Fisher’s 9th Annual NHL Mock Draft: 2020, Rounds 1-7

Finally, the 2020 NHL Draft is upon us. It has been an awfully long wait until October, which has meant an awful lot of mulling over my annual seven-round mock.

Much has changed since June, admittedly, but alas it is time to reveal the results and then hope for the best next week as the draft plays out on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Normally, I publish two separate mocks — one with my personal picks that I would make as GM for every team and one as more of a consensus based on feedback from the first. This year’s lone mock is a hybrid of sorts since I’ve already been fielding feedback on my final rankings 1.0 over the past four months.

I’ve since updated those rankings — with the 2.0 version publishing yesterday — and I stuck to my top 217 prospects for the purpose of this mock as per usual. I didn’t pick any prospects from my outside draft range — from the rest of my top 500. Had I made exceptions, more goaltenders would have gone in this mock. Probably more overagers as well and perhaps more high-schoolers or even more tier-II juniors (BCHL and OJHL in particular).

It should be noted that only 216 prospects will be drafted in 2020 — one less than normal because Arizona was forced to forfeit their second-round pick. Swedish defenceman Hugo Styf became the odd-man out from my top 217. Yes, Styf got stiffed in this mock — and, no, that was not intentional for the sake of that pun.

There are 1,259 total prospects on my radar for 2020 and the hope is that all 216 draft picks will appear on this big list. Last year, I had 209 of the 217 drafted prospects on my radar among 1,492 eligibles for 2019. That was a strong showing, with only eight of the drafted prospects eluding me, but there is always room for improvement.

Without further ado, I’ll turn it over to Jeff Gorton, Chris Drury and the New York Rangers with the first overall pick in my 2020 NHL Mock Draft. For analysis on these selections, be sure to check out the team results:

First Round

1) New York Rangers — Alexis Lafreniere (LW, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

2) Los Angeles Kings — Tim Stutzle (LC/LW, Germany, Adler Mannheim DEL)

3) Ottawa Senators (from San Jose) — Quinton Byfield (LC, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

4) Detroit Red Wings — Cole Perfetti (LC/LW, Canada, Saginaw OHL)

5) Ottawa Senators — Lucas Raymond (RW, Sweden, Frolunda SHL)

6) Anaheim Ducks — Jamie Drysdale (RD, Canada, Erie OHL)

7) New Jersey Devils — Marco Rossi (LC, Austria/Switzerland, Ottawa OHL)

8) Buffalo Sabres — Alexander Holtz (LW/RW, Sweden, Djurgardens SHL)

9) Minnesota Wild — Jake Sanderson (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

10) Winnipeg Jets — Braden Schneider (RD, Canada, Brandon WHL)

11) Nashville Predators — Kaiden Guhle (LD, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

12) Florida Panthers — Seth Jarvis (RW, Canada, Portland WHL)

13) Carolina Hurricanes (from Toronto) — Anton Lundell (LC, Finland, HIFK Liiga)

14) Edmonton Oilers — Yaroslav Askarov (G, Russia, SKA-Neva St. Petersburg VHL)

15) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Pittsburgh) — Ryan O’Rourke (LD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

16) Montreal Canadiens — Hendrix Lapierre (LC, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

17) Chicago Blackhawks — Dylan Holloway (LC, Canada, Wisconsin NCAA)

18) New Jersey Devils (from Arizona) — Jack Quinn (RW, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

19) Calgary Flames — Connor Zary (LC, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

20) New Jersey Devils (from Vancouver via Tampa Bay) — Noel Gunler (RW/LW, Sweden, Lulea SHL)

21) Columbus Blue Jackets — Helge Grans (RD, Sweden, Malmo J20)

22) New York Rangers (from Carolina) — Rodion Amirov (LW, Russia, Salavat Yulaev Ufa KHL)

23) Philadelphia Flyers — Tyson Foerster (RW, Canada, Barrie OHL)

24) Washington Capitals — Jacob Perreault (RW/RC, Canada/USA, Sarnia OHL)

25) Colorado Avalanche — Brendan Brisson (LC/LW, USA/Canada, Chicago USHL)

26) St. Louis Blues — John-Jason Peterka (LW, Germany, Munchen DEL/London OHL)

27) Anaheim Ducks (from Boston) — Dawson Mercer (RW, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

28) Ottawa Senators (from N.Y. Islanders) — Theodor Niederbach (RC, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

29) Vegas Golden Knights — Ridly Greig (LC/LW, Canada, Brandon WHL)

30) Dallas Stars — Joni Jurmo (LD, Finland, Jokerit U20)

31) San Jose Sharks (from Tampa Bay) — Lukas Reichel (LW/RW, Germany, Berlin DEL)

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Second Round

32) Detroit Red Wings — Thomas Bordeleau (LC, USA/Canada, NTDP U18)

33) Ottawa Senators — Jan Mysak (LW, Czech Republic, Hamilton OHL)

34) San Jose Sharks — Justin Barron (RD, Canada, Halifax QMJHL)

35) Los Angeles Kings — Kasper Simontaival (RW, Finland, Tappara Liiga/Otttawa OHL)

36) Anaheim Ducks — Mavrik Bourque (RC, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

37) Nashville Predators (from New Jersey) — William Wallinder (LD, Sweden, MODO J20)

38) Buffalo Sabres — Sam Colangelo (RW, USA, Chicago USHL)

39) Minnesota Wild — Marat Khusnutdinov (LC, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

40) Winnipeg Jets — Topi Niemela (RD, Finland, Karpat Liiga)

41) Carolina Hurricanes (from N.Y. Rangers) — Roni Hirvonen (LC, Finland, Assat Liiga)

42) Nashville Predators — Ozzy Wiesblatt (RW/RC, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

43) Florida Panthers — Jake Neighbours (LW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

44) Toronto Maple Leafs — Vasily Ponomarev (LC, Russia, Shawinigan QMJHL)

45) Detroit Red Wings (from Edmonton) — Daniil Gushchin (RW, Russia, Muskegon USHL/Niagara OHL)

46) Chicago Blackhawks (from Pittsburgh via Vegas) — Sean Farrell (RW/LC, USA, Chicago USHL)

47) Montreal Canadiens — Emil Andrae (LD, Sweden, HV71 J20)

48) Montreal Canadiens (from Chicago) — Zion Nybeck (RW, Sweden, HV71 J20)

49) Forfeited Pick (Arizona Coyotes)

50) Calgary Flames — Jeremie Poirier (LD, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

51) Los Angeles Kings (from Vancouver) — Lukas Cormier (LD, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL)

52) Ottawa Senators (from Columbus) — Daniel Torgersson (RW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

53) Carolina Hurricanes — Roby Jarventie (RW, Finland, Ilves Liiga)

54) Philadelphia Flyers — Martin Chromiak (LW, Slovakia, Kingston OHL)

55) Detroit Red Wings (from Washington) — Carter Savoie (LW, Canada, Sherwood Park AJHL)

56) San Jose Sharks (from Colorado via Washington) — Jaromir Pytlik (RC, Czech Republic, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

57) Montreal Canadiens (from St. Louis) — Shakir Mukhamadullin (LD, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

58) Boston Bruins — Brandon Coe (RW, Canada, North Bay OHL)

59) Ottawa Senators (from N.Y. Islanders) — Luke Evangelista (RW, Canada, London OHL)

60) Los Angeles Kings (from Vegas) — Nico Daws (G, Canada, Guelph OHL, overager)

61) Ottawa Senators (from Dallas) — Dylan Peterson (RC, USA/Canada, NTDP U18)

62) Tampa Bay Lightning — Alexander Pashin (RW, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

Third Round

63) Detroit Red Wings — Jack Finley (RC, Canada, Spokane WHL)

64) Ottawa Senators — Jean-Luc Foudy (RC, Canada, Windsor OHL)

65) Detroit Red Wings (from San Jose) — Drew Commesso (G, USA, NTDP U18)

66) Los Angeles Kings — Joel Blomqvist (G, Finland, Karpat U20)

67) Anaheim Ducks — Michael Benning (RD, Canada, Sherwood Park AJHL)

68) Vegas Golden Knights (from New Jersey) — Luke Tuch (LW, USA, NTDP U18)

69) Carolina Hurricanes (from Buffalo) — Veeti Miettinen (RW, Finland, Kiekko-Espoo U20)

70) Nashville Predators (from Minnesota) — Dylan Garand (G, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

71) Ottawa Senators (from Winnipeg) — Calle Clang (G, Sweden, Rogle J20)

72) New York Rangers — Emil Heineman (LW, Sweden, Leksands J20)

73) Nashville Predators — Daemon Hunt (LD, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL)

74) Florida Panthers — Tyler Kleven (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

75) Colorado Avalanche (from Toronto) — Ty Smilanic (LW/LC, USA, NTDP U18)

76) Edmonton Oilers — Egor Sokolov (RW, Russia, Cape Breton QMJHL, overager)

77) Pittsburgh Penguins — Justin Sourdif (RW, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

78) Montreal Canadiens — William Villeneuve (RD, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

79) Chicago Blackhawks — Evgeniy Oksentyuk (RW/LC, Belarus, Flint OHL, overager)

80) Washington Capitals (from Arizona via Colorado) — Yan Kuznetsov (LD, Russia, Connecticut NCAA)

81) Calgary Flames — Mitch Miller (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

82) Vancouver Canucks — Brock Faber (RD, USA, NTDP U18)

83) Los Angeles Kings (from Columbus via Ottawa and Toronto) — Will Cuylle (LW, Canada, Windsor OHL)

84) New Jersey Devils (from Carolina) — Alexander Nikishin (LD, Russia, Spartak Moskva KHL)

85) Tampa Bay Lightning (from Philadelphia via San Jose) — Tristen Robins (RC, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

86) St. Louis Blues (from Washington via Montreal) — Ty Tullio (RW/RC, Canada/USA, Oshawa OHL)

87) Florida Panthers (from Colorado) — Zayde Wisdom (RC, Canada, Kingston OHL)

88) St. Louis Blues — Evan Vierling (LC, Canada, Barrie OHL)

89) Boston Bruins — Anton Johannesson (LD, Sweden, HV71 J20)

90) New York Islanders — Eemil Viro (LD, Finland, TPS Liiga)

91) Vegas Golden Knights — Connor McClennon (RW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

92) New York Rangers (from Dallas) — Daniel Ljungman (LC, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

93) Tampa Bay Lightning — Dmitri Ovchinnikov (LW, Russia, Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk MHL)

Fourth Round

94) Tampa Bay Lightning (from Detroit) — Samuel Knazko (LD, Slovakia, TPS U20/Seattle WHL)

95) Ottawa Senators — Pavel Novak (RW, Czech Republic, Kelowna WHL)

