281Lost First Round (CBJ)
2019–20Boston Bruins1003Lost Second Round (TBL)
2020–21Colorado Avalanche823Lost Second Round (VGK)
2021–22Florida Panthers1221Lost Second Round (TBL)
2022–23Boston Bruins1354Lost First Round (FLA)