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2023 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles

Every year, The Hockey Writers puts together extensive NHL Draft prospect profiles that detail every top draft-eligible player’s background, NHL projection, strengths, and things they need to work on. They also include quotes from some of the industry’s top scouts and writers along with a video (where available) of the prospect in action.

Here is a list of all the prospect profiles that have been written so far at THW for the 2023 NHL Draft.

Connor Bedard (1st on Horn’s Latest Top-96)

Connor Bedard is going to be a special player in the NHL sooner rather than later and any team that lands the first overall pick this year is going to be absolutely ecstatic. He has such an incredible wrist shot that you could drop him in the NHL this year and he’d feast. Bedard’s wrist shot will be one of the absolute best shots in the NHL from the moment he arrives (at least top-five), with the power and deception to make professional goalies tremble in their creases.

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Matvei Michkov (2nd on Horn’s Latest Top-96)

What makes Matvei Michkov stand out are his puck skills and overall intelligence on the ice. He is a highly creative player, and that allows him to create space for himself and his teammates in various situations. He can stickhandle his way out of trouble, and the puck can sometimes seem to be glued to his stick as he works his way around the offensive zone. He anticipates the play well, and can attack an open seam with a wicked shot or a pass with pinpoint precision.

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Adam Fantilli (3rd on Horn’s Latest Top-96)

Adam Fantilli possesses everything a scout looks for in a top-line center. From his size, speed, and playmaking ability to his hockey IQ, puckhandling, and accurate shot, he has all the tools to be a massive difference-maker in the NHL one day. It’s only his first year in the NCAA and he’s already dotting the highlight reels with his slick one-on-one dekes, snipe show of a shot, power moves to the net and most of all, beautiful end-to-end rushes.

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Leo Carlsson (4th on Horn’s Latest Top-96)

From the start of the 2023 draft season, all the attention has been centered around top prospect Connor Bedard and to an extent, Adam Fantilli. However, Örebro HK’s Leo Carlsson is right up there as he too has a high ceiling to be an elite-level, two-way impact forward for any team that selects him.

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Will Smith (6th on Horn’s Latest Top-96)

Will Smith is a dynamic offensive player who is centering the NTDP’s top line this year and is very creative offensively while being reliable defensively. This year’s U18 team in the NTDP is a bit more sparse when it comes to top-notch draft prospects, with Smith being one of just four prospects who are generally considered to be first-round level talents. Smith is an above average skater, especially when it comes to maneuverability, which gives him an advantage in all three zones. He’s agile enough to quickly switch coverage on defense and usually fast enough to separate himself from defenders on the rush at the junior level.

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