96) Calgary Flames (from San Jose via Montreal and Buffalo) — Colby Ambrosio (RC, Canada, Tri-City USHL)

97) Los Angeles Kings — James Hardie (LW, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

98) Montreal Canadiens (from Anaheim) — Eamon Powell (RD, USA, NTDP U18)

99) New Jersey Devils — Amir Miftakhov (G, Russia, Bars Kazan VHL, overager)

100) Buffalo Sabres — Samuel Johannesson (RD, Sweden, Rogle SHL, overager)

101) Minnesota Wild — Alex Cotton (RD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL, overager)

102) Montreal Canadiens (from Winnipeg) — Wyatt Kaiser (LD, USA, Andover U.S. High School)

103) New York Rangers — Bogdan Trineyev (RW, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

104) Anaheim Ducks (from Nashville via Philadelphia) — William Dufour (RW, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

105) Florida Panthers — Cross Hanas (LW, USA/Canada, Portland WHL)

106) Toronto Maple Leafs — Jack Thompson (RD, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

107) Detroit Red Wings (from Edmonton) — Brett Berard (LW, USA, NTDP U18)

108) Pittsburgh Penguins — Blake Biondi (RC, USA, Hermantown U.S. High School)

109) Montreal Canadiens — Brady Burns (LC, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

110) Chicago Blackhawks — Artyom Galimov (LC, Russia, Ak Bars Kazan KHL, overager)

111) Arizona Coyotes — Antonio Stranges (LW/LC, USA, London OHL)

112) Los Angeles Kings (from Calgary) — Ruben Rafkin (RD, Finland, Windsor OHL)

113) Vancouver Canucks — Oskar Magnusson (LC/RW, Sweden, Malmo J20)

114) Columbus Blue Jackets — Lukas Svejkovsky (RW/RC, USA/Czech Republic, Medicine Hat WHL)

115) Carolina Hurricanes — Jan Bednar (G, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary Czech/Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

116) Philadelphia Flyers — Ronan Seeley (LD, Canada, Everett WHL)

117) Washington Capitals — Pavel Tyutnev (LC, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

118) Colorado Avalanche — Oliver Suni (RW, Finland, Oshawa OHL)

119) St. Louis Blues — Ethan Edwards (LD, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

120) New Jersey Devils (from Boston) — Oliver Tarnstrom (LC, Sweden, AIK J20)

121) New York Islanders — Landon Slaggert (RW/LC, USA, NTDP U18)

122) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Vegas) — Ian Moore (RD, USA, St. Mark’s U.S. High School/Chicago USHL)

123) Dallas Stars — Christoffer Sedoff (LD, Finland, Red Deer WHL)

124) Tampa Bay Lightning — Marko Stacha (LD, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin/Vancouver WHL)

Fifth Round

125) Detroit Red Wings — Dmitri Zlodeyev (LC/LW, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

126) San Jose Sharks (from Ottawa) — Nick Malik (G, Czech Republic, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

127) San Jose Sharks — Adam Raska (LW, Czech Republic, Rimouski QMJHL)

128) Los Angeles Kings — Carson Bantle (LW, USA, Madison USHL)

129) Anaheim Ducks — Thimo Nickl (RD, Austria, Drummondville QMJHL)

130) New Jersey Devils — Jacob Truscott (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

131) Buffalo Sabres — Victor Mancini (RD, USA, Frolunda J20)

132) Minnesota Wild — Ryder Rolston (RW, USA, Waterloo USHL)

133) Winnipeg Jets — Kasper Puutio (RD, Finland, Everett WHL)

134) New York Rangers — Alex Laferriere (RW, USA, Des Moines USHL)

135) Nashville Predators — Isaak Phillips (LD, Canada/Jamaica, Sudbury OHL)

136) Montreal Canadiens (from Florida) — Theo Rochette (LC, Canada/Switzerland, Quebec QMJHL)

137) Florida Panthers (from Toronto) — Luke Prokop (RD, Canada, Calgary WHL)

138) Edmonton Oilers — Pavel Gogolev (LW, Russia, Guelph OHL, overager)

139) Pittsburgh Penguins — Ryan Francis (RC/RW, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

140) Carolina Hurricanes (from Montreal) — Juuso Maenpaa (LC, Finland, Jokerit U20)

141) Chicago Blackhawks — Luke Reid (RD, USA/Canada, Chicago USHL)

142) Arizona Coyotes — Leo Loof (LD, Sweden, Farjestad J20)

143) Calgary Flames — Noah Ellis (RD, USA, Des Moines USHL)

144) Vancouver Canucks — Elliot Ekmark (LC, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

145) Columbus Blue Jackets — Maxim Groshev (RW, Russia, Reaktor Nizhnekamsk MHL)

146) St. Louis Blues (from Carolina) — Jacob Dion (LD, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

147) Philadelphia Flyers — Ethan Cardwell (RC, Canada/USA, Barrie OHL)

148) Washington Capitals — Sergei Safin-Tregubov (LD, Russia/Portugal, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

149) Colorado Avalanche — Xavier Simoneau (LW/LC, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL, overager)

150) St. Louis Blues — Lleyton Moore (LD, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

151) Boston Bruins — Trevor Kuntar (LW/LC, USA, Youngstown USHL, overager)

152) New York Islanders — Parker Ford (RC, USA, Providence College NCAA, overager)

153) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Vegas) — Gunnarwolfe Fontaine (LW, USA, Chicago USHL, overager)

154) Dallas Stars — Kristian Tanus (LC/LW, Finland, Jukurit Liiga, overager)

155) Ottawa Senators (from Tampa Bay) — Charlie Desroches (RD, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

Sixth Round

156) Detroit Red Wings — Joe Miller (RW, USA, Blake U.S. High School/Chicago USHL)

157) Tampa Bay Lightning (from Ottawa) — Samuel Hlavaj (G, Slovakia, Sherbrooke QMJHL, overager)

158) Ottawa Senators (from San Jose) — Michael Krutil (RD, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U20/Kelowna WHL)

159) Los Angeles Kings — Donovan Sebrango (LD, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

160) Anaheim Ducks — Axel Rindell (RD, Finland, Jukurit Liiga, overager)

161) New Jersey Devils — Senna Peeters (RW/LW, Belgium, Halifax QMJHL)

162) Dallas Stars (from Buffalo via Carolina and Florida) — Joonas Oden (LW/RW, Finland/USA, KooKoo Liiga, overager)

163) Minnesota Wild — Vsevolod Skotnikov (G, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

164) Winnipeg Jets — Landon Kosior (RD, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

165) New York Rangers — Karel Klikorka (LD, Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav Czech)

166) Nashville Predators — Hayden Fowler (RW, Canada, Erie/Oshawa OHL)

167) Colorado Avalanche (from Florida) — Mark Hillier (LC, Canada, St. Andrew’s College High School)

168) Toronto Maple Leafs — Rory Kerins (LC, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

169) Edmonton Oilers — Oliver Okuliar (LW, Slovakia, Lethbridge WHL, overager)

170) Pittsburgh Penguins — Artem Shlaine (LC, USA/Russia, Shattuck St. Mary’s U.S. High School)

171) Montreal Canadiens — Mikael Pyyhtia (LC, Finland, TPS U20)

172) Chicago Blackhawks — Dmitri Sheshin (RW, Russia, Magnitogorsk MHL, overager)

173) Arizona Coyotes — Benjamin Baumgartner (LC, Austria, Davos NLA, overager)

174) Calgary Flames — Matej Kaslik (LC, Slovakia, Malmo J20/Chicoutimi QMJHL)

175) Vancouver Canucks — Gage Goncalves (LC, Canada, Everett WHL, overager)

176) Columbus Blue Jackets — Maxim Beryozkin (LW/RW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

177) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Carolina) — Mathieu De St. Phalle (RW, USA, Chicago USHL, overager)

178) Philadelphia Flyers — Logan Morrison (RC, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

179) Washington Capitals — Ivan Didkovsky (LW, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

180) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Colorado) — Billy Constantinou (RD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL, overager)

181) Ottawa Senators (from St. Louis via Edmonton) — Simon Kubicek (RD, Czech Republic, Seattle WHL)

182) Boston Bruins — Marek Blaha (RD, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U19/TUTO)

183) New York Islanders — Jack Smith (LC, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

184) Vegas Golden Knights — Lucas Mercuri (RC, Canada, Salisbury U.S. High School)

185) Dallas Stars — Isak Garfve (RC/LW, Sweden, Mora J20)

186) Tampa Bay Lightning — Declan Carlile (LD, USA/Canada, Merrimack College NCAA, overager)

Seventh Round

187) Detroit Red Wings — Alex Gaffney (LC, USA, Muskegon USHL)

188) Montreal Canadiens (from Ottawa) — Jake Ratzlaff (RD, USA, Rosemount U.S. High School)

189) Toronto Maple Leafs (from San Jose) — Aidan Campbell (G, USA/Canada, Erie OHL)

190) Los Angeles Kings — Lucas Ramberg (LD, Sweden, Lulea SHL)

191) Vancouver Canucks (from Anaheim) — Ben Meehan (LD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL, overager)

192) New Jersey Devils — Ilya Solovyov (LD, Belarus, Saginaw OHL, overager)

193) Buffalo Sabres — Matias Rajaniemi (LD, Finland, Pelicans Liiga)

194) Minnesota Wild — Grant Slukynsky (LC, USA/Canada, Warroad U.S. High School)

195) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Winnipeg via Minnesota) — Iaroslav Likhachev (RW, Russia, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL, overager)

196) New York Rangers — Stanislav Rangayev (LW/RW, Russia, Ladia Togliatti MHL)

197) New York Rangers (from Nashville) — Artur Akhtyamov (G, Russia, Irbis Kazan MHL)

198) Florida Panthers — Daniel Baker (LD, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL, overager)

199) Carolina Hurricanes (from Toronto) — Kyle Crnkovic (LW, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

200) Edmonton Oilers — Tomas Chlubna (RW, Czech Republic, Dukla Jihlava Czech2/Red Deer WHL)

201) San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh) — Maxim Musorov (RW/LW, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL, overager)

202) Philadelphia Flyers (from Montreal) — Valentin Demchenko (RW, Belarus, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

203) St. Louis Blues (from Chicago via Montreal) — Devon Levi (G, Canada, Carleton Place CCHL)

204) Arizona Coyotes — Simon Knak (RW, Switzerland, Portland WHL)

205) Calgary Flames — Josh Lawrence (RC, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

206) New York Rangers (from Vancouver) — Vojtech Strondala (LC, Czech Republic, Stadion Litomerice Czech2, overager)

207) Columbus Blue Jackets — Adam Wilsby (LD, Sweden, Sodertalje Allsvenskan, overager)

208) Carolina Hurricanes — Cole Shepard (LW/LC, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

