2024 NHL Free Agency Tracker

NHL free agency is here! Not only does this look like a strong year for unrestricted free agents, but there are some big-name restricted free agents as well. Because the action moves so quickly, it may be hard to keep track of everything. But don’t worry, we have you covered at The Hockey Writers.

Below is our free agency tracker, which will receive an update every time a UFA or prominent RFA signs a new contract. If you want more details about a specific signing, click on the link in each player’s name.

DateTeamPlayerPositionContract (Term & Cap Hit)
July 11Tampa Bay LightningJ.J. Moser (RFA)D2 years, $3.375 million
July 10St. Louis BluesRyan SuterD1 year, $775,000
July 4Carolina HurricanesJack RoslovicC/RW1 year, $2.8 million
July 3Detroit Red WingsVladimir TarasenkoRW2 years, $4.75 million
July 2Ottawa SenatorsShane PintoC2 years, $3.75 million
July 2Detroit Red WingsTyler MotteLW1 year, $800,000
July 2Florida PanthersNate SchmidtD1 year, $800,000
July 2Anaheim DucksJansen HarkinsF2 years, $775,000
July 2St. Louis BluesPierre-Olivier Joseph D1 year, $950,000
July 2Tampa Bay LightningCam AtkinsonRW1 year, $900,000
July 2Pittsburgh PenguinsSebastian Aho (D)D2 years, $800,000
July 2New Jersey DevilsTomas TatarLW/RW1 year, $1.8 million
July 2Vegas Golden KnightsVictor OlofssonLW1 year, $1.05 million
July 2Colorado AvalancheErik BrannstromD1 year, $900,000
July 2Buffalo SabresJames ReimerG1 year, $1 million
July 1Edmonton OilersAdam HenriqueC/LW2 years, $3 million
July 1Vegas Golden KnightsIlya SamsonovG1 year, $1.8 million
July 1Chicago Blackhawks LogoT.J. BrodieD2 years, $3.75 million
July 1Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoColin MillerD2 years, $1.5 million
July 1Edmonton OilersJeff SkinnerLW/RW1 year, $3 million
July 1Detroit Red WingsChristian FischerRW1 year, $1.25 million
July 1New Jersey DevilsStefan NoesenRW3 years, $2.75 million
July 1Los Angeles KingsJoel EdmundsonD4 years, $3.85 million
July 1Vancouver CanucksVincent DesharnaisD2 years, $2 million
July 1Nashville PredatorsAlexandre CarrierD3 years, $3.75 million
July 1Carolina HurricanesSean WalkerD3 years, $3.6 million
July 1Chicago Blackhawks LogoAlec MartinezD1 year, $4 million
July 1Carolina HurricanesShayne GostisbehereD3 years, $3.2 million
July 1Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoKaapo KahkonenG1 year, $1 million
July 1Toronto Maple LeafsJani HakanpaaD2 years, $1.5 million
July 1San Jose SharksAlexander WennbergC2 years, $5 million
July 1Edmonton OilersCorey Perry RW1 year, $1.4 million
July 1Washington CapitalsBrandon DuhaimeLW/RW2 years, $1.85 million
July 1Dallas StarsMatt DumbaD2 years, $3.75 million
July 1Dallas StarsIlya LyubushkinD2 years, $3.25 million
July 1Chicago Blackhawks LogoLaurent BrossoitG2 years, $3.3 million
July 1New York IslandersMike Reilly D1 year, $1.25 million
July 1New York IslandersAnthony DuclairLW/RW4 years, $3.5 million
July 1Dallas StarsBrendan SmithD1 year, $1 million
July 1Detroit Red WingsErik GustafssonD2 years, $2 million
July 1Calgary FlamesRyan LombergLW2 years, $2 million
July 1Pittsburgh PenguinsMatt GrzelcykD1 year, $2.75 million
July 1Seattle Kraken Primary LogoChandler StephensonC/LW7 years, $6.25 million
July 1Colorado AvalancheJonathan DrouinLW/RW1 year, $2.5 million
