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2022 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles

Every year, The Hockey Writers puts together extensive NHL Draft prospect profiles that detail every top draft-eligible player’s background, NHL projection, strengths, and things they need to work on. They also include quotes from some of the industry’s top scouts and writers along with a video (where available) of the prospect in action.

Here is a list of all the prospect profiles that were written at THW for the 2022 NHL Draft.

2022 NHL Draft Class

1. Juraj Slafkovsky (Montreal Canadiens)

As for what he brings with his game, Juraj Slafkovsky is a big kid at 6-foot-4 and around 220 pounds. At 18 years old, he’s likely not done filling out. He has the potential to grow into a legitimate power forward by definition with his high-end offensive skill and ability to engage physically. Call it a mean streak, but Slafkovsky’s size and physical edge make him arguably one of the more dominant players in this draft.

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2. Simon Nemec (New Jersey Devils)

Simon Nemec is an outstanding, two-way, puck-moving defenseman. The thing that stands out the most in regard to his play is his poise and confidence when he’s on the ice. Every decision he makes is with conviction as he displays high-end hockey sense. Even when he’s facing a great amount of pressure or makes a high-risk move, he doesn’t panic as he has excellent patience and control. He has great body positioning and does a great job of evading and fending off opposing players.

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3. Logan Cooley (Arizona Coyotes)

Logan Cooley will succeed in the NHL due to his complete game and Selke Trophy-like qualities. He doesn’t only thrive in the offensive zone, he can make elite plays in the defensive zone too. Combined with his faceoff ability, diligence to a 200-foot game, smart stick, and high hockey IQ, he is someone every aspiring Stanley Cup winner wants on their team and every coach wants on the ice in key situations.

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4. Shane Wright (Seattle Kraken)

Shane Wright is a highly skilled and very responsible two-way center that possesses an offensive flare. The one thing that stands out immediately in his game is his high-level hockey IQ and decision-making. He has a keen eye as he thinks and reads the game at a quick pace, being able to make snap decisions and catch his opponent off-guard, while rarely making a mistake in the process.

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5. Cutter Gauthier (Philadelphia Flyers)

As one would hope for a prospect who’s 6-foot-3, Cutter Gauthier brings physicality to his overall 200-foot game. He has the strength to fend off attackers, knocking them off the puck in the defensive zone, and using his body to create turnovers in the offensive zone. He also loves to get involved in scrums when he gets the chance.

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6Columbus Blue JacketsDavid Jiricek
7Chicago Blackhawks LogoKevin Korchinski
8Detroit Red WingsMarco Kasper
9Buffalo SabresMatthew Savoie
10Anaheim DucksPavel Mintyukov
11Arizona CoyotesConor Geekie
12Columbus Blue JacketsDenton Mateychuk
13Chicago Blackhawks LogoFrank Nazar
14Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoRutger McGroarty
15Vancouver CanucksJonathan Lekkerimäki
16Buffalo SabresNoah Östlund
17Nashville PredatorsJoakim Kemell
18Dallas StarsLian Bichsel
19Minnesota WildLiam Öhgren
20Washington CapitalsIvan Miroshnichenko
21Pittsburgh PenguinsOwen Pickering
22Anaheim DucksNathan Gaucher
23St. Louis BluesJimmy Snuggerud
24Minnesota WildDanila Yurov
25Chicago Blackhawks LogoSam Rinzel
26Montreal CanadiensFilip Mesar
27San Jose SharksFilip Bystedt
28Buffalo SabresJiri Kulich
29Arizona CoyotesMaveric Lamoureux
30Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoBrad Lambert
31Tampa Bay LightningIsaac Howard
32Edmonton OilersReid Schaefer

Second Round

PickTeam Player
33Montreal CanadiensOwen Beck
34San Jose SharksCameron Lund
35Seattle Kraken Primary LogoJagger Firkus
36Arizona CoyotesArtyom Duda
37Washington CapitalsRyan Chesley
38Toronto Maple LeafsFraser Minten
39Chicago Blackhawks LogoPaul Ludwinski
40Detroit Red WingsDylan James
41Buffalo SabresTopias Leinonen
42Anaheim DucksNoah Warren
43Arizona CoyotesJulian Lutz
44Columbus Blue JacketsLuca Del Bel Belluz
45San Jose SharksMatias Havelid
46New Jersey DevilsSeamus Casey
47Minnesota WildHunter Haight
48Vegas Golden KnightsMatyas Sapovaliv
49Seattle Kraken Primary LogoJanni Nyman
50Dallas StarsChristian Kyrou
51Los Angeles KingsJack Hughes
53Anaheim DucksTristan Luneau
54Boston BruinsMatthew Poitras
55Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoElias Salomonsson
56Minnesota WildRieger Lorenz
57Chicago Blackhawks LogoRyan Greene
59Calgary FlamesTopi Ronni
60Carolina HurricanesGleb Trikozov
61Seattle Kraken Primary LogoDavid Goyette
62Montreal CanadiensLane Hutson
63New York RangersAdam Sykora
64Ottawa SenatorsFilip Nordberg
65New York IslandersCalle Odelius