209) Philadelphia Flyers — Raivis Ansons (LW, Latvia, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

210) San Jose Sharks (from Washington) — Nikolai Mayorov (LW, Russia, Cedar Rapids USHL, overager)

211) Colorado Avalanche — Patrick Guay (LW/LC, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

212) Toronto Maple Leafs (from St. Louis) — Mike Vorlicky (RD, USA, Wisconsin NCAA, overager)

213) Boston Bruins — Michal Gut (LC, Czech Republic, Everett WHL)

214) New York Islanders — Yegor Chinakhov (RW, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL, overager)

215) Vegas Golden Knights — Ben Schoen (RC/RW, USA, Youngstown USHL)

216) Buffalo Sabres (from Dallas) — Ville Ottavainen (RD, Finland, Kitchener OHL)

217) Tampa Bay Lightning — Zach Uens (LD, Canada, Merrimack College NCAA, overager)

Honourable Mentions

218) Victor Ostman (G, Sweden, Chicago USHL, overager)

219) Jakub Dobes (G, Czech Republic, Omaha USHL, overager)

220) Artyom Zhuk (LW, Belarus, St. Petersburg MHL, overager)

221) Daniil Gutik (LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL, overager)

222) Dmitri Rashevsky (LW/RW, Russia, Dynamo St. Petersburg MHL, overager)

223) Alexei Tsyplakov (LW, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL, overager)

224) Alexander Gordin (RW/LW, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL, overager)

225) Vladimir Mashkov (RW, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL)

226) Egor Smirnov (RD, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

227) Axel Kumlin (RD, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

228) Jackson Kunz (LW, USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s U.S. High School)

229) Winter Wallace (LW, USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s U.S. High School)

230) Riley Duran (RC, USA, Lawrence Academy U.S. High School)

231) Alex Jefferies (RW, USA, The Gunnery U.S. High School)

232) Veeti Korkalainen (RW, Finland, KooKoo U20)

233) Florian Elias (LW, Germany, Mannheim U20)

234) Maximilian Glotzl (LD, Germany, Kolner Haie DEL)

235) Mans Forsfjall (LD, Sweden, Skelleftea J20)

236) Pontus Johansson (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

237) Viktor Persson (RD, Sweden, Brynas J20/Kamloops WHL)

238) Karri Aho (LD, Finland, Ilves U20)

239) Sergei Kuznetsov (LW, Belarus, Team Belarus U20/Chicoutimi QMJHL)

240) Danila Palivko (LD, Belarus, Lethbridge WHL)

241) Luke Toporowski (LW, USA, Spokane WHL, overager)

242) Alex Young (RC, Canada, Canmore AJHL, overager)

243) Danny Weight (LC/LW, USA, Penticton BCHL, overager)

244) Ethan Bowen (LC, Canada, Chilliwack BCHL)

245) Wyatt Schingoethe (LC, USA, Waterloo USHL)

246) Chase Yoder (LW/LC, USA, NTDP U18)

247) Josh Pillar (RC/RW, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

248) Ben King (RC/RW, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

249) Owen Pederson (LW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

250) Robbie Fromm-Delorme (RW, Canada, Portland WHL)

251) Taylor Gauthier (G, Canada, Prince George WHL, overager)

252) Garin Bjorklund (G, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

253) Brock Gould (G, USA, Moose Jaw WHL)

254) Alexis Gravel (G, Canada/Germany, Halifax QMJHL, re-entry)

255) Charles Beaudoin (RW, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

256) Elliot Desnoyers (LW, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

257) Jake Uberti (RC, Canada, Niagara OHL)

258) Reid Valade (RW, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

259) Tanner Dickinson (LC, USA, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

260) Robert Calisti (LD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL, overager)

261) Nico Gross (LD, Switzerland, Oshawa OHL, re-entry)

262) Giovanni Vallati (LD, Canada, Oshawa OHL, re-entry)

263) Allan McShane (LC, Canada, Oshawa OHL, re-entry)

264) David Aebischer (RD, Switzerland, Gatineau QMJHL, overager)

265) Miguel Tourigny (RD, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

266) Gerard Keane (RD, USA, London OHL)

267) Mitchell Smith (LD, USA, Saginaw OHL)

268) Alec Belanger (LD, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

269) Will Cranley (G, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

270) Maxim Krovyakov (RC, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

271) Anton Kosolapov (RW, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

272) Jakub Kolenic (RW, Slovakia, Zvolen)

273) Hank Kempf (LD, USA, Muskegon USHL)

274) Jimmy Dowd Jr. (RD, USA, Chicago USHL, overager)

275) David Ma (LD, USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s U.S. High School)

276) Jake Boltmann (RD, USA, Edina U.S. High School)

277) Kabore Dunn (RD, Canada/Ghana, Fort McMurray AJHL)

278) Jeremie Biakabutuka (RD, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

279) Ryan Kirwan (LW, USA, Madison USHL)

280) Adam Klapka (RW, Czech Republic, Tri-City USHL, overager)

281) Adam Liska (LW, Slovakia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL, overager)

282) Kristof Papp (LC, Hungary, Des Moines USHL, overager)

283) Michael Gildon (LW, USA, Ohio State NCAA, overager)

284) Sam Stange (RW, USA, Sioux City USHL, overager)

285) Lynden Breen (LC, Canada, Fargo USHL, overager)

286) Stephen Halliday (LW, Canada/USA, Dubuque USHL)

287) Cameron Berg (LW, USA, Muskegon USHL)

288) Ryan Alexander (LC, Canada, St. Michael’s OJHL)

289) Ryan Tverberg (RC, Canada/USA, Toronto Jr. Canadiens OJHL)

290) Matteo Costantini (LC, Canada, Buffalo Jr. Sabres OJHL)

291) Carsen Richels (LW, USA, Blaine U.S. High School)

292) Blake Perbix (RW, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

293) Jackson Hallum (LW, USA, St. Thomas Academy U.S. High School)

294) Cole Hansen (RW, USA, Blaine U.S. High School)

295) Aidan Thompson (LC/LW, USA, Berkshire U.S. High School)

296) Matt Gleason (LC, USA, Cretin-Derham Hall U.S. High School)

297) Mason Langenbrunner (RD, USA, Eden Prairie U.S. High School)

298) Nate Schweitzer (RD, USA, Benilde-St. Margaret’s U.S. High School)

299) Danil Alalykin (LW, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL, overager)

300) Danil Aimurzin (RC, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

301) Pavel Yelizarov (LD, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL, overager)

302) Nikita Yefremov (LD, Russia, Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk MHL)

303) Danila Galenyuk (LD, Russia, St. Petersburg KHL, overager)

304) Ilya Morozov (LD, Russia, Sibir Novosibirsk KHL, overager)

305) Ilya Mironov (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL, overager)

306) Daniil Pylenkov (LD, Russia, Vityaz Podolsk KHL, overager)

307) Albin Sundsvik (LC, Sweden, Skelleftea SHL, overager)

308) Nils Aman (LC, Sweden, Leksands J20, overager)

309) Eric Engstrand (LW/RW, Sweden, Malmo J20, overager)

310) Alex Brannstam (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20, overager)

311) Theo Nordlund (LD, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

312) Albin Thyni Johansson (LD, Sweden, Lulea J20)

313) William Hallen (LC/LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

314) Mateusz Szurowski (RC/RW, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

315) Tomi Niku (LD, Finland, JYP U20)

316) Aleks Haatanen (LW/RW, Finland, Pelicans Mestis, overager)

317) Lassi Lehtinen (G, Finland, Lukko Liiga, overager)

318) Juho Markkanen (G, Finland, SaiPa U20)

319) Louis Crevier (RD, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL, overager)

320) Justin Bergeron (LD, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL, overager)

321) Christopher Merisier-Ortiz (LD, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL, overager)

322) Robert Dzugan (LW/LC, Slovakia, Cedar Rapids USHL, overager)

323) David Mudrak (RD, Slovakia, TPS U20/Oshawa OHL, overager)

324) Oliver Fatul (LD, Slovakia, Zvolen/Swift Current WHL)

325) Joona Lehmus (LD, Finland, Saint John QMJHL)

326) Noah Delemont (LD, Switzerland, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL/Owen Sound OHL)

327) Ivan Ivan (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Cape Breton QMJHL)

328) Jakub Konecny (LC, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U20)

329) Josef Kolacek (RW, Czech Republic, Pirati Chomutov Czech2/TUTO)

330) Petr Hasek (LW, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U20)

331) Maxim Nevolin (RW, Russia, Almaz Cherepovets MHL)

332) Kirill Kondyrev (LC, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

333) Nikolai Smirnov (RW, Russia, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

334) Ilya Rychkov (RW, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

335) Andrei Gusev (RD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

336) Yegor Guskov (G, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

337) Ilya Usau (LC, Belarus/USA, Prince Albert WHL, overager)

338) Bear Hughes (RC, USA, Spokane WHL, overager)

339) Carter Souch (LW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

340) Logan Dowhaniuk (LD, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

341) Benjamin Zloty (LD, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

342) Ryker Evans (LD, Canada, Regina WHL)

343) Ryan Helliwell (LD, Canada, Langley BCHL)

344) Conner Hutchison (LD, USA, Penticton BCHL, overager)

345) Joel Maatta (LC, Finland, Sioux City USHL)

346) Josh Doan (RC/RW, USA/Canada, Chicago USHL)

347) Dylan Jackson (RW, Canada, Dubuque USHL, overager)

348) Ty Jackson (LC, Canada, Dubuque USHL, overager)

349) Garrett Pinoniemi (LC, USA, Sioux Falls USHL, overager)

350) Jacob Flynn (RD, USA, University of Connecticut NCAA, overager)

351) Ryan Siedem (RD, USA, Harvard NCAA, overager)

352) Jeremie Bucheler (RD, Canada, Northeastern NCAA, overager)

353) Justin Lee (LD, Canada, Denver NCAA, overager)

354) Brady Meyer (LD/LC, USA, Minnesota-Duluth NCAA, overager)

355) Thomas Schweighardt (RD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL, overager)

356) Iivari Rasanen (LD, Finland, Muskegon USHL, overager)

357) Albert Lyckasen (RD, Sweden, Linkoping J20, overager)

358) Ludvig Hedstrom (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20, overager)

359) Oscar Tellstrom (LW, Sweden, Vannas Division 1)

360) Alexander Ljungkrantz (LW, Sweden, Brynas J20)

361) Oscar Lawner (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20, overager)

362) Petteri Puhakka (LW, Finland, Karpat U20, overager)

363) Aleksi Matinmikko (RD, Finland, Assat Liiga, overager)

364) Otto Latvala (RD, Finland, HPK Liiga, overager)