July 1Los Angeles KingsWarren FoegeleLW/RW3 years, $3.5 million
July 1Ottawa SenatorsMichael AmadioRW3 years, $2.6 million
July 1Dallas StarsMatt DucheneC/LW1 year, $3 million
July 1Detroit Red WingsCam TalbotG2 years, $2.5 million
July 1Nashville PredatorsBrady SkjeiD7 years, $7 million
July 1Vancouver CanucksDanton HeinenLW/RW2 years, $2.5 million
July 1Columbus Blue JacketsSean MonahanC5 years, $5.5 million
July 1Vancouver CanucksJake DeBrusk LW/RW7 years, $5.5 million
July 1Boston BruinsNikita ZadorovD6 years, $5 million
July 1New Jersey DevilsBrenden DillonD3 years, $4 million
July 1 Buffalo SabresJason ZuckerLW/RW1 year, $5 million
July 1Edmonton OilersViktor ArvidssonRW2 years, $4 million
July 1Calgary FlamesAnthony ManthaRW1 year, $3.5 million
July 1Ottawa SenatorsDavid PerronRW2 years, $4 million
July 1Toronto Maple LeafsAnthony StolarzG2 years, $2.5 million
July 1Boston BruinsElias LindholmC7 years, $7.75 million
July 1Washington CapitalsMatt RoyD6 years, $5.75 million
July 1Toronto Maple LeafsOliver Ekman-LarssonD4 years, $3.5 million
July 1San Jose SharksTyler Toffoli RW4 years, $6 million
July 1Carolina HurricanesJordan MartinookLW/RW3 years, $3.05 million
July 1Nashville PredatorsJonathan MarchessaultRW5 years, $5.5 million
July 1Nashville PredatorsSteven StamkosC/RW4 years, $8 million
July 1Chicago Blackhawks LogoTeuvo TeravainenLW/RW3 years, $5.4 million
July 1Seattle Kraken Primary LogoBrandon MontourD7 years, $7.14 million
July 1Minnesota WildYakov TreninRW4 years, $3.5 million
July 1Philadelphia FlyersErik JohnsonD1 year, $1 million
July 1Toronto Maple LeafsChris TanevD6 years, $4.5 million
July 1New Jersey DevilsBrett PesceD6 years, $5.5 million
July 1Edmonton OilersConnor BrownRW1 year, $1 million
July 1Tampa Bay LightningJake GuentzelLW/RW7 years, $9 million
July 1New York RangersSam CarrickRW 3 years, $1 million
July 1Chicago Blackhawks LogoTyler BertuzziLW/RW4 years, $5.5 million
July 1Florida PanthersSam ReinhartRW8 years, $8.625 million
June 30Detroit Red WingsPatrick KaneRW1 year, $4 million
June 30Toronto Maple LeafsMax DomiC4 years, $3.75 million
June 30San Jose SharksJustin BaileyF1 year, $800,000
June 30San Jose SharksLuke Kunin (RFA)F1 year, $2.75 million
June 29Utah Hockey Club, NHL UtahJuuso ValimakiD2 years, $2 million
June 28St. Louis BluesAlexandre TexierRW2 years, $2.1 million
June 28Utah Hockey Club, NHL UtahMichael KesselringD2 years, $1.4 million
June 28Edmonton OilersCalvin PickardG2 years, $1 million
June 27Vancouver CanucksTyler MyersD3 years, $3 million
June 27Vancouver CanucksDakota Joshua LW4 years, $3.25 million
June 26Utah Hockey Club, NHL UtahLiam O’BrienRW3 years, $1 million
June 26Vancouver CanucksTeddy BluegerC2 years, $1.8 million
June 25Colorado AvalancheCasey Mittelstadt (RFA)C3 years, $5.75 million
June 25Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoDylan DeMeloD4 years, $4.9 million
June 21Ottawa SenatorsJamieson Rees (RFA)C1 year, $775,000
June 20Pittsburgh PenguinsAlex NedeljkovicG2 years, $2.5 million
June 18Vancouver CanucksFilip Hronek (RFA)D8 years, $7.25 million
June 18St. Louis BluesScott Perunovich (RFA)D1 year, $1.15 million
June 13New York RangersKaapo Kakko (RFA)RW1 year, $2.4 million
June 13Carolina HurricanesJalen ChatfieldD3 years, $3 million