Third Round

66Chicago Blackhawks LogoGavin Hayes
67Arizona CoyotesMiko Matikka
68Seattle Kraken Primary LogoTy Nelson
69Philadelphia FlyersDevin Kaplan
70Washington CapitalsAlexander Suzdalev
71Carolina HurricanesAlexander Perevalov
73St. Louis BluesAleksanteri Kasikmaki
74Buffalo SabresViktor Neuchev
75Montreal CanadiensVinzenz Rohrer
76San Jose SharksMichael Fisher
77Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoDanny Zhilkin
78New York IslandersQuinn Finley
79Vegas Golden KnightsJordan Gustafson
80Vancouver CanucksElias Pettersson
82Nashville PredatorsAdam Ingram
83Dallas StarsGeorge Fegaras
84Nashville PredatorsKasper Kulonummi
85Washington CapitalsLudwig Person
86Tampa Bay LightningLucas Edmonds
87Ottawa SenatorsTomas Hamara
88St. Louis BluesMichael Buchinger
91Seattle Kraken Primary LogoBen MacDonald
92Montreal CanadiensAdam Engstrom
94Arizona CoyotesJeremy Langlois
95Toronto Maple LeafsNicholas Moldenhauer
96Columbus Blue JacketsJordan Dumais
97New York RangersBryce McConnell-Barker

Fourth Round

98New York IslandersIsaiah George
101Carolina HurricanesSimon Forsmark
102New Jersey DevilsTyler Brennan
104Ottawa SenatorsStephen Halliday
106Buffalo SabresMats Lindgren
107Anaheim DucksBen King
108San Jose SharksMason Beaupit
109Columbus Blue JacketsKirill Dolzhenkov
110New Jersey DevilsDaniil Orlov
116Los Angeles KingsAngus Booth
117Boston BruinsCole Spicer
120St. Louis BluesArseni Koromyslov
121Minnesota WildRyan Healey
123Seattle Kraken Primary LogoTucker Robertson
124Carolina HurricanesCruz Lucius
125Florida PanthersLudvig Jansson
126New Jersey DevilsCharles Leddy
127Montreal CanadiensCedrick Guindon
128Vegas Golden KnightsCameron Whitehead

Fifth Round

133Philadelphia FlyersAlex Bump
136Ottawa SenatorsJorian Donovan
137Detroit Red WingsTnias Mathurin
139Anaheim DucksConnor Hvidston
140San Jose SharksJake Furlong
148Los Angeles KingsOtto Salin
149Washington CapitalsJake Karabela
150Pittsburgh PenguinsZam Plante
153Minnesota WildDavid Spacek
156Carolina HurricanesVladimir Grudinin
157Florida PanthersSandis Vilmanis
161New York RangersMaxim Barbashev

Sixth Round

166New Jersey DevilsJosh Filmon
175Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present Primary LogoFabian Wagner
176Vancouver CanucksJackson Dorrington
179Dallas StarsMatthew Seminoff
180Los Angeles KingsJack Sparkes
183Boston BruinsReid Dyck
185Minnesota WildServac Petrovsky
186Florida PanthersJosh Davies
187Buffalo SabresGustav Karlsson
189Florida PanthersTyler Muszelik

Seventh Round

198New Jersey DevilsArtem Barabosha
200Boston BruinsJackson Edward
205Carolina HurricanesAlexander Pelevin
208Vancouver CanucksKirill Kudryavtsev
212Detroit Red WingsBrennan Ali
213Washington CapitalsDavid Gucciardi
214Florida PanthersLiam Arnsby
218Toronto Maple LeafsBrandon Lisowsky
221Florida PanthersJack Devine
225Colorado AvalancheIvan Zhigalov