365) Mason Lohrei (LD, USA, Green Bay USHL, overager)

366) Jordan Power (LD, Canada, Lincoln USHL, overager)

367) Christian Jimenez (LD, USA, Sioux City USHL)

368) Logan Stein (G, USA, Waterloo USHL, overager)

369) Cameron Rowe (G, USA, Des Moines USHL, overager)

370) Oleg Boiko (LC/LW, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL, overager)

371) Jan Sir (LC, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2, overager)

372) Jakub Rychlovsky (LW, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2, overager)

373) Ilya Ovchinnikov (LW/RW, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

374) Grigori Ponkratov (RW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

375) Semyon Demidov (LW, Russia, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

376) Daniil Zaitsev (LD, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

377) Simon Gnyp (LD, Germany, Kolner Haie DEL, overager)

378) Max Golod (LW, Canada, Erie OHL, overager)

379) Chad Yetman (RW, Canada, Erie OHL, overager)

380) Brett Brochu (G, Canada, London OHL)

381) Tucker Tynan (G, USA, Niagara OHL)

382) Antoine Coulombe (G, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

383) Fabio Iacobo (G, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

384) Creed Jones (G, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL, overager)

385) Cole McLaren (G, Canada, Halifax QMJHL, overager)

386) Hugo Ollas (G, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

387) Samuel Eriksson (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20)

388) Calle Spaberg Olsen (LW, Norway, Rogle J20)

389) Stefano Bottini (LW/RW, Switzerland/Canada, Lugano U20)

390) Jay Huisman (LW, Netherlands, Zoetermeer Panters BeNeLiga)

391) Xavier Parent (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL, overager)

392) Tag Bertuzzi (LW, Canada, Hamilton OHL, overager)

393) Louka Henault (LD, Canada, Windsor OHL, overager)

394) Riley McCourt (LD, Canada, Flint OHL, overager)

395) Spencer Kersten (RW, Canada, Princeton NCAA, overager)

396) Matt Verboon (RW/LC, Switzerland/Canada, Colgate NCAA, overager)

397) Tarun Fizer (RW, Canada, Victoria WHL, overager)

398) Logan Barlage (RC/RW, Canada, Lethbridge WHL, overager)

399) Tristen Nielsen (LW/LC, Canada, Vancouver WHL, overager)

400) Josh Williams (RW, Canada, Edmonton WHL, overager)

401) Ben McCartney (LW, Canada, Brandon WHL, overager)

402) Cole Fonstad (LW/LC, Canada, Everett WHL, re-entry)

403) Eli Zummack (RW/RC, Canada, Spokane WHL, overager)

404) Jaydon Dureau (LW, Canada, Portland WHL, overager)

405) Jonas Brondberg (LD, Denmark, Portland WHL, overager)

406) Oleg Zaitsev (LC, Russia, Dynamo Tver VHL, overager)

407) Nikita Rtischev (RW, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL, overager)

408) Valeri Orekhov (LD, Kazakhstan, Barys Nur-Sultan KHL, overager)

409) Yannick Bruschweiler (LW, Switzerland, Zurich Lions NLA, overager)

410) Linus Oberg (RW/RC, Sweden, Orebro SHL, overager)

411) Noah Grannan (G, USA, NTDP U18)

412) Jack Williams (RW, USA, Muskegon USHL)

413) Matt Choupani (RC, Canada, Des Moines USHL)

414) Cole Cormier (LC, Canada, Quebec QMJHL)

415) Alexandre Doucet (LC, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

416) Cameron Butler (RW, Canada, Peterborough OHL)

417) Cameron Tolnai (LC, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

418) Declan McDonnell (RW/RC, USA, Kitchener OHL)

419) Riley Piercey (RW, Canada, Flint OHL)

420) Eric Uba (RW, Canada, Guelph OHL, overager)

421) Vitali Pinchuk (LC, Belarus, Kingston OHL)

422) Sergei Popov (LW, Canada/Russia, Owen Sound OHL, overager)

423) Kirill Steklov (LD, Russia/Estonia, London OHL)

424) Ole Bjorgvik Holm (LD, Norway, Mississauga OHL)

425) Justin Nolet (LD, Canada, Sarnia OHL, overager)

426) Tucker McIntosh (LD, Canada, Ottawa Jr. Senators CCHL, overager)

427) Seth Bernard-Docker (RD, Canada, Okotoks AJHL)

428) Brayden Krieger (LW/LC, Canada, Brooks AJHL, overager)

429) Cody Monds (RW, Canada, Victoria BCHL, overager)

430) Talon Zakall (RD, Canada, Merritt BCHL)

431) Rhett Rhinehart (RD, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

432) Tyrel Bauer (RD, Canada, Seattle WHL)

433) Casper Gillberg (RD, Sweden, Malmo J20)

434) Simon Andersson (LC, Sweden, MODO J20)

435) Erik Noren (LD, Sweden, Orebro J20)

436) Luka Nyman (LD, Finland, RB Hockey Akademie Czech U19)

437) Martin Lang (LW, Czech Republic, Moose Jaw WHL, overager)

438) Vladimir Alistrov (LW, Belarus, Edmonton WHL, overager)

439) Jonathan Brinkman (LW, Denmark, Medicine Hat WHL, overager)

440) Phillip Schultz (LC/LW, Denmark, Victoria WHL, overager)

441) Brett Budgell (LC, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL, overager)

442) Brooklyn Kalmikov (LW, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL, overager)

443) Felix Lafrance (LW, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL, overager)

444) Dawson Stairs (LW/RW, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

445) Pier-Olivier Roy (LW, Canada, Gatineau QMJHL)

446) Payton Mount (RW, Canada, Seattle WHL)

447) Matthew Rempe (RC, Canada, Seattle WHL)

448) Keanu Derungs (LW, Switzerland, Victoria WHL)

449) Tobias Handl (LW, Czech Republic, Olomouc Czech)

450) Lukas Stehlik (LC, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

451) Samuel Krajc (RW/LW, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin)

452) Eemil Erholtz (RW/LW, Finland, Sport Liiga, overager)

453) Jami Krannila (LC, Finland, St. Cloud State NCAA, overager)

454) Elis Hede (LC, Finland, Chicago USHL, overager)

455) Timo Bakos (LC, Germany, Sioux Falls USHL, overager)

456) Raimonds Vitolins (F, Latvia, Sioux Falls USHL)

457) Cy LeClerc (LC/LW, USA, Islanders Hockey Club U.S. High School)

458) Colin Purcell (G, USA, Youngstown USHL)

459) Grant Riley (G, USA, Janesville NAHL)

460) Owen Parker (G, USA, Nichols U.S. High School)

461) Lassi Lehti (G, Finland, St. Andrew’s College High School)

462) Hudson Hodges (G, USA, Moorhead U.S. High School)

463) Luke Gramer (LD, USA, Moorhead U.S. High School)

464) Jimmy Mettler (LD, USA, Harvey Prep U.S. High School, overager)

465) Reid Bogenholm (LD, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

466) Aidan De La Gorgendiere (LD, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

467) Eric Van Impe (RD, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

468) Roman Basran (G, Canada, Kelowna WHL, overager)

469) Bryan Thomson (G, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

470) Brayden Peters (G, Canada, Calgary WHL)

471) Tye Austin (G, Canada, Peterborough OHL)

472) Zachary Paputsakis (G, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

473) Mack Guzda (G, USA/Canada, Owen Sound OHL, overager)

474) Kari Piiroinen (G, Finland, Windsor OHL, overager)

475) Jere Huhtamaa (G, Finland, Merrimack College NCAA, overager)

476) Jesper Vikman (G, Sweden/Finland, AIK J20)

477) Isak Posch (G, Sweden, Leksands J20)

478) Stepan Steshenko (RW/LW, Russia, Ladia Togliatti MHL)

479) Nikita Shuidin (RW, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

480) Ignat Kokhanin (RW/LW, Russia, Dynamo St. Petersburg MHL)

481) Amir Garayev (LW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL, overager)

482) Stas Petrosyan (RW, Russia, Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk MHL, overager)

483) Ilya Safonov (LC, Russia, Bars Kazan VHL, overager)

484) Denis Pochivalov (RC, Russia, Torpedo-Gorky VHL, overager)

485) Maxim Marushev (RC, Russia, Bars Kazan VHL, overager)

486) Yegor Chizhikov (RW/LW, Russia, Almaz Cherepovets MHL, overager)

487) Vladimir Sartakov (G, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL, overager)

488) Mark Woolley (LD, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

489) Jake Murray (LD, Canada, Kingston OHL)

490) Cade McNelly (LD, Canada, Seattle WHL)

491) Chad Nychuk (LD, Canada, Brandon WHL, overager)

492) Orrin Centazzo (LW/LC, Canada, Kamloops WHL, overager)

493) Ryan Chyzowski (LW, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL, overager)

494) David Kope (RW, Canada, Edmonton/Kelowna WHL, overager)

495) Holden Katzalay (RC, Canada, Vancouver WHL, overager)

496) Michael Horon (LW, Canada, Prince Albert WHL, overager)

497) Noah Boyko (RC, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

498) Jakob Brook (RW/LW, Canada, Regina WHL)

499) Kyrell Sopotyk (LW, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

500) Luke Mylymok (LW/LC, USA/Canada, Salmon Arm BCHL)

On My Radar (759)

NOTE: Listed alphabetically by position, several of these prospects came onto my radar by combing through three invaluable draft resources — Colin Cudmore’s consolidated rankings, NHL Central Scouting’s final rankings, and Steve Kournianos’ final Top 300.

Re-Entries (11 — 6 F, 4 D, 1 G)

NOTE: These previously drafted prospects were not signed by the June 1 deadline and will re-enter the 2020 NHL Draft as overagers. They are listed alphabetically by position.

