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Vezina Trophy

The Vezina Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League’s (NHL) goaltender who is “adjudged to be the best at this position”. At the end of each season, the 32 NHL general managers vote to determine the winner. It is named in honour of Georges Vezina, goaltender of the Montreal Canadiens from 1910 until 1925, who died in 1926 of tuberculosis. The trophy was first awarded after the 1926–27 NHL season and was awarded to the top goaltender. From 1946–47 to 1981–82, the trophy went to the goaltender(s) of the team allowing the fewest goals during the regular season; now, the William M. Jennings Trophy is awarded for this.

Glenn Hall and Jacques Plante
Jacques Plante and Glenn Hall shared the 1969 Vezina Trophy.

Who Has Won the Most Vezina Trophies?

Jacques Plante has won the most Vezina Trophies with seven selections. Bill Duran and Dominik Hasek come up next with six selections each. Hasek has won the most under the current criterion of voting for the best individual goaltender.

How is the Winner Chosen for the Vezina Trophy?

At the end of each season, the 31 NHL general managers vote to determine the winner of the Vezina Trophy. They don’t have any official criterion, they just base their decision on whatever they deem most important.

Some Unofficial Criterion Has Emerged Over the Years

Rules of Inclusion

  • Save percentage (SV%), goals-against average (GAA) and wins
  • Goals saved above average (GSAA)

Rules of Exclusion

  • You must play in at least half your team’s games
  • You must have a winning record
  • Your team should make the playoffs

Deeper Dive

Oldest & Youngest Vezina Winners

Youngest to win the award: 18-years old, Tom Barrasso – 1983-84

Oldest to win the award: 40 years old, Johnny Bower – 1964-65 & Jacques Plante – 1968-69

Average age: 28.9-years old

…from NHL Awards Oldest & Youngest

Vezina Trophy Winners

SeasonWinnerTeamWin #
1926–27George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens1
1927–28George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens2
1928–29George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens3
1929–30Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins1
1930–31Roy WortersNew York Americans1
1931–32Charlie GardinerChicago Black Hawks1
1932–33Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins2
1933–34Charlie GardinerChicago Black Hawks2
1934–35Lorne ChabotChicago Black Hawks1
1935–36Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins3
1936–37Normie SmithDetroit Red Wings1
1937–38Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins4
1938–39Frank BrimsekBoston Bruins1
1939–40Dave KerrNew York Rangers1
1940–41Turk BrodaToronto Maple Leafs1
1941–42Frank BrimsekBoston Bruins2
1942–43Johnny MowersDetroit Red Wings1
1943–44Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens1
1944–45Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens2
1945–46Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens3
1946–47Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens4
1947–48Turk BrodaToronto Maple Leafs2
1948–49Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens5
1949–50Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens6
1950–51Al RollinsToronto Maple Leafs1
1951–52Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings1
1952–53Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings2
1953–54Harry LumleyToronto Maple Leafs1
1954–55Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings3
1955–56Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens1
1956–57Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens2
1957–58Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens3
1958–59Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens4
1959–60Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens5
1960–61Johnny BowerToronto Maple Leafs1
1961–62Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens6
1962–63Glenn HallChicago Black Hawks1
1963–64Charlie HodgeMontreal Canadiens1
1964–65Terry SawchukToronto Maple Leafs4
1964–65Johnny BowerToronto Maple Leafs2
1965–66Charlie HodgeMontreal Canadiens1
1965–66Gump WorsleyMontreal Canadiens1
1966–67Glenn HallChicago Black Hawks2
1966–67Denis DeJordyChicago Black Hawks1
1967–68Gump WorsleyMontreal Canadiens2
1967–68Rogie VachonMontreal Canadiens1
1968–69Glenn HallSt. Louis Blues3
1969–70Tony EspositoChicago Black Hawks2
1970–71Gilles VillemureNew York Rangers1
1970–71Ed GiacominNew York Rangers1
1971–72Gary SmithChicago Black Hawks1
1971–72Tony EspositoChicago Black Hawks1
1972–73Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens1
1973–74Bernie ParentPhiladelphia Flyers1
1973–74Tony EspositoChicago Black Hawks2
1974–75Bernie ParentPhiladelphia Flyers2
1975–76Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens2
1976–77Michel LarocqueMontreal Canadiens1
1976–77Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens3
1977–78Michel LarocqueMontreal Canadiens2
1977–78Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens4
1978–79Michel LarocqueMontreal Canadiens3
1978–79Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens5
1979–80Bob SauveBuffalo Sabres1
1979–80Don EdwardsBuffalo Sabres1
1980–81Denis HerronMontreal Canadiens1
1980–81Richard SevignyMontreal Canadiens1
1980–81Michel LarocqueMontreal Canadiens/Toronto Maple Leafs4
1981–82Billy SmithNew York Islanders1
1982–83Pete PeetersBoston Bruins1
1983–84Tom BarrassoBuffalo Sabres1
1984–85Pelle LindberghPhiladelphia Flyers1
1985–86John VanbiesbrouckNew York Rangers1
1986–87Ron HextallPhiladelphia Flyers1
1987–88Grant FuhrEdmonton Oilers1
1988–89Patrick RoyMontreal Canadiens1
1989–90Patrick RoyMontreal Canadiens2
1990–91Ed BelfourChicago Blackhawks1
1991–92Patrick RoyMontreal Canadiens3
1992–93Ed BelfourChicago Blackhawks2
1993–94Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres1
1994–95Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres2
1995–96Jim CareyWashington Capitals1
1996–97Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres3
1997–98Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres4
1998–99Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres5
1999–2000Olaf KolzigWashington Capitals1
2000–01Dominik HasekBuffalo Sabres6
2001–02Jose TheodoreMontreal Canadiens1
2002–03Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils1
2003–04Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils2
2004–05NHL lockout – No winner
2005–06Miikka KiprusoffCalgary Flames1
2006–07Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils3
2007–08Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils4
2008–09Tim ThomasBoston Bruins1
2009–10Ryan MillerBuffalo Sabres1
2010–11Tim ThomasBoston Bruins2
2011–12Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers1
2012–13Sergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue Jackets1
2013–14Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins1
2014–15Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens1
2015–16Braden HoltbyWashington Capitals1
2016–17Sergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue Jackets2
2017–18Pekka RinneNashville Predators1
2018–19Andrei VasilevskiyTampa Bay Lightning1
2019–20Connor HellebuyckWinnipeg Jets1
2020–21Marc-André FleuryVegas Golden Knights1
2021–22Igor ShesterkinNew York Rangers1
2022-23Linus UllmarkBoston Bruins1