Curtis Douglas (LC, Canada, Windsor OHL, re-entry)

Eric Florchuk (LC/LW, Canada, Vancouver WHL, re-entry)

Luke Henman (LC, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL, re-entry)

Mitch Hoelscher (LC, Canada, Ottawa OHL, re-entry)

Samuel Houde (LC, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL, re-entry)

Riley Stotts (LC, Canada, Calgary WHL, re-entry)

Xavier Bernard (LD, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL, re-entry)

Xavier Bouchard (RD, Canada, Cape Breton/Rouyn-Noranda QMJHL, re-entry)

Dennis Busby (RD, Canada, Flint OHL, re-entry)

Alex Kannok-Leipert (RD, Canada, Vancouver WHL, re-entry)

Jordan Kooy (G, Canada, Oshawa OHL, re-entry)

First-Time Eligibles (460)

Forwards (292)

Juuso Aaltonen (RW, Finland, Assat U20)

Jerry Abraham (LW, USA, Hotchkiss U.S. High School)

Alexander Agapov (F, Russia, Dizel Penza VHL)

Timur Akhunov (LC, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Mason Alderson (LC, England, Berwick Academy U.S. High School)

Stanislav Alexandrov (RC/RW, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

Vyacheslav Alexeyev (LC, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

Dario Allenspach (LC, Switzerland, Zug U20)

Ben Allison (LW, Canada, Gatineau QMJHL)

Logan Anderson (LC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Noah Andersson (LC/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20)

Daniil Avershin (LW, Russia, Spartak Moskva MHL)

Jacob Badal (LW, USA, Powell River BCHL)

Andrei Bakanov (LW, Russia, Guelph OHL)

Matvei Bannikov (LC/RW, Russia, Loko-Yunior Yaroslavl NMHL)

Denis Baranov (LW, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Filip Barklund (LC/LW, Sweden, Orebro J20)

Jeremie Bartschi (RW, Switzerland, Biel-Bienne NLA)

Ryan Beck (LC, USA/Canada, Dubuque USHL)

Alexis Belisle (RW, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

Jackson Berezowski (RW, Canada, Everett WHL)

Dominik Binias (RW, Czech Republic, Gotteron U20)

Stepan Borisov (LW, Russia, SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova MHL)

Nikita Borodayenko (LC, Russia, Spartak Moskva MHL)

Jordan Borysiuk (RC, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Jakub Borzecki (RW, Germany/Poland, RB Hockey Akademie Czech U19)

Chase Bradley (LC, USA/Canada, Omaha USHL)

Barrett Brooks (RW, USA, Austin NAHL)

Finn Brown (LW, Canada, St. Michael’s OJHL)

Sebastian Bulovs (LW, Canada, Saginaw OHL)

Maxim Bykov (LW/RC, Russia, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Nick Cafarelli (RC/RW, USA, Wenatchee BCHL)

Mike Cameron (LC, USA, Omaha USHL)

Seamus Campbell (RW, USA, St. Louis Jr. Blues NA3HL)

Nick Capone (RC/RW, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Frankie Carogioiello (LC, Canada/USA, St. Andrew’s College High School)

Kadyn Chabot (LC/RW, Canada, Drayton Valley AJHL)

Jan Cikhart (LW, Czech Republic, Tri-City WHL)

Anthony Cipollone (LW, USA, The Loomis Chaffee U.S. High School)

Michael Citara (RW, USA, Mount St. Charles U.S. High School)

Aidan Cobb (LC, USA, Kent U.S. High School)

Elias Cohen (RC, Canada, Erie OHL)

Ty Collins (RW, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Stanley Cooley (RC, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

Yanic Crete (LC/LW, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

Tyler Cristall (F, Canada, West Kelowna BCHL)

Victor Czerneckianair (LC, USA, Mount St. Charles U.S. High School)

Noah Danielson (RW/RC, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

Philippe Daoust (LW, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

Justin Dauphinais (LC, Canada, Rockland CCHL)

Alexandre David (RC, Canada, Campbellton MJAHL)

Matthew DeBoer (RW, USA/Canada, Salisbury U.S. High School)

Vladislav Demidovich (F, Belarus, Team Belarus U18/Swift Current WHL)

Brandon Dent (LW, Canada, West Kelowna BCHL)

Nick DeSantis (RC, USA, Sioux Falls USHL)

Jonah De Simone (RW, Canada, Niagara OHL)

Paul Dore (LW, Canada, Kimball Union Academy U.S. High School)

Dane Dowiak (LC/LW, USA, Kent U.S. High School)

James Doyle (RW, USA, Minnesota Magicians NAHL)

Kienan Draper (RW, Canada/USA, St. Andrew’s College High School)

Luke Drewitt (LW, Canada, Kingston OHL)

Alex Drover (RC, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

Alexis Dube (LC, Canada, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

Samuel Dube (LC, Germany/Canada, Halifax QMJHL)

Nikolai Dulak (LC, USA, Mahtomedi U.S. High School)

Jake Dunlap (LC, USA, Janesville NAHL)

Daniyal Dzhaniyev (LW, USA, NTDP U18)

Josef Eham (LW, Germany, RB Hockey Academy)

Gabriel Eklund (LC/RW, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

Juraj Elias (LC/LW, Slovakia, Kosice U20)

Charlie Erickson (LW, USA, Duluth East U.S. High School)

Ethan Ernst (RW, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

Mark Estapa (LW, USA, Tri-City USHL)

John Evans (RW, Canada, West Kelowna BCHL)

Roman Faith (LW, Slovakia, Sport U20)

Alexander Farmer (LC, Canada/USA, New Jersey Rockets U.S. High School)

Riley Fiddler-Schultz (LC/LW, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Xavier Fortin (LW, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL)

Owen Fowler (LW, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Ryan Gagnier (LC, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

Cole Galata (F, Canada, St. Andrew’s College High School)

Graham Gamache (F, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

Nico Geidl (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Ocelari Trinec U20)

Brendan Gibbons (RC, USA, Boston Little Bruins U18)

Alexis Giguere (RW, Canada, Andre-Laurendeau QCHL)

Jaden Grant (LC/LW, USA, Chippewa NAHL)

Patrick Guzzo (LC/LW, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Noah Hackett (F, Canada, Olds AJHL)

Colin Hagstrom (RW, USA, Mahtomedi U.S. High School)

Nate Hanley (RC, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Mathias Borring Hansen (RW/LW, Denmark, SonderjyskE)

McKay Hayes (LC, Canada, Milton OJHL)

Tabor Heaslip (LC, USA, Neponset Valley River Rats U18)

Erik Hedlund (RW, Sweden, Leksands J20)

Adam Hellden (LW/RW, Sweden, Mora J20)

Evan Herman (LW, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

Fabian Herrmann (LW, Germany, Regensburg U20)

Valentin Hofer (RW, Switzerland, Zug U20)

Brendan Hoffman (RW/RC, Canada/USA, Erie OHL)

Drew Holt (RW, USA, Eden Prairie U.S. High School)

Lyncoln Howarth (LC/LW, USA, Minnesota Blades U18)

Stephane Huard (LC, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

T.J. Hughes (F, Canada, Brooks AJHL)

Blake Humphrey (RC, USA, Lawrence Academy U.S. High School)

Ilya Ignatov (LW, Russia, Sarmaty Orenburg MHL)

Dominic James (LC, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Vojtech Jirus (LW, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Alex Johnston (LC, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Hunter Jones (LW, USA, Andover U.S. High School)

Jett Jones (LC, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

Eric Juhlin (LW, Sweden, Vasteras Allsvenskan)

Justus Juntunen (F, Finland, Kiekko-Vantaa U18)

Zakary Karpa (LC, USA, NTDP U18)

Topias Kaski (RW, Finland, TPS U20)

Ivan Kechkin (F, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

Tanner Kelly (RC, USA/Canada, Muskegon USHL)

Levente Keresztes (F, Hungary, Twin City Thunder U.S. High School)

Timofei Khokhlachev (LW, Russia, Shreveport NAHL)

Daniil Khristanov (F, Russia, Irbis Kazan MHL)

Nicolas Kingsbury-Fournier (RW, Canada, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

Nikita Kiryanov (LC, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Joona Kiviniemi (LW, Finland, Karpat U20)

Kaden Kohle (RW/RC, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Dmitri Konstantinov (RW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

Viljami Korpela (RW, Finland, HPK U20)

Niki Korpialho (LW, Finland, North Bay OHL)

Kyler Kovich (LC, Canada, Nanaimo BCHL)

Joe Kramer (RW, USA, Cape Cod Whalers U18)

Peter Kramer (LC/LW, USA, Cape Cod Whalers U18)

Luke Kron (LC, USA, Andover U.S. High School)

Oskari Kuntonen (F, Finland, KooKoo U20/Medicine Hat WHL)

Savely Kuvardin (LC, Russia, Irbis Kazan MHL)

Yegor Kuzminov (LW/RW, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Jakub Kylnar (LC, Czech Republic, Vitkovice U20)

Peter Lajoy (LC/LW, USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s U.S. High School)

Isaac Langdon (LC, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

Jeremy Lapointe (LW, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

Georgi Larshin (LC, Russia, Bradford Rattlers GMHL)

Jan Lasak (RW, Slovakia, Muskegon USHL)

Tanner Latsch (RC, USA, NTDP U18)

Patrick LeBlanc (LC, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL)

Maximilien Ledoux (LW, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Jakub Lewandowski (RW, Poland, Sioux Falls USHL)

Ethan Leyer (RC/RW, Canada, Whitecourt AJHL)

Kevin Lindemann (LC, Switzerland, Leksands J20)

Carter Loney (RC/RW, Canada/USA, Steinbach MJHL)

Hunter Longhi (LW, USA, Springfield NAHL)

Linus Loof (LC, Sweden, Farjestad J20)

Brody Lucas (RW, USA, Northstar Christian Academy U.S. High School)

Ben Luedtke (LC, USA, Wayzata U.S. High School)

Oskari Luoto (LC/LW, Finland, Tappara U20)

Jalen Luypen (LW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

Dominik Luza (LC, Czech Republic, Berani Zlin U20)

Colby MacArthur (RW, Canada, Summerside MJAHL)

Matt MacDonald (RW, USA, Fargo USHL)

Sebastian Malat (LC, Czech Republic, Plzen U20)

Jakub Maly (LC, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno U20)

Nathan Mann (LW, USA, Buffalo Jr. Sabres OJHL)

Pavel Matej (LC, Czech Republic, Ocelari Trinec U20)

Carter Mazur (LW, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Ryan McAllister (LW, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

Kyle McDonald (RW, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Ryan McGuire (RC, USA, Madison USHL)

Sean McGurn (RC, Canada, London OHL)

Hunter McKown (RW, USA, NTDP U18)

Johnny Meiers (LC, USA, Eagan U.S. High School)

Dallon Melin (LW, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Erik Meluzin (RW, Czech Republic, Lukko U20)

Niklas Merilainen (F, Finland, KalPa U20)

Blake Mesenburg (LC, USA, Benilde-St. Margaret’s U.S. High School)

Zach Michaelis (LW, USA, Minnesota Wilderness NAHL)

Owen Michaels (RC/RW, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Rowan Miller (RW, USA, Powell River BCHL)

John Mittelstadt (LW, USA, Eden Prairie U.S. High School)

Joey Moffatt (RW, Canada, Portage MJHL)

Dane Montgomery (RW, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Nathan Morgan (F, Canada, Grande Prairie AJHL)

Brayden Morrison (LC, Canada, Okotoks AJHL)

Dominic Mufarreh (RC, USA, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Ryan Mulrenin (RC, USA, Des Moines U18)

Vili Munkki (LW, Finland, TPS U20)

Antti Myllyaho (LW, Finland, Karpat U20)

Richard Nemec (LC/RW, Slovakia, Skalica Slovakia2)

Viljami Nieminen (LC, Finland/USA, Tappara U20)

Jackson Nieuwendyk (LC, USA/Canada, Sioux City USHL)

Oscar Nilsson (LW/RW, Sweden, Skelleftea J20)

Isaac Novak (LW, USA, Janesville NAHL)

Devlin O’Brien (LW, Canada, St. Andrew’s College High School)

Cole O’Hara (RW, Canada, North York OJHL)

Sergei Odinokov (LW, Russia, Krylia Sovetov Moskva MHL)

Reid Pabich (RW, USA, Madison USHL)

Sahil Panwar (LW, USA/Canada, London OHL)

Samy Pare (LC, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

Cameron Peters (LC, Canada, North Bay OHL)

Roberts Petrovics (LW, Latvia, Riga)

Braden Plaschewsky (LC, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Jake Poole (RW, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

William Portokalis (LC, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Brendan Poshak (RC, USA, Notre Dame Academy U.S. High School)

Mike Posma (LC/LW, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Jaroslav Pouzar (RW, Czech Republic, Motor Ceske Budejovice U20)

Andrei Proskurnin (LW/RW, Russia, SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova MHL)

William Provost (LC, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

Aidan Prueter (LC, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Jacob Quillan (LC, Canada, Salisbury U.S. High School)

Samuel Rehak (RC, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U18)

Filip Reisnecker (LW, Germany/Czech Republic, Deggendorfer Germany3)

John Riggins (LW, USA, Boston Little Bruins U18)

Leo Ring (LC/LW, Finland, Lukko U20)

Hayden Riva (LC, USA, Mid-Fairfield Rangers U18)

Dylan Robinson (RC, Canada/USA, Ottawa OHL)

Ryan Robinson (LW, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Matthew Romer (RC/RW, USA, Chicago Mission U18)

Michal Rouha (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Dynamo Pardubice U20)

David Routa (LW, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U20)

Zachary Roy (RW, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Daniel Russell (LW, USA, Minot NAHL)

Eric Russell (LW, Canada, Georgetown OJHL)

Jack Sabre (RW, USA, Blake U.S. High School)

David Sacco (RW, USA, Cape Cod Whalers U18)

Cohner Saleski (RW, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Gabriel Sall (LW, Sweden, Skelleftea J20)

Brandon Santa Juana (LW, Canada, Surrey BCHL)

Yu Sato (LC/LW, Japan, Quebec QMJHL)

Nikita Savelyev (LW, Russia, Sarmaty Orenburg MHL)

Tyler Schleppe (RC, Canada, Coquitlam BCHL)

Patrick Schmiedlin (LC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Primo Self (RW, USA, Cowichan Valley BCHL)

Jesse Seppala (LW, Finland, Edmonton WHL)

Alexander Servagno (LC/LW, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Nikita Shavin (LW/LC, Russia, Chaika Nizhny Novgorod MHL)

Tiernan Shoudy (LC, USA, Austin NAHL)

Petr Sima (LW, Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav U20)

Jakub Simko (RW, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U18)

Braidan Simmons-Fischer (RW, USA/Czech Republic, Green Bay USHL)

Michal Simon (LW, Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav U20)

Aleksi Sinkkonen (F, Finland, SaiPa U20)

Vadim Sivchuk (RW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

Kristaps Skrastins (RC, Latvia, Riga MHL)

Lukas Skvarek (LC/LW, Slovakia/Czech Republic, Twin City Thunder U.S. High School)

Josef Slavicek (RW, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U20)

Jacob Slipec (RW, Canada, Powell River BCHL)

Spencer Smith (LC, Canada, Lincoln USHL)

Nasser Sobhy (LC, Belarus, Gomel)

Austin Spiridakis (RW, Canada, Alberni Valley BCHL)

Timofei Spitserov (LC, Russia, Culver Military Academy U.S. High School)

Ake Stakkestad (LC, Sweden, BIK Karlskoga J20)

Ben Steeves (LW, USA, Eden Prairie U.S. High School)

Ryan Stepien (RC, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

Christian Stevens (RC, Canada, Whitby OJHL)

Julian Straub (F, Germany, Augsburger DEL)

Garrett Szydlowski (RW, USA, Maryland NAHL)

Anthony Tabak (LW, Canada, Barrie OHL)

Kirill Tankov (LC, Russia, SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova MHL)

Matt Taylor (LW, USA, St. John’s Prep U.S. High School)

Lucas Thaler (RW/RC, Austria, Mora J20)

Gunnar Thoreson (LC, USA, Andover U.S. High School)

Ty Thorpe (RW, Canada, Brandon WHL)

Erik Thorwalls (LC/RW, Sweden, HV71 J20)

Jonas Torbensen (RW/LC, Denmark, Esbjerg)

Philip Tresca (RW/RC, USA, Boston Jr. Eagles U18)

Ben Troumbly (RW, USA, Greenway U.S. High School)

Noah Tussey (LW, USA, Stillwater U.S. High School)

Artyom Udot (LW, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Tyson Upper (LW, Canada, Prince George WHL)

Tomas Urban (LC, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U20)

Zach Urdahl (LW, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Daniel Usmanov (RW, Russia, Atlant Mytishchi MHL)

Cole Vallese (LC, USA, Salisbury U.S. High School)

Kyle Van Compernolle (RW, USA, Fox Motors U18)

Harrison VanderMey (RW, USA, Andover U.S. High School)

William Veillette (LC, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Justin Volek (LC, Germany, Ravensburg DEL2)

Remy von Allmen (LW, Switzerland, Linkoping J20)

Leon Wallner (LW, Austria, Sodertalje J20)

Ronan Walsh (RC/RW, USA, Top Gun/NE Prep U18)

Brody Waters (LW, Canada, Elmira GOJHL)

Chase Wheatcroft (RW/RC, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

Ty Whitford (LC, Canada, Drayton Valley AJHL)

Filip Wiberg (RC/RW, Sweden, Karlskrona J20)

Caleb Willms (LW, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

Luc Wilson (LW, Canada, Cowichan Valley BCHL)

Morgan Winters (LW, USA, Neponset Valley River Rats U18)

Nick Wong (RC, Canada, Kingston OHL)

Dalton Wright (LC, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Davis Young (LC, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

Sergei Yudin (RW/RC, Russia, Kuznetskie Medvedi MHL)

Zakhar Zakharov (LW/RW, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Timur Zakirov (LW/RW, Russia, Sputnik Almetievsk MHL)

Josh Zary (LC, Canada, Alberni Valley BCHL)

Kaspars Ziemins (F, Latvia, Riga/Peterborough OHL)

Ivan Zinchenko (LC, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

Defencemen (140)

Dylan Abbott (LD, USA, Fairbanks NAHL)

Jack Agnew (RD, Canada, Chilliwack BCHL)

Samuel Ahlstrom (LD, Sweden, Malmo J18)

Stepan Anisimov (RD, Russia, SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova MHL)

Nicolas Ardanaz (LD, Canada, West Kelowna BCHL)

Kyle Aucoin (LD, Canada, Tri-City USHL)

Cayde Augustine (LD, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL)

Matt Basgall (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Tyler Bates (LD, Canada, Brooks AJHL)

Jacob Bauer (RD, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Jon Bell (LD, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

Michal Beno (LD, Slovakia, St. Cloud NAHL)

Michael Bianconi (LD, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Pierre-Olivier Bourgeois (LD, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Harijs Brants (LD, Latvia, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

Filip Bratt (RD, Sweden, AIK J20)

Ben Brunette (LD, Canada, Carleton Place CCHL)

Semyon Buivan (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Evan Bushy (LD, USA, Thief River Falls U.S. High School)

Tom Cadieux (RD, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Charlie Callaghan (LD, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Cael Cavallin (RD, Canada, Aurora OJHL)

Brandon Chabrier (RD, USA, Sioux Falls USHL)

Igor Chibrikov (LD, Russia, Owen Sound OHL)

Austin Cook (RD, USA, Mount St. Charles U.S. High School)

Jarod Crespo (RD, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Cole Crusberg-Roseen (RD, USA, Mount St. Charles U.S. High School)

Austin D’Orazio (LD, Canada, Markham OJHL)

Steven Davis (RD, USA, Madison USHL)

Tyler Deline (LD, Canada, Flint OHL)

Zane Demsey (LD, USA, Chippewa NAHL)

Ben Dexheimer (RD, USA, Blake U.S. High School)

Nicholas Donato (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Philip Eriksen (LD, Sweden, Lulea J20)

William Eriksson (LD, Sweden, Brynas J20)

Spencer Evans (LD, USA, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton NAHL)

Ian Ferguson (LD, USA/Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Dylan Finlay (LD, Canada, Powell River BCHL)

Kyle Furey (RD, USA, Cape Cod Whalers U18)

Alex Gagne (LD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Owen Gallatin (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

Marcus Gillard (LD, Canada, Erie OHL)

Alexei Goryachev (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Justin Gosselin (LD, Canada, Gatineau QMJHL)

Marcus Gretz (LD, USA, Flint OHL)

Bayard Hall (RD, USA, Salisbury U.S. High School)

Jan Hampl (LD, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20/Saint John QMJHL)

Jakub Hamsik (RD, Czech Republic, Lidingo J18)

Jack Harper (LD, Canada, Flint OHL)

D.J. Hart (RD, USA, Madison USHL)

Viktor Hatina (RD/RW, Slovakia/Czech Republic, Culver Military Academy U.S. High School)

Jonas Haughom (LD, Norway, Stavanger)

Nolan Hayes (RD, USA, Boston Jr. Eagles U18)

Grant Hindman (LD, USA, Janesville NAHL)

David Homola (LD, Czech Republic, Moose Jaw WHL)

Michal Hradek (RD, Czech Republic, Dynamo Pardubice U20)

Greg Japchen (LD, USA, Brooks AJHL)

Colton Kamerrer (RD, Canada, Sarnia OHL)

Anthony Kehrer (RD, Canada/USA, Sioux City USHL)

Connor Kelley (RD, USA, NTDP U18)

Tyler Kennedy (LD, USA, Pittsburgh Penguins Elite U18)

Zenas Kennedy (LD, USA, Pomfret U.S. High School)

Brendan Kennette (LD, Canada, Burlington OJHL)

Nikolas Ketonen (LD, Finland, TPS U18)

Robert Kincaid (LD, Canada, Camrose AJHL)

Blake Kondor (D, Canada, Camrose AJHL)

Artyom Korolyov (LD, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

Filip Kovar (LD, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Radek Kucerik (LD, Czech Republic, Saskatoon WHL)

Daniil Kuzmin (LD, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Mike Kwiecinski (LD, USA, New Jersey River Rats U18)

Daniel Laatsch (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

Cole Larkin (RD, Canada, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

Viktor Larsson (RD, Sweden, Mora J20)

Joaquim Lemay (LD, Canada, Mount St. Charles U.S. High School)

Tim Lovell (LD, USA, Boston Advantage U18)

Rami Maatta (LD, Finland, Assat U20)

Ryan MacDermott (RD, USA, Boston Jr. Eagles U18)

Daniel Malak (LD, Czech Republic, Plzen U20)

Noah Marino (RD, USA, Springfield NAHL)

Anson McMaster (RD, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

Thomas Messineo (LD, USA, Boston Jr. Eagles U18)

Christian Miller (LD, USA, Greenway U.S. High School)

William Minville (LD, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

Kyle Mortenson (LD, USA, Minnesota Magicians U18)

Artyom Murylev (LD, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL)

Stepan Myslyayev (LD, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Nils Nordh (LD, Sweden, Mora J20)

Hannes Nordstrom (LD, Sweden, Brynas J20)

Dalton Norris (LD, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Nick O’Hanisain (RD, USA, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U18)

Brett Oberle (LD, USA, Minnesota Magicians NAHL)

Connor Olson (LD, Canada, Pickering OJHL)

Cole Oravitz (RD, USA, Minnesota Magicians NAHL)

Arttu Paaso (LD, Finland, Karpat U20)

Kobe Pane (RD, USA, Anaheim Jr. Ducks U18)

Jiri Parssinen (RD, Finland, TPS U20)

Tyson Phare (RD/RW, Canada, Everett WHL)

Luka Profaca (RD, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Marek Putala (RD, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U18)

Loris Rafanomezantsoa (LD, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

Michael Renwick (RD, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

Ethan Ritchie (LD, Canada, Kingston OHL)

Dylan Robinson (LD, Canada/USA, Windsor OHL)

Romain Rodzinski (LD, Canada, Quebec QMJHL)

Casey Roepke (LD, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Ben Roode (RD, Canada, Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL)

Nicolas Savoie (LD, Canada, Quebec QMJHL)

Pacey Schlueting (LD, Canada, North Bay OHL)

Sam Schoenfeld (D, Canada, Camrose AJHL)

Nolan Seed (LD, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Joel Sexsmith (LD, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Billy Sowa (RD, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Shawn Spearing (LD, Canada, Peterborough OHL)

Matthew Sredl (RD, USA, Barrie OHL)

Matvei Startsev (LD, Russia, Minnesota Wilderness NAHL)

Sean Stewart (LD, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

Mason Streeter (RD, USA, Blaine U.S. High School)

Mike Suda (LD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Cameron Supryka (LD, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

Vaclav Svach (LD, Czech Republic, Motor Ceske Budejovice)

Will Svenddal (LD, USA, Blake U.S. High School)

Ethan Szmagaj (RD, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Maksymilian Szuber (LD, Germany/Poland, RB Hockey Academy)

Trey Taylor (LD, Canada, Vernon BCHL)

Zack Terry (LD, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Felix Tremblay (LD, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

Dominik Vacik (RD, Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav U20)

Sander Vold Engebraten (RD, Norway, Sodertalje J20)

Jesse Vuorela (RD, Finland, Blues U20)

Mason Ward (RD, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Erik Weiborn (LD, Sweden, Skelleftea J18)

Mason Wheeler (LD, USA, Rosemount U.S. High School)

Philipp Wimmer (LD, Austria, RB Hockey Academy)

Avery Winslow (LD, USA, North Bay OHL)

Alexei Yegorov (LD, Russia, Spartak Moskva MHL)

Dylan Zitzloff (LD, USA, Minnetonka U.S. High School)

Ivan Zivlak (LD, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

Bennett Zmolek (RD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Filat Zotov (LD, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

Goaltenders (28)

Olivier Adam (G, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Campbell Arnold (G, Canada, Spokane WHL)

Owen Bennett (G, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Connor Bradford (G, USA, Northeast Generals NAHL)

Kevyn Brassard (G, Canada, Rouyn-Noranda QMJHL)

Gustave Bylin (G, USA, Selects Academy U.S. High School)

Carter Clafton (G, USA, Grand Rapids U.S. High School)

Marco Costantini (G, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

Jackson Dylla (G, USA, New Jersey Rockets U.S. High School)

Levi Gho (G, USA, Culver Military Academy U.S. High School)

Dante Giannuzzi (G, Canada, Portland WHL)

William Grimard (G, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

Vladislav Guseinov (G, Belarus/Russia, Vityaz Podolsk MHL)

Juha Jatkola (G, Finland, KalPa U20)

Alexei Kolosov (G, Belarus, Team Belarus U20/Erie OHL)

Ethan Kruger (G, Canada, Brandon WHL)

Charles-Antoine Lavallee (G, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

Christian Linton (G, Canada, Brantford OJHL)

Blake Lyda (G, Canada, Seattle WHL)

Koen MacInnes (G, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Jakub Malek (G, Czech Republic, Vsetin U20)

Jack McNaughton (G, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Xavier Medina (G, USA, Windsor OHL)

Matt Onuska (G, Canada, St. Thomas GOJHL)

Remi Poirier (G, Canada, Gatineau QMJHL)

Joe Ranger (G, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Mathias Savoie (G, Canada, Moncton Flyers Midget AAA)

Arno Tiefensee (G, Germany, Mannheim U20)

Overagers (288)

Forwards (172)

Ilya Altybarmakyan (LW/RW, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

Tristan Amonte (F, USA, Penticton BCHL)

Isac Andersson (LC/LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

Nikita Anokhovsky (LC, Russia, Buran Voronezh VHL)

Danil Antropov (RW, Canada/Kazakhstan, Saginaw OHL)

Jan Bambula (LW/RW, Czech Republic, AZ Havirov Czech2)

Marcel Barinka (RC/RW, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL)

Dan Bartos (RW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

Danil Bashkirov (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

Harrison Bazianos (F, USA, New Jersey Rockets U.S. High School)

Martin Beranek (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice Czech2)

Carl Berglund (LC/RW, Sweden, UMass-Lowell NCAA)

Marek Berka (LW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

Jan Bernovsky (RW, Czech Republic, Vitkovice U20)

Fabian Berri (RW, Switzerland, Kusnacht Lions NLB)

Gavin Best (LW, USA, Blake U.S. High School)

Kyle Bettens (RW, Canada/USA, Steinbach MJHL)

Christian Blomquist (F, USA, Twin City Thunder U.S. High School)

Brendan Bowie (RW, Canada, Victoria BCHL, overager)

Kieran Brown (F, England, Sheffield NIHL)

Brendan Budy (LW, Canada, Langley BCHL)

Vladislav Bukharov (F, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

Mickey Burns (LW, USA, New Jersey Hitmen U.S. High School)

Andrei Buyalsky (LC, Kazakhstan, Temirtau Kazakhstan)

Petr Cajka (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Geneve-Servette U20)

Isiah Campbell (LC, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

Ian Carpentier (LC, USA, Boston Jr. Bruins U.S. High School)

Joe Carroll (LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Andrei Chivilev (F, Russia, Reaktor Nizhnekamsk MHL)

Brett Chorske (RC, USA, Wenatchee BCHL, overager)

Corey Cunningham (LW, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

Daniel D’Amico (LW, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Cade DeStefani (RC, USA, Northern Cyclones U.S. High School)

Michael Drabek (LC, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Ryan Drkulec (F, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Ivan Drozdov (RW/LW, Belarus, Dinamo Minsk KHL)

Nathan Dunkley (LC, Canada, London OHL)

Daniel Ebrahim (LW, Canada, New Jersey Hitmen U.S. High School)

Shawn Element (LC, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

Martin Fasko-Rudas (LW, Slovakia, Saskatoon WHL)

Yegor Filin (RW, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Tim Fleischer (RC, Germany, Iserlohn Roosters DEL)

Seth Fyten (F, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

Artur Gatiyatov (F, Kazakhstan, Nomad Nur-Sultan VHL)

Keighan Gerrie (RC, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

Patrick Giles (RC/RW, USA, Boston College NCAA)

German Grachev (RW, Russia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL)

Josh Groll (F, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Jacob Gronhagen (LC, Sweden, HV71 J20)

Dias Guseinov (F, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

Hugo Gustafsson (LC, Sweden, Sodertalje Allsvenskan)

Santeri Haarala (F, Finland, Sport Liiga)

Lincoln Hatten (F, USA, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton NAHL)

Konsta Hirvonen (LC/LW, Finland, Jokerit KHL)

Samuel Huo (RC, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Aarne Intonen (LC, Finland, TPS Liiga)

Carl Jakobsson (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad SHL)

Simon Jellus (LC/LW, Slovakia, Lulea J20)

Dominik Jendek (RW, Slovakia, Slovan Bratislava/Sudbury OHL)

Jack Jensen (LW, USA, Omaha USHL)

Taro Jentzsch (LW/RC, Germany, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Jett Jungels (LW, USA, Northern Michigan NCAA)

Jackson Jutting (LC, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

David Karlstrom (LC/RW, Sweden, AIK J20, overager)

Tye Kartye (LC/LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Brett Kemp (RC, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

Cal Kiefiuk (LW, USA, UMass-Amherst NCAA)

Nino Kinder (LW, Germany, Winnipeg WHL)

Barret Kirwin (LC, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Aleksi Klemetti (LW, Finland, KalPa Liiga)

Filip Koffer (RW, Czech Republic, Prince George WHL)

Lev Komissarov (LC, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Kristian Kovacik (LC, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin)

Ilya Kruglov (LC, Russia, Dynamo Moskva KHL)

Andrei Kuznetsov (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

Michal Kvasnica (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Vancouver WHL)

Edge Lambert (RW, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Xander Lamppa (F, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Greg Lapointe (F, Canada, Coquitlam BCHL)

Philippe Lapointe (F, Canada/USA, Trail BCHL)

Donte Lawson (LC/LW, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Jackson Leppard (LW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

Ethan Leyh (LW, Canada, Quinnipiac NCAA)

Alexander Lundman (RW/LW, Sweden, HV71 J20)

Cole Mackay (RW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Liam Malmquist (RW/LW, USA, Penticton BCHL)

Kyle Mandleur (F, USA, Boston Jr. Bandits U.S. High School)

Yegor Manin (RW/LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Demid Mansurov (F, Russia, Traktor Chelyabinsk KHL)

Dominiks Marcinkevics (F, Lavtia, Islanders Hockey Club U.S. High School)

Patriks Marcinkevics (LW, Latvia, Islanders Hockey Club U.S. High School)

Liam McLinskey (F, USA, New Jersey Hitmen U.S. High School)

Arlo Merritt (LC, Canada, Chilliwack BCHL)

Carson Miller (RC, Canada, Victoria WHL)

Takhir Mingachev (LC, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Luke Moncada (LC, Canada, North Bay OHL)

Michal Mrazik (LW, Slovakia, Linkoping J20)

Navrin Mutter (LW, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

Wiljami Myllyla (F, Finland, HIFK U20)

Adam Najman (F, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2)

Linus Nassen (LC/LW, Sweden, Timra Allsvenskan)

Jaxon Nelson (RC, USA, Minnesota NCAA)

Arttu Nevasaari (RW, Finland, TPS U20)

Mason Nevers (RC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Jackson Niedermayer (LW, USA/Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Nicky Niemo (F, USA, Islanders Hockey Club U.S. High School)

Jan Nijenhuis (F, Germany/Netherlands, Wolfsburg DEL)

Makar Nikishanin (F, Russia, Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk MHL)

Kirill Nizhnikov (RW, Russia, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Valtteri Ojantakanen (LW/RW, Finland, SaiPa Liiga)

Zachary Okabe (RW, Canada/Australia, St. Cloud State NCAA)

Kaid Oliver (LW, Canada, Victoria/Edmonton WHL)

Owen Ozar (RW, Canada, Trail BCHL)

Ilya Paranin (F, Russia, Reaktor Nizhnekamsk MHL)

Kaleb Pearson (RW, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Jonas Peterek (RW, Czech Republic, Kelowna/Calgary WHL)

Mikko Petman (RW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

Ville Petman (LC/LW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

Gleb Petrov (F, Russia, Chaika Nizhny Novgorod MHL)

Nic Poisson (LW/RW, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

Nick Portz (F, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Filip Prikryl (LC/RW, Czech Republic, Plzen Czech)

Radek Prosek (F, Czech Republic, Utica Jr. Comets U.S. High School)

Ondrej Psenicka (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Waterloo USHL)

Artyom Pugachyov (F, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Jack Randl (LW, USA, Omaha USHL)

Cole Reinhardt (LW, Canada, Brandon WHL)

Connor Roberts (RC, Canada, Flint OHL)

Ryan Roth (RW, USA, Sarnia OHL)

Nikita Rozhkov (F, Russia, Metallurg Magnitogorsk KHL)

Christian Sarlo (F, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Mikol Sartor (RC, Canada, Winnipeg Blues MJHL)

Ryan Savage (RW, USA/Canada, Miami-Ohio NCAA)

Hudson Schandor (F, Canada, Surrey BCHL)

Colin Schmidt (RC, USA, Union College NCAA)

Zdenek Sedlak (RW/RC, Czech Republic, Hermes Mestis)

Aleksei Sergeev (LC, Russia, Quebec QMJHL)

Maxim Shabanov (LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

German Shaporev (LW, Russia, Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk MHL)

Otakar Sik (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary Czech)

Grant Silianoff (F, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Lukas Sillinger (LC, Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Jakin Smallwood (RW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

Kyen Sopa (RW, Switzerland, Erie OHL)

Maxim Sorkin (LC, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Stepan Starkov (F, Russia, Sochi KHL)

Keegan Stevenson (RC, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Charlie Strobel (F, USA, Hill-Murray U.S. High School)

Yegor Suchkov (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL, overager)

Janis Svanenbergs (RW, Latvia, Riga MHL/Edmonton WHL)

Matej Svoboda (F, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno U20)

Premysl Svoboda (LW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

Austen Swankler (LW/LC, USA, Erie OHL)

Alex Swetlikoff (LC, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

Benjamin Tardif (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Josh Tarzwell (LC, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Christophe Tellier (LC, Canada, Surrey BCHL)

Travis Treloar (RC, Sweden, Lincoln USHL)

Zack Trott (LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Jesse Tucker (LC, Canada, Green Bay USHL)

Yannik Valenti (RW, Germany, Adler Mannheim DEL)

Max Wahlgren (LC/LW, Sweden, Modo Allsvenskan)

Nate Warner (LW/LC, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

Carl Wassenius (LC/RW, Sweden, AIK Allsvenskan)

Lukas Wernblom (LC/LW, Sweden, Vasterviks Allsvenskan)

Orca Wiesblatt (RW, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Jack Works (F, Canada, Okotoks AJHL)

Chase Wouters (RC/LW, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Georgi Yurov (F, Russia, Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk MHL)

Dmitri Zaitsev (F, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

Alexander Zhabreyev (LC, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

Danil Zinovyev (LW/LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Defencemen (76)

Jakub Adamek (LD, Czech Republic, Frydek-Mistek Czech2)

Nathan Allensen (LD, Canada, Barrie OHL)

David Aubrecht (LD, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Jack Babbage (LD, USA, Chicago USHL)

Gleb Babintsev (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Inaki Baragano (RD, Switzerland, Kamloops WHL)

Luke Bast (LD, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

Jaxon Bellamy (LD, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Christian Berger (LD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Artyom Borshyov (LD, Belarus, Youngstown USHL)

Mitchell Brewer (LD, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

Ondrej Buchtela (RD, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2)

Martin Bucko (RD, Slovakia, Zilina U20)

Kaleb Bulych (RD, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Nikolai Burenov (LD, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

Ethan Cap (LD, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

Sean Comrie (RD, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

David Dach (RD, Canada, Olds AJHL)

Alexander Dersch (RD, Germany, Dusseldorfer DEL)

Marcel Dlugos (LD, Slovakia, Liptovsky Mikulas)

Brehdan Engum (LD, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Christian Felton (RD, USA, Vernon BCHL)

Aiden Gallacher (RD, USA, Youngstown USHL)

Andrej Golian (LD, Slovakia, Detva/Tri-City WHL)

Clay Hanus (LD, USA, Portland WHL)

Jacob Herauf (LD, Canada, Victoria WHL)

Connor Horning (RD, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

Ivan Ivanov (RD, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

Roman Kalinichenko (LD, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Patrick Keegan (D, USA, New Jersey Hitmen U.S. High School)

Juuso Ketola (RD, Finland, Hermes Mestis)

Makar Khabarov (LD, Russia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL)

Timur Khairulin (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Alexander Kirpichnikov (LD, Russia, Chelmet Chelyabinsk VHL)

Juho Korhonen (LD, Finland, Hermes Mestis)

Nolan Krenzen (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Luke Krys (RD, USA/Canada, Brown NCAA)

David Kvasnicka (LD, Czech Republic, Vitkovice Czech)

Jack Lagerstrom (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Owen Lalonde (RD, Canada, Flint OHL)

Sean Larochelle (RD, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

Jake Lee (LD, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

Luis Lindner (LD/F, Austria, Boston Jr. Bruins U.S. High School)

Anton Malyshev (RD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Emil Malysjev (LD, Sweden/Russia, Vaxjo Lakers J20)

Adam McCormick (LD, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

Cole McWard (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Janis Jerome Moser (LD, Switzerland, Biel-Bienne NLA)

Montana Onyebuchi (RD, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

Davis Pennington (LD, USA, Powell River BCHL)

Marc-Antoine Pepin (LD, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Andrew Perrott (RD, USA/Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Zach Plucinski (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Alexander Popovic (LD, Sweden, Ornskoldsvik Division 1)

Rodion Poroshin (LD, Russia, Krylia Sovetov Moskva MHL)

Andrei Pribylsky (RD, Russia, Dynamo Moskva KHL)

Tim Rego (RD, USA, Brooks AJHL)

Merrick Rippon (LD, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

Carter Robertson (LD, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Uula Ruikka (LD, Finland, Chicago USHL)

Santeri Salmela (LD, Finland, Jokipojat Mestis)

Adam Samuelsson (LD, USA/Sweden, Sudbury OHL)

Ben Schultheis (RD, USA, Dubuque USHL)

Nikita Sedov (LD, Russia, Regina WHL)

Peetro Seppala (LD, Finland, KooKoo Liiga)

Nathan Staios (LD, Canada/USA, Hamilton OHL)

Lev Starikov (LD, Russia, Des Moines USHL)

Connor Sullivan (D, USA, Boston Jr. Bandits U.S. High School)

Oliver Turan (RD, Slovakia, Detva Slovakia)

Jackson van de Leest (LD, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Nikita Vashchenko (LD, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

Nikita Volosenkov (RD, Russia, Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk MHL)

Ondrej Volrab (RD, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U20)

Axel Westlund (LD, Sweden, Brynas J20)

Arber Xhekaj (LD, Canada/Czech Republic, Kitchener OHL)

Libor Zabransky (RD, Czech Republic, Kamloops WHL)

Goaltenders (40)

Adam Ahman (G, Sweden, Vasterviks Allsvenskan)

Daniel Allin (G, Canada, Drumheller AJHL)

Tobias Ancicka (G, Germany, Lukko U20)

Ethan Anders (G, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Cedrick Andree (G, Canada/Netherlands, Ottawa OHL)

Arseni Akhmetov (G, Russia, Tambov VHL)

Alex Aslanidis (G, USA, Navan Grads CCHL)

Zach Bennett (G, Canada, Nanaimo BCHL)

Gabriel Carriere (G, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

Matthew Davis (G, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

Daniel Dvorak (G, Czech Republic, Jestrabi Prostejov Czech2)

Kai Edmonds (G, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Davide Fadani (G, Italy, Lugano U20)

Lucas Fitzpatrick (G, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

Vladimir Galkin (G, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

Jackson Glassford (G, USA/Canada, Alberni Valley BCHL)

Hendrik Hane (G, Germany, Dusseldorfer DEL)

Luca Hollenstein (G, Switzerland, Zug NLA)

Daniil Isayev (G, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Ben Kraws (G, USA, Miami-Ohio NCAA)

Ethan Langenegger (G, Canada, Salmon Arm BCHL)

Jonathan Lemieux (G, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

Nolan Maier (G, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Aidan McCarthy (G, USA, Dubuque USHL)

Derek Mullahy (G, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Jesper Myrenberg (G, Sweden, Vasteras Allsvenskan)

Gleb Nosov (G, Russia, Metallurg Magnitogorsk KHL)

Max Paddock (G, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

Jasper Patrikainen (G, Finland, Pelicans Liiga)

Isaac Poulter (G, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Christian Purboo (G, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

Eugen Rabcan (G, Slovakia, Spisska Nova Ves/Winnipeg WHL)

Alexis Shank (G, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

Thomas Sigouin (G, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Carl Stankowski (G, Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Christian Stoever (G, USA, Madison USHL)

Roope Taponen (G, Finland, Jokipojat Mestis)

Carl Tetachuk (G, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

Val Usnik (G, Slovenia, Team Slovenia U20/Moncton QMJHL)

Jack Williams (G, USA, Muskegon USHL)

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